"Auntie" is not late?Doctor: In addition to pregnancy, most of them are related to these 4 reasons

After entering adolescence, girls will not only grow rapidly, but also develop secondary characteristics.Moreover, at the age of 12-16, women often usher in the first "first tide", that is, the first menstruation, which is the primary feature of the ovary development and gradually ovulation function.

Generally, women are about half a year to one year after the early menstrual tide. Each menstrual tide is often no regular. It will have a second tide after a few months, half a year, or even a year.Essence

As women’s body continues to develop and ovarian function is becoming more and more mature, menstruation will gradually form a regularity.So the question is, obviously the tide was very regular before, but this time it was pushed back. What is going on?

Female menstruation is delayed, and first consider whether it is early pregnancy.You know, the reason why the endometrium is periodic metabolism is because it changes ovarian ovulation and endocrine.When the ovaries are excreted, in order to make the fertilized eggs develop in bed, the endometrium will continue to thickened.

And without waiting for the endometrium where the fertilized eggs came, after losing the hormone support, it would gradually fall off the mixed blood to discharge the body.Therefore, if women have sex recently and have not taken any contraceptive measures, menstruation for more than 10 days, it is likely to be early pregnancy signals!

If the early pregnancy factors are excluded, the delay of the big aunt may be related to the following points:

1. Contrastal drug

So far, there are many types of contraceptives clinically, such as emergency contraceptives, long -acting contraceptives, short -acting contraceptives, etc.Most of these drugs have contraceptive effects through changes in hormone levels.

Related research surveys show that if women take multiple emergency contraceptives in a short time, it will affect hormone fluctuations and cause changes in menstruation.In addition, if oral long -acting contraceptives are taken, women may also cause menstrual disorders after the medication is suddenly stopped;

2. Excessive weight loss

If women have adopted very extreme weight loss methods, such as hunger strikes, excessive diet, etc., they will affect nutritional absorption and cause problems such as malnutrition and anemia.

At the same time, if women weigh Ou Qing and the proportion of fat in the body is relatively low, it will affect the normal physiological function of the ovaries, leading to problems such as delayed menstruation and amenorrhea;

3. Strict tension

If women have too much mental stress recently, they have not been fully relaxed.Or it has recently been severely hit, heavy mood, anxiety and depression, which will affect hormone secretion in the body, and then lead to endocrine disorders.

You know, ovarian secretion hormones are controlled by lower abdomen and hypothalamus. Once endocrine disorders, it will affect the menstrual period;

4. Smoking and drinking

Related research surveys show that nearly 25-32%of girls who have smoked and alcohol for a long time have been inspected by 25 to 32%of people because they do not adjust their menstruation.Women who smoke more than one pack of more than 1 pack per day and drink high wines of more than 100 mg, have an irregular menstruation rate, which is three times that of women who do not smoke and drink.

The above factors may cause disorders during menstruation.However, one thing that needs to be emphasized here is that if you just occur or advance or advance to menstruation once, most of them are related to lifestyle habits, and you don’t need to worry too much.

However, if the menstruation is delayed in the near future and it has not improved for several months, it needs to be vigilant and find the cause in time to avoid a greater impact on the body.

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