"Cancer was diagnosed 5 months after delivery, and it was already early warning during pregnancy …"

At the age of 28, I was diagnosed with lymphaom cancer before I gave birth to a child.

In fact, during my pregnancy, the early symptoms of lymphoma such as itching of the skin appeared, and the pregnancy examination also found "small abnormalities", but there was no problem with the fetus in the abdomen. I was immersed in the joy of being a mother.Ignore these small problems that seem "insignificant".

Who would have thought that I would be wrapped in "birth" and "disease" at the same time …

I have gained new life in my new life

Become a cancer patient

In 2018, 40 days after giving birth, I touched the right clavicle on the right side of my neck with a quail egg -sized mass, because I was so devoted to my child, so I didn’t take it too seriously.

It wasn’t until my child was 5 months old that I went to the hospital in doubt. The doctor preliminarily judged that lymphadenyl inflammation and dripping inflammation for 3 days.

After the drop, the blood routine review found that the number of white blood cells did not decrease and rose, combined with the clinical symptoms of the time: itching of the whole body, the rapid decrease in weight, and venous veins in the abdominal veins.

The doctor began to feel wrong, and immediately arranged a magnetic resonance examination for me.

The results of the test are: the spleen is enlarged, and the spleen is a particularly important immune organs in human organs. Acute infectious diseases and abnormal immune response may cause spleen.

The doctor directly opened the hospitalization list and asked me to check in detail.After discussing it, the family decided to go to the blood lymphatic department of the local comprehensive triple hospital for further examination.

I still remember that the director of the blood lymphology touched the lump on the neck, looked at the B -ultrasound result, and said that this was definitely not a good thing, and I needed to be hospitalized.

When I was hospitalized in the early stages, although I knew that my illness was not simple, there was still a trace of fluke: in case it was not a bad thing?

While waiting for the final result, I still kept the habit of sucking breastfeeding for my child. I hope it is misdiagnosis. Then I can be discharged soon and continue to be the novice mother who coexist in happiness and anxiety.

But a week later, my luck was disillusioned. The word "Classic Hodgkin lymphoma nodules hardened" in the biopsy report made me have to accept the reality: I bred a new life and became a cancer patient.

In the second trimester, my white blood cells rose inexplicably

In fact, as early as my pregnancy, the signal of lymphoma has appeared.

During the post -pregnancy checks, my white blood cells had been inexplicably increased for a while, but it was not too serious. It was normal for the fetal development, and no problems were found in other examinations, and the doctor did not pay too much attention.

At that time, my skin was still itchy. At first I thought it was eczema during pregnancy, so the doctor only pressed the ointment conservatively, but it did not relieve it well.

Two months after giving birth, itching problems are getting worse and affecting my sleep.

At the time of review, the white blood cells were twice as high as the normal value. The doctor suggested that further examination, but at that time, the child’s jaundice and dusk had been exhausted and couldn’t get angry. Where can I control so much.

Who would have thought that this would be the early symptoms of lymphoma. If it was not because of the lumps on the collarbone in the later period, I may not be aware of the seriousness of the problem.

After the collapse, I sighed for myself, but had to sort out my mood and face reality.

I started to check all kinds of materials, strolled around the relevant forums, and tried to get rid of the frustration and fear brought by ignorance.

In this process, I made a lot of patients, and the patients comforted me one after another, saying that I was "because of Huo Difu" and "unfortunate fortune."

Because the "classic Hodgkin lymphoma" I was diagnosed was a more inert. In the nearly 100 types of lymphoma, the cure rate was relatively high, reaching 90%.

It is precisely because of its inertia that I can still give birth to my baby smoothly during my symptoms during pregnancy.

When it comes to clinical cure, I always feel that this is a paradox, because no matter what kind of malignant tumor, the clinical cure rate is possible, it is possible to recur.

For cancer patients, when the first diagnosis is confirmed, the clinical cure rate will be disturbed. After the first cure, the recurrence rate will become the "Damocles Sword" hanging above the head.

At that time, I was just the first level.

300 million compensation makes me more confident and cure

Cancer therapy is not complicated. I first performed bone marrow examination. Because lymphoma is not a physical tumor, it belongs to a blood system disease, so it is necessary to determine whether there are bone marrow violations.

The bone marrow was not painful in imagination. I even smiled bitterly. I was a plot of the bone marrow of the Korean drama.

After determining that the bone marrow test is normal, chemotherapy is a truly uncomfortable start.

In terms of treatment methods, chemotherapy is actually a pilling needle, but the liquid that is infused is chemotherapy drugs that have strong lethality for tumors and normal cells in the body.Because of this, after the chemotherapy is started, breastfeeding can not be fed.

As a novice, because of his physical condition, he had to be weaned completely for a half -year -old child. He was very sad and helpless.

Within 8 months, I experienced a total of 6 courses and 12 chemotherapy, which caused side effects such as hair loss and vomiting.

My hair was very sparse, and I could no longer be separated from the hat when I went out; vomiting made me die. I had no effect. After the vomiting, I had to force myself to eat and supplement nutrition.

Each chemotherapy is over, I still have to run the hospital frequently to test the blood test, and test whether the blood indicators are abnormal, because low white blood cells can easily cause infection, such as pneumonia and sepsis. It will endanger life without timely treatment.

This is a long and painful experience. While soothe myself, I have a good mentality. At the same time, my focus of life can only be forced to turn around for treatment, and my energy is exhausted.The only thing that was fortunate at that time was that I didn’t have to worry about treatment.

The drugs of chemotherapy infusion are expensive. A small bottle requires tens of thousands of pieces. As an ordinary person, it is difficult to have no psychological burden at the body of the price ratio of gold.

As early as 2015, I bought a critical illness insurance for myself, a total of 300,000 insurance amounts, and had paid for 3 years. I reported the case to the insurance company as soon as possible after the diagnosis.

The claims process was very smooth. The day before yesterday paid the claim information, the next day received 300,000 claims.

Compared with physiological pain, money is the pain in the heart of many patients, and I am lucky to have 300,000 cure for the cure.

After 15 radiotherapy

Hy usage the result of clinical cure

At the end of the spring of 2019, I finally ushered in knotting, but this was not the end. The cancer cells in my body were not completely eliminated.

I transferred to the radiotherapy department and started radiotherapy of the hypertrophy. Like chemotherapy, this is another treatment cycle that is constantly repeated.

But chemotherapy is a whole body treatment, similar to the role of pesticides, and radiotherapy is a means of local treatment.

Before I lie on the cold machine, I will hug the child and tell myself a step closer to success.In this way, after 15 radiotherapy, I finally ushered in the long -awaited results of clinical healing.

At that moment, I seemed to be reborn. Only those who had lost can know how precious the word "health" is.

In the past year, the treatment process spent 10,000, and it was more than enough after the coverage of the critical illness compensation, which also made me feel a lot in my heart.

After my life returned to the right track, I first allocated basic medical insurance, critical illness insurance, and accident insurance for my children and gentlemen. I also tried to allocate appropriate insurance for elderly parents and in -laws.

I just feel unfortunately that I did n’t buy the budget higher before, nor did I buy a million medical insurance with higher leverage, and I could n’t buy it afterwards.

If everything is settled in this dust, this little regret is fine, but afterwards, this regret has been enlarged several times.

After 3 years, cancer recurrence

In early 2022, I touched a lump on my neck again, and I felt bad.I went to the hospital for examination. Sure enough, I recurred, and the sword hanging on the top of my head finally fell down.

This time, the doctor first suggested that "hematopoietic stem cell transplantation", and I did not accept this plan for the first time.

At this time, I was almost "long -term medical". After conducting various consultations and considerations, I repeatedly discussed with the doctor. Finally, I decided to treat conservative treatment.

This time chemotherapy used an updated targeted medicine, called Vibujie monoclonist, a bottle of 1,5620 yuan, which can only be at its own expense.

The treatment has not yet ended, and it has paid more than 200,000 at its own expense.

If the last time I had a rational compensation as the confidence, this time, my family would undoubtedly become my biggest support.

My mother -in -law handled the housework and did not let me be too tired; my husband made money to work, solved my heart and cure the disease; the child just went to kindergarten, it was the most cute time when I was in kindergarten …

I often think that maybe there is a lot of beauty and worth looking forward to.

I have more active treatment, strive to take care of my body, and find some part -time subsidies to subsidize their homes.

During that time, I saw a paragraph that was very touched: they all said "life, old, sick and dead", why should the suffering between life and death be separated by the last "old and sick"?This is not the non -benevolent of heaven, but compassion. "Old and sick" are necessary exercises between "life and death".

Although this disease came a bit early, it also prompted me to build a more open and powerful inner world early.

The days are quietly gone, and those who have experienced will cherish the little bit of beauty.

People will always face death, and we will become more calm.

· END ·

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