"Eating Four Bai, Chang Xia will not suffer!"What does "4 white" mean?Don’t understand eating, good for your body

In summer, the temperature is high, and it is about to enter Sanfu Tian. During this time, we should pay attention to drink plenty of water, keep the body’s water balance, eat more digestible foods, and reduce the burden on the stomach.

Sanfu Tian is coming. As the saying goes, "Eating Four Bai in Four, long summer is not suffering."What foods are four white? Eat more healthy diet and resist physical damage caused by the heat of the heat.

1. Winter melon

Recommended recipe: Winter melon steamed meat foam

Prepare ingredients: winter melon, pork, green onions, raw soy sauce, salt, white pepper

Making method:

1. Cut the skin of the melon, and the melon can be cut off a little, then clean it, and cut into thin slices;

2. Wash the pork, chop it into minced meat, add some cooking wine, salt, white pepper powder in a bowl, grab it with your hands and marinate for a while;

3. Put the winter melon in the order in order, and then clamp the marinated pork in the middle of the winter melon slices;

4. Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, and put the plate on the water for 15 minutes;

5. Finally, sprinkle some green onions.

Yam, yam

Recommended recipe: Yam Snowball

Prepare ingredients: yam, dried strawberries, milk powder, coconut

Making method:

1. Wash the yam, then peel it, cut it into a small section, put it on the plate, add a sufficient amount of water to the pot, and put the yam into it in the water and steam it;

2. Cut the dried strawberries into a broken end; use a spoon of the steamed yam to pound them into yam mud;

3. Then add some milk powder, dried strawberries, and mixing in the mud of the yam;

4. Finally, take a part of the mixed yam mud, and then pinch into a round ball;

5. Finally, pour some coconut on a plate, then put the yam ball in, roll it around.

Three, 茭 茭

Recommended recipe: 茭 White egg cake

Prepare ingredients: white, thin pork, eggs, green onions, salt, white pepper

Making method:

1. Peel off the white shell, clean it, cut it into slices first, and then change the knife into a thin silk;

2. Wash the lean meat, change the knife into minced meat;

3. Put a few eggs in a bowl, add some salt and white pepper powder to season and remove the fishy fishy, stir with chopsticks;

4. Cool oil, minced pork in the pan and stir -fry until discolored, then put the white silk in the pan, stir fry and soften, then add a certain salt and stir well, then spread it into a cake shape;

5. Then pour the stirred eggs into the pot, fry it into a cake, fry on one side until solidified, then turn it over and fry the other side;

6. Wait until you fry on both sides until solidified.

Fourth, tofu

Recommended recipe: Mapo tofu

Prepare ingredients: tofu, minced meat, various seasonings

Making method:

1. Rinse the tofu, then cut it into a small piece, then boil some hot water, remove the water and remove the water, and drain the water;

2. The side dishes should be cut at the end;

3. Clean the pork and peel it, then chop the pork into meat, or you can buy ready -made meat;

4. Add an appropriate amount of oil to the pot. Put the minced pork in the oil and fry until the discoloration is changed, and then the red oil is added to the bean paste;

5. Then add some minced garlic and tempeh to stir -fry evenly. If you like spicy food, you can add some pepper noodles;

6. Then pour a bowl of water, boil on high heat, put the tofu pieces in, add some salt and raw soy sauce, stew together, stew the tofu into the taste;

7. Finally, pour some water starch and cook until it is thick.


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