"Anal" always feel itchy?Don’t be embarrassed, it may be caused by these 4 reasons

I do n’t know if everyone feels like this in daily life. I obviously pay attention to personal hygiene and health, and clean the body’s excretion parts every day, but always feels itchy in the anus and makes people feel very embarrassing.Itchy other parts of the body may be caused by mosquito bites or allergies, but the anus is a very privacy place. It is usually surrounded by comfortable underwear.People are puzzled.

In fact, itching in the anus is not as simple as we think, and there are many reasons that cause itching.Pay attention when you find that the anus is frequent itching, it may be caused by these reasons!

1. Wipe it without cleaning and cause fungal infection

Many people feel incredible when they hear fungal infection, because the anus is a place where the human body is very privacy. In daily life clocks rarely come into contact with other things. Why do fungal infections appear here?

In fact, this is related to the location of the anus. The anus is in the "darkness" of the human body, and there are many wrinkles on the surface of the anus. Once the person is wiped out, the excrement will be hidden in the fold.The growth of growth provides conditions to make the anus a "hotbed" of fungal growth, which will cause inflammation and itching.

Therefore, in daily excretion, everyone must pay attention to cleaning the hygiene of the anus, especially for women, once anal infection occurs, it can easily lead to inflammation and infection of women’s genitals, cause gynecological diseases, and cause unnecessary trouble.Essence

2. Frequent scratching with your hands

Some people have anal itch in private, and they like to scratch it with their hands regardless of their dry hands. It is such a bad habit that has led to the more frequent itching of the anus.The main reason is that the bacteria on the hand are driven to the anus, causing bacteria to breed, which itching occurs.

3. Bad diet cause anal itching

Bad life and diet often cause the human body to have hemorrhoids. If patients with hemorrhoids are anal fissure and other diseases, it will also cause itching in the anus. At this time, it is necessary to check and treat according to their own situation.And pay attention to the sanitation of the anus to reduce itching.

4. Do not change the panties in time

Underwear is a clothing that is replaced every day, but for some lazy people, I like a pair of underwear for a few days without changing it. This will not only cause a large amount of bacteria on the underwear, which will cause itching in the anus. For women, it will cause itching.It is also a cause of various gynecological diseases.Therefore, you must pay attention to changing underwear in daily life. Once once a day is the most suitable frequency. If you sweat a lot, you must also remember to change the underwear. Otherwise, sweat stains will cause bacteria and cause pollution to the privacy.

The above are the causes of 4 common anal itching. No matter which one you have, you must reflect on whether your lifestyle habits have problems and make rectification in time, such as properly cleaning the anus to avoid fungal infections, change changes to change the anus.The dry and comfortable underwear reduce the breeding of bacteria, and eat less spicy foods to reduce the chance of hammering hemorrhoids. It is a very correct implementation method. Do not grab it with your hands to avoid itching.

The reasonable and standard of personal life is the prerequisite for physical health. Even if it is smaller, it is necessary to consider whether there are other diseases. This is the most responsible manifestation of your body.

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