"Auntie" did not come, was it pregnant?Use these tricks to judge early pregnancy!

The busy month is about to pass, and the finger is to visit my life every month.However, this month has not come to this month. Recently, we have no time to go to the hospital for examination. So how will we judge whether we are pregnant?

1. Mentalomy

As we all know, menopause is the most obvious symptom of early pregnancy.With no contraceptive measures in the same room, the always -regular delay of menstruation can be judged to be pregnant.However, there are some factors that affect menstruation, such as staying up late, cold, too stressful learning and work, and so on.In addition, if the girls who love beauty are unscientific to lose weight, drinking lotus leaves and cassia bubble tea will also affect the menstrual tide.

2. Increased urination

This symptom is particularly obvious at night, because the increased uterus will compress the bladder to reduce urinary storage space, and the increase in urination will occur.

3. Nausea and vomiting

When pregnancy is around the 6th week, most pregnant women have symptoms of so -called "harming joy", especially in the morning and when they come into contact with food with fishy greasy food.This is because a large amount of lutein is secreted in the body after pregnancy to stabilize the uterus, and it will also affect the gastrointestinal tract, leading to symptoms such as indigestion and vomiting.However, don’t worry, about 16 weeks of pregnancy, the symptoms of vomiting will naturally fade.

4. It’s easy to get tired

Many pregnant women become drowsiness after pregnancy. This is due to the increase in the foundation of pregnant women itself, and thermal energy consumption is relatively fast.And due to the increase in heart output in the second trimester, it will also lead to drowsiness.

5. Change dietary habits change

The old people say that "sour girls", but in modern science, there is no scientific basis for this sentence.However, the dietary habits of many pregnant women will change but it is true.For example, the taste was light, and I always wanted to eat some heavy foods after pregnancy.

6. Urine HCG increase

After 10-12 days after the same room, you can use the early pregnancy test strip to measure the pregnancy. However, if the number of days of pregnancy is small, the test strip is likely to show two shallows and two bars, and it will gradually deepen until the second trimester.In the morning, urine testing is the most accurate, and the morning is the highest in urine HCG secretion.

7. The body temperature continues to be high

Many expectant mothers during pregnancy will measure body temperature every day. If you find that the body temperature is slightly higher than normal body temperature for 18-20 days in a row, then congratulations to you pregnant with your baby.

Of course, this is a self -test method. If you want to confirm the diagnosis, please take the time to go to the hospital for a blood HCG examination and B -ultrasound.If you are pregnant, you still need to pay more attention to diet and daily life to ensure sufficient sleep and rest.

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