"After breaking up, I am pregnant." After eight months, the man broke up, and the ex -girlfriend sent himself a biological son

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When Hua Chenyu suddenly announced that he had a child, he suddenly detonated the hot search.Netizens laughed at the entertainment industry and found new children anytime, anywhere.

In fact, not only the entertainment industry, but also such a thing around you.After a man and his girlfriend broke up, our hometown started a blind date when he returned to his hometown. He talked well with a blind date. At about 8 months, the two set their marriage.

When a man was preparing for the wedding, the ex -girlfriend hugged the child to come to the door, saying that it was a man’s biological son. When he broke up and found that he was pregnant, he couldn’t bear to give up, and he secretly gave birth.Men and family couldn’t believe it at first. Later, they went to do parent -child identification, and they were the son of a man.Men and parents had to recognize, and then the ex -girlfriend disappeared. After the man’s blind date knew, he immediately lifted his marriage contract.

Later, the man left his hometown to work in a foreign country, and the child was raised by his parents’ parents.Now this child is already in elementary school, and the man has not married anymore, and the child’s mother has never appeared again.

This incident has become a topic that people who say gossip are always inseparable. Every time I listen to the people around me, I do n’t comment on the practices of the two adults. I just sympathize with this child.Looking forward to going to the world.Mother was born alone, but no matter how he gave him, his father gave him to his parents, but the adult’s game made a poor child in the world.

It is their own business to love and get married, but having a child must be cautious.

Adults should be responsible for their own lives.It is normal for the two adults to fall in love and get married.Two adults will not be so pure when they fall in love. Some people treat love as games, hurting others and hurting themselves. This is their own choice and need to bear the consequences.

But I hope everyone can remember that they want to be casual, not restricted, and never create children.If the two are not prepared for their parents, in order to be responsible for marriage and be responsible for their children, do not give birth to children for a while.It is easy for children to be born, and the long way to raise in the future is very difficult.

It ’s really pitiful not to be expected to come to the world

Children should come to this world with the expectations of their family members. Even if such children are destined to eat all kinds of suffering in the world in the future.But at least they have a childhood with love and warmth, and they have their backing and strength.

However, some children are not expected from birth. They were born under the idea of immature parents, or they were brought to the world in order to be angry for a moment.

Then the parents were very chic, leaving poor children to survive in this world, lack of material difficulties, and lack of spirit. In this life, children in ordinary families bear more people and warmth.

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