"Don’t be born if you have no money." The expense of 3,000 yuan for the production inspection was expensive, and the pregnant woman made a word in a word.

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Moms need to conduct regular production inspections during pregnancy, which can not only better understand the growth and development of the fetus, but also deal with it in time when there is a problem.It can be seen that the birth of pregnancy is crucial during pregnancy.

After graduating from college, Xiao Pei married her husband.Not long after work, Xiao Pei was pregnant unexpectedly.She discussed with her husband and decided to leave the child.

Since pregnancy, Xiao Pei often feels that her body is very tired. In addition, the salary of her own work is not high. She simply stays directly at home and raises her tires. Therefore, the economic income at home only comes from Xiao Pei’s husband.

By 3 months of pregnancy, Xiao Pei went to the hospital for a production inspection at the accompaniment of her husband.Unexpectedly, it cost 3,000 yuan for a check -up, which was a huge expenditure for Xiao Pei’s family.

After the birth check, Xiao Pei found that her husband’s face was not very good.After some inquiries, the husband was willing to say the truth: "How did the birth check spent so much money at a time? It’s too expensive. Otherwise, you should do less inspection in the future."

Hearing her husband said so, Xiao Pei was anxious, and immediately said back: "Isn’t the child’s health important? Since there is no money, don’t be born." In a word of Xiao Pei, the husband made an instant.Not to mention this matter.

1. Reduce the birth defect of the fetus

There are so many reason for the production inspection items to be able to better understand the growth and development of the fetus and discover the abnormal problems of the fetus in time.

The high -cost production inspection items are mainly used by four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, non -invasive DNA, and so on.These check -up items are to check whether the fetus has malformations.

Other production inspection items are also very important. After all, no one can guarantee that the baby’s growth and development will be smooth.

2. The concept of "eugenics" is getting more and more attention

With the openness of society and the improvement of economic level, more and more parents have begun to pay attention to the health of the fetus.

In the eyes of parents, children do not have to give birth to more, but they must be healthy and beautiful.

Therefore, many mothers attach great importance to the production inspection after pregnancy, just to be able to give birth to a smarter and healthy baby.

1. Test the physical condition of pregnant mothers

Regular check -ups can make pregnant mothers more clearly understand their physical changes. At the same time, they can also check whether pregnant mothers have diseases such as pregnancy complications during pregnancy.

Once the disease is detected, it can be treated in time.This can not only ensure the health of pregnant mothers, but also make the baby’s growth and development smoother.

2. Test the development of the fetus

Regularly conducting a check -up can well understand the growth and development of the fetus, such as the height of the fetus, weight, and so on.If the doctor finds that the baby’s physical development indicators do not meet the standards, they can also be guided and treated in time.

If the fetus is congenital with severe malformations, parents can understand the situation in advance and prepare psychological preparations.

3. Prepare for smooth delivery

Doctors will make reasonable suggestions on pregnant mothers based on the results of regular pregnancy examinations, such as the appropriate production method, approximate production date, and so on.

If the pregnant mothers have a good physical condition and the baby is developing well, when a doctor, it is recommended to produce in a way to produce.If the pregnant mother’s physical condition is not good, doctors usually recommend choosing a caesarean section.

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