"For four years with my boyfriend, he gave me 20 dollars to get a fetus!

I saw a submission of the three views on Weibo today.

The submitted girls and boyfriends were together for four years, and they were pregnant unexpectedly. They told her boyfriend, but the other party had to break up with him.

When asked "What to do with children", her boyfriend gave her twenty dollars indifferently and asked her to get a fetus.

I saw the drama of the male lead and female two who had made up for the "overbearing ‘president’ fell in love with me" here.


He, Su Jack, sent the nickname "Pig Baby Husband", is the dream of all girls in the circle of friends, which is called "circle flower".

He smiled evil, and he was domineering, and he sent a 45 ° corner of melancholy selfie.

A red envelope was transferred to the red envelope, and the opening was "doing my woman does not need to save money."

The most words that Su Jack said the most when he said: "Use my mobile phone to transfer you, just fill in a few 0 after the decimal point."

This trick was unhappy and captured a large number of hearts in the circle of friends.

Su Jack’s girlfriend Jennisu loves the chic atmosphere when he fills in the transfer amount.

She still remembered that Su Jack stood in front of herself and said, "Become my woman, I will give you a monthly yellow diamond! If you are good, it is not impossible to rush for two months."

Of course, Su Jack and Jennisu’s love is also very sweet.

Su Jack often took her to the streets to eat and alley to eat hot and spicy, and said to her affection, "Woman, I want to take you all the spicy hot and hot hot paddy in the city, let you remember me forever."

Jennie Su Qing could not help flowing in colorful tears.


Jenn Su is a woman who is easy to move in front of Su Jack.

Every time Su Jack forgot to wear a sleeve when he applauded, he patted her chest and told her: "Don’t be afraid, if you get pregnant unexpectedly, I will marry you." "

I heard this sentence at the time, as if I had the world.

How responsible Su Jack is. She can find Su Jack, which is the luckiest thing in her life.

Jenny Su was moved and took contraceptives.

But sometimes two people also quarrel.

Jenny Su will complain to Su Jack’s badness with her girlfriend, and girlfriends persuade her to leave him as soon as possible.

When she heard her girlfriend scolding Su Jack, Jennisu was more happy.

But as soon as she was happy, she thought of the good boyfriend, and turned to blame my girlfriend again: "I just complain about it, you can’t persuade me not to divide it? What you say next time you say you can listen."



Jenny Su thought nothing could defeat their love.

Six dollars of spicy spicy, five pieces of tea eggs, and bus cards casually, Su Jack gave her the best.

In the happiness of material and sweet words, Jennisu was pregnant.

She was so happy that the wedding should be eaten, and the wedding dress on the evening was the cheapest.

Even if you think about it, after getting married, you can rent a house in the city in the city, and rent that kind of view on the road.

I also buy a limited edition second -hand bicycle, so that Su Jack rode a bike. She was sitting behind, and the child was placed in the car basket. Whoever saw it had to say an envy.

But when she told Su Jack about this, the other party was indifferent.

He dropped twenty dollars, "Let your friends go to play with you to play the child."

Jenny Su was distracted, "I don’t want your money, as long as I want my child! Can our feelings be measured with money? Can our children measure with money?"

"You are ruthless, you are ignorant, you are poor, only money! I am a big fool, I will talk to you for four years!"


At first Jenny Su did not miss the ruthless man.

But over time, she couldn’t help thinking of him.

His evil smile, often shocked the tiger body, the affectionate light flashed in the dark eyes, all attracted her like poison.

Jenny Su found him and asked for a compound.

Su Jack flashed a danger in his deep eyes. "If you are good, the child must be killed.

My conditions are not allowed to raise children!"

"Unless you give me 2 million!"

Jenny Su desperately watched this man with no 20,000, trying to buy his youth with 2 million short checks.

She blushed angrily, "My Jenny Su is a person who can’t come up with 2 million! Why should I give you!"

Su Jack said, "You just lost a child, I lost, but my love."

Love … Love!Jenn Su has never seen a man who is more emotional and enthusiastic than him again.

"As long as you reconcile, I am willing to do anything."

Su Jack smiled evilly and said, "Okay."

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