"Auntie" is delayed because of pregnancy?Accompanied by 4 symptoms, ten or nine are happy events

Each woman who prepares during pregnancy will be very nervous during her menstruation. If menstruation comes on time, it will be very disappointed. If menstruation is delayed, it will inevitably feel excited.But does the eldest aunt postpone it? Does it mean pregnancy?In fact, there are many symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. You may wish to analyze these symptoms to avoid making a lot of gaps in your mood.

Why would the aunt do not come when I was pregnant?The main component of women’s menstruation is the endometrium, because the fertilized egg bed is bed in the endometrium, and the estrogen will make the endometrium thicker.Cause menstruation.But if you do n’t have menstruation, it does not only mean that women are pregnant, and there are many other possibilities. Therefore, it is not accurate to judge whether you are pregnant alone.

1. Feel fatigue

Women will feel very tired in the early stages of pregnancy. They are particularly lethargic, and they feel that their bodies are always in a state of fatigue.This is because the fertilized eggs are in the uterus in the uterus. More nutrients need to maintain the growth of fertilized eggs. Women’s physical temperature will continue to rise. It is also necessary to provide more oxygen to the uterus. Women will feel a state of hypoxia.It is fatigue on the outside.

2. I often feel nauseous, and my appetite becomes poor

Women often feel nauseous in the early stages of pregnancy, and have no appetite. They want to vomit everything. In fact, this is a very normal phenomenon.Due to pregnancy and excessive secretion of estrogen, women will cause the body for a period of time to adapt to and not adapt to.But many women do not have such reactions, which vary from person to person.

3. Frequent urination

Frequent urination in the early stages of pregnancy is also a relatively normal symptom, because fertilized eggs in bed uterus, in order to provide a good environment, it will also cause the uterus to expand.The increase in urine times.

4, bad mood

During pregnancy, it is affected by physical and female factors, which will also cause women’s emotions to be very unstable. At this time, women are easily affected by external conditions, and often lose temper for a little things.

Women have many symptoms in the early days of pregnancy. You can judge whether they are pregnant by observing whether they have these symptoms, but the most accurate thing is to test it with early pregnancy test strips or go to the hospital for examination.

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