"CCTV Sister" to "find out without this", why did Dong Qing, 49, "disappeared"?

The former "CCTV Sister", to the current "finding this", what happened to Dong Qing’s body?Why did it suddenly "disappear"?

His questionable patriotic feelings

Dong Qing, "CCTV Sister", perfectly presented the two programs of "Chinese Poetry Conference" and "Readers" to everyone with their talents.

Through these two programs, Dong Qing successfully shaped the image of his patriots and attracted the pursuit of countless people.

So what happened to her?

From 2014, the incident started. At that time, Dong Qing was in the limelight, and almost all CCTV programs would invite her to sit in the town, and Dong Qing was also loved by the audience.

Suddenly one day, there was no Dong Qing’s figure in the in full swing of the show. This incident attracted the attention of many audiences. Why did Dong Qing suddenly disappear? So where did she go?

After all, this happened without happening before. Suddenly, it seemed to be exploded on the Internet. It suddenly guess why Dong Qing suddenly disappeared.

Soon Dong Qing responded, saying that he was studying in the United States, and he would host the show when he returned.

For Dong Qing’s approach, netizens expressed their blessings. At first, I just felt that she would come back soon, but it was a while in the past, and I still didn’t see Dong Qing.

But what I did not expect is that studying abroad is fake, and pregnancy and childbirth are true. The purpose of this move is to allow her child

The news broke out, making many people feel very difficult to accept, because in the previous impression, Dong Qing once expressed her patriotic feelings many times in the show she hosted.

How did you become a person who is a charm?For this reason, the angry netizens also labeled her "hypocritical patriot".

In this regard, Dong Qing also gave his own explanation to give his children a foreign nationality in order to make his children suffer a better educational environment.

As soon as the remarks came out, the last fantasy of netizens had the last fantasy of Dong Qing.

Everyone has accused her of being a mighty, but she is a patriotic host but does not have a country.

In the face of angry netizens, Dong Qing also understood that he said more and more mistakes, and Dong Qing no longer argued for himself.

In fact, although Dong Qing was very successful in his career, he was emotionally twists and turns.

Emotional process

With his own efforts, Dong Qing was already famous on Shanghai TV, because Dong Qing performed on the host show that he was particularly selected by CCTV.

In order to make his career further, Dong Qing decided to go to Beijing to develop. During the work of CCTV, Dong Qing met his "girl idol": Chengqian.

Because the experience of the child was not good at getting along well, some people complained that before they said that they had a poor personality and were very arrogant and self -proud.

Such a personality has caused Cheng Qian’s reputation on TV stations, but these bad rumors cannot affect his image in Dong Qing’s mind.

In addition, Dong Qing, who first arrived in CCTV, was a newcomer after all, and did not know much about many things, so he often pointed at him as a senior.

So soon, Dong Qing was deeply attracted by Cheng Qian. The two had feelings in the past and two, so Cheng Qian often used his resources and contacts to help Dong Qing.

Later, the development of Dong Qing on the CCTV program was also very smooth. At that time, Cheng Cheng not only hosted the show, but also participated in some film and television dramas, so Cheng’s reputation was naturally greater than Dong Qing.

Not only that, the two soon lived together after getting along.

So why did this relationship end in the end?Later, before the interview, he said the inside story of the two people broke up.

It turned out that Cheng Qian left the television station and decided to develop into the performing arts circle, but Cheng Qian’s acting career was not smooth.

Many of the images of Cheng’s previous performance did not set up waves in the eyes of the audience, so Cheng’s career has always been in the trough period.

At this time, Dong Qing’s career was very smooth, and Dong Qing became more and more busy, and he also reduced his companionship and care for Cheng Qian.

Coupled with the huge differences between the development of the two people, there are more and more contradictions between the two. In addition, Dong Qing’s concern for Cheng Qian has reduced a lot.

Therefore, this relationship has been together for 6 years, and finally reached the end.

Dong Qing also paid a lot of feelings for Cheng Qian, but over time, Dong Qing developed better and better in his career, but Cheng Qian’s career was sluggish, and the gap in his career brought the relationship between the two people to the end.

The other half in life

The emotional unsuccessful made Dong Qing put all her heart on her career, and relying on her own efforts to become a "sister CCTV".

When Dong Qing’s career developed steadily, he encountered his other half at an entrepreneurial association: Mi Chunlei.

Mi Chunlei was a wealthy richest man with a net worth of tens of billions. He began to pursue Dong Qing because he was attracted by Dong Qing.

But at this time, Dong Qing didn’t know that Mi Chunlei had already had a family.Under the pursuit of Mi Chunlei, the two soon fell in love.

However, the paper couldn’t keep the fire at the end. Soon Dong Qing knew that Mi Chunlei had a family and decided to end this relationship. However, in order to show his heart, Mi Chunlei resolutely decided to divorce.

Mi Chunlei was very good to Dong Qing. In order to make Dong Qing give birth at the United States, he also gave Dong Qing a mansion.

I thought that life was so bland, but life was unsatisfactory, and everything was broken after all.


Due to poor management, Michimi faced the danger of failure, because the wages and property of employees were all frozen.

The news that Michuna and its blue ocean holding were forcibly executed for more than 700 million yuan, and there were many news that Miyanglei had been warned by the China Securities Regulatory Bureau before.

After that, there were news from Dong Qing’s various real estate sales on the Internet.

After the outbreak of Mi Chunlei, this time she was forced to lose behind the scenes and gradually disappeared from the public’s vision.


From the former national goddess of the country to the point of today, Dong Qing was really sorry for it.

Dong Qing has disappeared on the screen for some time. What do he do? We don’t know.

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