"Case Sharing" a check that should be done before pregnancy, do you know?

[Introduction] HPV infection found in the medical examination, want to prepare for the second child. What should I do in this case?Does it affect fertility?Let me answer them one by one.

【Gender: Female

【Age】 36 years old

【Living place】 Beijing

【Main Symptoms】 None

[Treatment plan] Minimally invasive thermal condensate and poisoning deprivation


At the end of 2018, the HPV positive discovered by the patient through the medical examination was currently prepared for the second pregnancy. The pathological examination report was diagnosed at the end of December 2018 as: (3 ° 6 ° 9 ° 12 ° cervical pipe)LSIL, (neck) Hsil (CIN2) can be seen to be empty cells.Results of immunohistochemistry: (-5) P16 (+), Ki67-like epithelial mid-layers see positive signals; combined with immunohistochemical expression, (neck tube) conforms to HSIL (CIN2).

Come to the clinic on March 16, 2019. After treatment, the HPV detection was negative in July 2019. The TCT test results in August were to see the internal lesions or malignant lesions.

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【Medical Words and Medicine】

With the comprehensive liberalization of the national second -child policy, many women have joined the army preparing for the second pregnancy. More and more women have found HPV infection through pre -pregnancy medical examinations.Intervention must be performed immediately.

Patients came to the consultation in March 2019. After more than 3 months of treatment, HPV testing was not abnormal. TCT detection lesions also showed no abnormalities, and they could be prepared for pregnancy.During this period, I did not use the method of resection cervix such as leep and other surgicals.Due to worrying about abortion and ligation of the bottom of the palace, let alone worry about cervical cancer, because without HPV infection, cervical lesions and cervical cancer cannot be talked about.

Recently, I have encountered a number of women who are infected with HPV infection during pregnancy and pregnancy. There are simply infection, and there are also women with condyloma acuminatum and cervical lesions. I have made some sorting on related issues. You can read the link at the bottom of the article.You can find a detailed answer in the article. If you have any questions, you can leave me a message or private message. I will reply to you as soon as possible after the outpatient clinic.

Regarding the video explanation of cones cut, especially women who have not given birth must watch:


What should I do if women’s infection with HPV?

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What should I do if I find HPV during pregnancy and pregnancy?What will affect the baby?


34 weeks of pregnancy and 34 -year -old Baoma, urgently ask for help, can children still keep?


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