"Aren’t you pregnant, right"#Daily recommendation

Not pregnant.

<< Shaoyu saw her look of her brain at a glance, and walked over her long legs.What’s going on here?Is it enough to travel abroad for a summer vacation?Shao Yu took the walk directly from him, and the Li Boxes had not looked up, and he sank sharply. He hurried to help him, and the whole person hung on her, crying very coldly.

Brother, my heart hurts. Look at you, don’t pretend to be for my brother. If you dragged him down in anger, then you noticed that her pale little face was not fun, and you were too weak.Nian Liang, slightly sipped his mouth, and loosened her white wrist from her neck.

What’s wrong with you?The face is so bad, and the faint.Reading cool, raised his head to break, shook his head wrongly.I do n’t know, I feel a little hungry and I want to vomit, go, go to the hospital first and take you to dinner.Shao Yu nodded and pulled her to leave.As soon as the two turned around, they frowned in the same way. Nie Qing’er was light, and the blue skirt stood not far away.There were two girls standing beside her, and it seemed that she was her good friend, cool.

I heard that you are back today, so come to pick you up.The sound is docile, and it is born with an innocent tone.Nie Liangliang, his face slightly cold, without talking, the girl calm.Smiling, don’t Ms. Nie not have to accompany her new boyfriend?Why do you have time to pick up our home?

Shao Shao, I was chatting as soon as she saw her corner. When she waved, I was not familiar with you, don’t shout so intimately.Nie Qing’er’s face was embarrassed for a while, and the bite, and the lips were instantly evoked the water, cool, sorry, but I was wronged with him.Nie Qing’er interpreted the posture of the weak to the extreme.

Nie Liangliang only felt a nausea in his stomach, and the feeling of strong pressure suddenly rolled up and sent me to the hospital. The stomach was uncomfortable.He was in his body, and he died after speaking, biting his lips.When Shao Yu saw that his face was wrong, he stood up directly and left quickly.Nie Qing’er did not expect that he was ignored by them so, and a touch of hatred permeated.

But when I thought of the corner of Chi Yuan, who was outside, she rushed up in the corner of her mouth. Don’t be angry, look at her frivolous look, and keep up with the school of the school all day long, and you should be dumped by the student.That is, I heard that his life is very unsuitable, and I have been on the sheets with many men.You see what he wanted to retider just now, isn’t he pregnant?Nie Qing’er heard this, a small face was red.

Don’t be nonsense. Liangliang is not like that. You just want me to say that he is pregnant. Didn’t he just return from abroad?Who knows who is going on outside?

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