"Full Analysis" of pregnancy: Mastering these details, you can accurately determine the "time point" of pregnancy

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The first pregnancy female comrades are always ignorant. I don’t know when there is a baby in the belly, let alone how long it has been conceived. What day is the due date?

Coupled with the epidemic period, it is extremely inconvenient to go out of production. How to understand the various matters in the early stages of pregnancy has become the most worried issue of novice parents.

At this moment, don’t worry, don’t panic. Let me take you to analyze the small details in the pregnancy process, so that you can accurately determine the pregnancy time, and then popularize some precautions in the pre -pregnancy period, so that expectant mothers have a fetus to the fetus.Deeper understanding.

Some women will feel that there is no technical content at all. Do n’t you know if you are not pregnant?

To be honest, there are really such people. I met a more bold female comrade before. The body was more obese and pregnant for 6 months.

Therefore, it is necessary to talk about this problem.

● First of all, the early performance of women after pregnancy was "discontinued."Under normal circumstances, the average holiday cycle of women is between 28-35 days and is very regular every month.

★ However, because some factors will cause women’s holidays to be advanced or postponed, as long as they are normal within 7 days, if the day of the holidays is late, it will not come.Women must consider whether they are pregnant.

◆ Of course, for some irregular menstruation women, it is obviously not reliable based on the menopause. We can further judge the early "pregnancy reactions".Generally speaking, most people will have early pregnancy reactions in about 6 weeks of pregnancy, such as dizziness, sleep, nausea, vomiting, anorexia and other phenomena.Spicy food.

At this time, you can check the morning urine with a pregnancy test stick. When you find that there are two red bars on it, then congratulations on you have successfully advanced to the expectant mother.

After determining that she was pregnant, expectant mothers urgently wanted to know how long they were pregnant. The ordinary pregnancy test stick could only see whether she was pregnant, but she could not know the time of pregnancy.

The important point is that the deeper the color in the early pregnancy represents the longer the pregnancy time. As the HCG value decreases in the middle of pregnancy, the pregnancy test stick cannot be used as an effective basis. This does not affect the judgment of the pregnancy time.What kind of process is it.

The first process: "combination of sperm and eggs"

As we all know, the primary condition of women’s pregnancy is to discharge the eggs, and then the same room during this period can give the sperm a chance to combine with the egg encounter, thereby forming fertilized eggs into embryos.

For women with a regular menstrual cycle, ovulation around the 14th day before the menstrual period, the first 5 days and 4 days after the ovulation day, together with the ovulation day, it is called the ovulation period for 10 days.It may be bigger.

Temple Second: Fertilization Egg

After the sperm and eggs are in close contact, it will be integrated into a fertilized egg. In about a week, the fertilized eggs will enter the uterus to "camp and settle", so as to establish their own bases to allow themselves to gradually grow and grow. This process will also this process.It is called "fertilized eggs in bed".

Third process: embryo began to "take root germination"

After about 10 days of room in the same room, a woman will secrete a velvetic gonadotropin (HCG) called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). It is an important indicator of early pregnancy. At this time, it can be determined by blood or urine.

The more HCG is secreted, the darker the color of the urine detection.

Therefore, when you use an early pregnancy test strip to detect a light pink line, the pregnancy time is basically more than 10 days, and the color will be deepened by two or three days.

In fact, according to the time basis of the pregnancy process, you can accurately calculate the time of pregnancy.For example, the end of the last menstrual period is ended, and the ovulation day is calculated in about 15 days according to the cycle of 28 days. If at this time, it will be about 14 days when the time is about the 28th day of the same room.

It is often said that "pregnant in October", which means that the baby needs to stay in the stomach for ten months, but the month here is different from the month in daily life.

One month during pregnancy is divided into four weeks, that is, 28 days is a cycle, and the ten months are 280 days.

Medical pregnancy cycle is calculated based on the last menstrual period, because each person’s ovulation time is slightly different, the due date is delayed or 2 weeks after pushing, it is normal.Some babies will be born later than the reasons for the due date.

Many mothers are at a loss after pregnancy. On the one hand, they have not been prepared to welcome new lives. On the other hand, the impact of pregnancy reactions may be ignored.

Next, we will popularize some knowledge for expectant mothers and women preparing for pregnancy, so that everyone can calmly cope with the life of the pre -pregnancy.

1. The pregnancy examination cannot be dropped

After pregnancy, many mothers can’t wait to go for inspections. In fact, at this time, it is completely necessary to do a checkup. At this time, the little baby is hidden in a meatball called a gestational sac.We can save this money. When we are 12 weeks of pregnancy, do the first production inspection item NT to evaluate the risk index of the baby suffering from the Tang family syndrome. Do not miss it!

Of course, if the pregnant mother has other discomforts, such as bleeding or severe abdominal pain, you must go to the hospital to check whether there is a sign of miscarriage.Generally speaking, high -quality embryos grow freely and happily. Instead, those embryos with poor quality will occur and abortion, and pregnant mothers are naturally good.

2. Pay attention to diet

The nutrition required for the fetus in the early pregnancy is limited. The expectant mothers can follow the usual diet habits. They don’t have to worry about supplementing it.

At the same time, pregnant mothers need to supplement folic acid for three months, and they must follow the doctor’s advice when they are sick. They should not take medicine casually to avoid causing fetal malformations.

3. Self -good mentality

After pregnancy, women’s emotions will be greatly fluctuated, especially for expected babies, and they are not ready to be mothers.

After careful consideration, it is determined to leave the baby. The expectant mothers must have a positive and good attitude. They learn more about childcare knowledge, exercise in moderation, ensure sufficient sleep, stay away from pollution, radiation areas, quit life badness in life.Habits can better ensure the healthy growth of the fetus.

Pregnancy indicates that women will usher in a new identity "mother". Perhaps this process will be difficult, but as long as we survive this stage and start at the moment of the baby’s birth, you will lament that life is so great.One of the happiest things in life.

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