"Irregular menstruation" is a premature ovarian failure.

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The newlywed woman was "irregular menstruation", and she learned that she was premature ovarian. She was a mother in order to circle dreams. She was considered to be pregnant across the country.In the reproductive medical department of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, experts use acupuncture, drug plus minimally invasive surgery and other treatment methods. She successfully pregnant.Recently, she gave birth to a fat boy more than 7 pounds in the obstetrics and was discharged from the hospital yesterday.

Reproductive experts reminded that patients with premature ovarian aging "can’t wait", must find the right college, "race" with the speed of premature aging, and seize the opportunity to give birth.

(Photo confession in the department)

"Irregular menstruation" is a premature ovarian failure

Young women are mothers and hope are slim

37 -year -old Zhang Meng (a pseudonym) lived in Hankou. Four years ago, she found that she was "irregular menstruation". At first, she thought it was a lot of work pressure and a messy cycle. Who knew that her aunt would not come later.In the past three years, she has been in a number of hospitals and can only take medicine to maintain the artificial cycle.In 2019, Zhang Meng’s marriage found that her FSH value (follicle stimulus) had exceeded 100miu/ml, and (normal value below 10miu/ml greater than 40miu/ml was premature ovarian failure).After turning to many hospitals, the doctor thought that she was almost impossible to ovulate. If she wanted a child, she could only wait for the egg.

Zhang Meng longed for a child. According to the introduction, she came to Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital for reproductive medicine.After reading the results of Zhang Meng’s inspection, Director Peng Xiangchi asked her: "You are not too old at the age of 35, and there may be spontaneous ovulation opportunities. We will try it together with Chinese and Western medicine together, do you want to do it?" Zhang Meng was firm in this: "As long as there is a hope, I am willing to try it. "

Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Integrated

Women who are miraculously pregnant

Director Peng Xiangchi introduced that in addition to traditional western medicine therapy, there are some new ways to try to promote ovulation and preservation of fertility. Acupuncture is a kind of gradually recognized by the reproductive community.

After receiving two months of acupuncture and drug treatment, the first little miracle appeared -Zhang Meng finally came to the holiday herself.In this cycle, Peng Xiangchi also successfully "captured" a precious egg in her body, which inspired both doctors and patients.According to Zhang Meng’s physical condition, Peng Xiang Chi Bian observed, adjusted the treatment method and dosage of the dosage, and successfully obtained two eggs in the second cycle.

At the end of 2019, Zhang Meng performed hysteroscopic surgery at the reproductive medicine center, carefully adjusted the "soil" of the internal embryo bed, and was ready to welcome the baby’s arrival.After Wuhan resumed normal in 2020, Zhang Meng performed embryo transplant surgery and succeeded.

After pregnancy, Zhang Meng was quite nervous, and Peng Xiangchi became Zhang Meng’s "family doctor".As long as she has time, she will answer Zhang Meng’s question on WeChat, comfort and encourage her.

After the fetus was stable, Zhang Meng was solemnly "transferred" by Director Peng to Zhou Jieqiong, director of the obstetric department of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Wuhan, and she became the "key protection object" of obstetrics.

Recently, Zhang Meng was pregnant for full moon. On the day she produced last week, Peng Xiangchi took the time and rushed to the operating room to welcome the baby’s birth.Zhang Meng was born with a healthy baby boy of more than 7 pounds, and Peng Xiangchi cried very much.

"All Life cycle" healthcare service

Help more families usher in healthy babies

Peng Xiangchi, director of the reproductive center of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, introduced that data shows that China’s infertility rate climbed from 2.5%-3%20 years ago to 12.5%to 15%.Increases such as increased factors.In 2017, the Department of Reproductive Medicine of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital opened the "Euoxylum Studio", and the team of experts conducted comprehensive treatment for this issue.There are some patients with premature ovarian failure of western medicine "helpless", trying to use the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine, the effect is surprising.Here, patients with insufficient primary ovarian function (FSH value 25-40miu/ml) have successfully become pregnant.

"Everyone said that I am a miracle." Zhang Meng said yesterday that I was glad that I chose here, and a professional team guarded me.

Peng Xiangchi reminded that young women must pay attention to irregular holidays. If they are diagnosed with primary ovarian dysfunction, although it is difficult to reverse and cure, experts can "grab" with the speed of premature ovarian failure and do their best to help patients fight for it.Mom’s rights.She introduced that infertility patients are important to find the right hospital and specialist. In Wuhan maternal and children, the hospital can provide a "full life cycle" medical care service., To allow patients not only to get pregnant, but also to have a healthy baby smoothly. This is the common goal of doctors and patients.

Director Peng Xiangchi and the new mother have always greeted the birth of the baby.

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