"Hair dyeing" can cause cancer, is it really or fake?The research results were announced, and the knowledge has increased

As a kind of human hairy hair, hair can play a effect of keeping warm, cold, and enhance your face value. In order to enhance the external image, people pay more attention to hairstyles, and they go to professional hair salon shops to request the hairstyle to design the hairstyle suitable for their own hairstyles.

Nowadays, dyeing hair has become a popular trend. Therefore, the harm behind the hair is huge. Many people mention that they often dye hair to increase the chance of cancer. Is there a scientific basis?Let’s take a look.

Scientists have never stopped research on this matter, and the results of the research have also proved that hair dyeing can easily increase the risk of uterine cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, and lymphoma.

Whether hair dyeing is carcinogenic, depends on whether the hair dye is dyed or whether the hair dye is qualified.

The National Academy of Environmental Sanitation Science and the University of North Carolina have made related research on whether hair dye will cause cancer.

It is learned that the frequent use of permanent hair dye increases the chance of cancer in the skin base. The risk of carcinogenic is mainly to increase according to the dosage and number of times of hair dye.

Because hair dye contains more carcinogenic factors and chemicals, often contacting skin tissue, it will directly penetrate into human blood vessels through the skin and mucous membranes.Probability of other diseases such as skin cancer.

The chemicals in the perm and hair dye will have the effect in breast cancer. Depending on the retention time, it can be divided into several types of temporary and semi -permanent hair dyeing.Composite chemical synthesis, plant hair dye, hair dye.

Hair dyeing agent is harmful to the body:

One: damage to liver and kidney function

In order to enhance hair dyeing effects that can enhance hair dye, a large number of heavy metals, such as mercury, arsenic, and lead, etc. If the human body is used for a long time, it will cause the body to form chronic diseases, abdominal pain, limb numbness, dizziness and other lead poisoningSymptoms may also cause organs such as liver and kidney.

Second: increased the chance of lymphatic diseases

Studies have shown that people using hair dyes are more likely to suffer from lymphatic diseases and leukemia than those who do not use hair dyes.

American researchers say that women who have been dyed for 24 years or longer are susceptible to a lymphatic cancer called non -lymphocyte. The first symptoms of lymphoma are not obvious.And more than 50%of the lack of lymph nodes are on the neck.

Third: skin allergy reaction

It is the most common adverse reaction of hair dye, and allergies may occur in hair dyeing. Some people do not know that they are allergic to some substances in hair dyeing. Therefore, before the hair dyeWhether allergies.

Fourth: Do not wash your hair before dyeing, it will indeed be more safer!

Anyone must know that hair dye contains a large amount of chemicals, which can stimulate the skin of the human body.

If the hair is scratching the scalp, the hair dye may stimulate the scalp. Do not wash your hair on the day of your hair. The oil secreted by the scalp is precisely a natural protective film.

Who is not suitable for hair dyeing?

First: Allergic to hair dye

The main component of the dyeing cream is pyramlamine, which can easily cause skin sensitivity.

People who are often allergic to cosmetics are not suitable for hair dye. There are many substances in hair dyes, which may contain allergic substances inside.

Second: pregnant woman

Do not dye your hair after pregnancy, especially within 3 months before pregnancy, you need to contact some chemicals during the hair dyeing process. Once these chemicals enter the body through the pores, they will be absorbed by the fetus, which can easily cause fetal malformations.

Third: women in the physiological period

It is recommended that female friends who are in the physiological period, can not dye their hair without hair.

Because the menstrual period is a very special physiological period of women. Although it is a physiological phenomenon, women will reduce their resistance during menstruation. Some of the harmful chemicals contained in hair dyes, such as hydrogen peroxide, sulfur dioxide, and microvascular transport by scalp.In the human body, it is damaged by the body’s face, neck, head, and other skin.

How to reduce hair dyeing physical hazards:

1. Control the frequency of hair dyeing

The negative effects of a large number of chemical agents contained in hair dye have always been huge on human health. Regular hair dye does have a certain cause of carcinogenia. The number of hair dye should be controlled. It is generally recommended that you control the number of hair dye within two times a year.

2. Avoid contact with the tap

As we all know, the hazards of hair dyeing are mainly from hair dye cream. Therefore, during the hair dyeing process, you should try to control the amount. Hair dyeing products should be 1cm from the scalp. Try not to contact the scalp as much as possible.

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