"Love Apartment 5" becomes a pregnant woman classroom, Meijiameng is derailed to Zi Qiao, why are pregnant women bizarre?

Once we looked at the love apartment, fantasizing about our own love.Today, in "Love Apartment 5", Yifei and Xiaoxian got married, and Meijiazi took the baby to receive a certificate.

The protagonist in the story has his own destination, and many of us in reality are also married and have children.We are all growing up, experiencing different stages of life, and seeing them again, and a lot of resonance.With Meijia’s pregnancy, the content in "Love Apartment 5" has also added a lot of experience and troubles about pregnant women.

In episode 6, Meijia heard the recommendations of friends and used the app to calculate his marriage index with Zi Qiao. The result was very low, and the curry sauce and Zi Qiao were considered high.In addition, I found that Ziqiao gave the curry sauce a pineapple doll, which made Meijia doubt the Ziqiao curry sauce.

So Meijia began to dream of many times, and the matchmaker reminded her son Qiao to derail.Because of her dream, Meijiayue became anxious, and in real life, she began to doubt the every move of Zi Qiao.

Meijia has the same experience in this strange dream.One of my friends, during pregnancy, also dreamed of a problem with her relationship with her husband many times.In fact, they have a good relationship in real life, and she doesn’t know why she has such a dream.

Friends said that the emotional experience in the dream is very real, and even once dreaming and waking up, watching the husband around him sleeping, he woke up with his husband, and woke up his husband.

Many expectant mothers mentioned that when they shared their dreams during pregnancy, they mentioned that they dreamed of being derailed by her husband or problems with the relationship between two people.

During pregnancy, because of physical discomfort and changes in hormones, pregnant women often have more emotional anxiety and affect their interaction with her husband.Sometimes you worry about the relationship between each other. The subconsciousness is reflected in the dream, and you will dream that your husband derailed or the relationship between two people will break.

In fact, such a dream only shows that some of the negative emotions of expectant mothers need to be vented, not prophecy.Don’t let dream affect your emotions and play a vicious cycle.

During pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones, it will also have a certain impact on the nervous system of pregnant women. In terms of sleep, it will have difficulty falling asleep or dreaming after falling asleep.Most of the dreams of expectant mothers during pregnancy are the following types.

[Fear of husband and wife feelings]

This is the situation of the above -mentioned Meijia, dreaming of a problem with the relationship between husband and wife.

If you have such a dream, it will fluctuate the emotions of expectant mothers and worry about it, then you may wish to talk to the other half frankly.

Do not affect the relationship between husband and wife because of the appearance of the baby, and to alienate the relationship between the two.Remember at any time, the relationship between the husband and wife is higher than the parent -child relationship, but it is more conducive to the harmony of the family.

【Anxiety fetal health】

Some mothers will dream that the birth check is not smooth, or the baby’s development is not very good.Especially the night after the checkup, many mothers will have difficulty in falling asleep in nervousness and anxiety.

Out of the instinct of motherhood, the mother is very concerned about the health of the fetus."Care is chaotic."Such anxiety will be reflected in dreams.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers can read some books about the science of pregnancy and learn the correct knowledge.In addition, we must understand the development of the fetus on time to understand the development of the fetus.In this way, you can count the health problems of the fetus, and it will not be too anxious.

[About fetal gender]

There is also a dream of doing during pregnancy, which is called the dream of fetal, because it can predict the gender of the fetus.

In such a dream, expectant mothers will dream of things that symbolize the gender of the fetus, or directly dream that they have giving birth to a baby to know the gender.

Curious about the sex of the fetus after pregnancy is almost every expectant mother.Such curiosity will also appear in your dreams.

For the sex of the fetus to predict the gender of the fetus, just be entertaining, you don’t have to take it too much.

【Enjoy various foods】

After pregnancy, because of worrying about the health of the fetus, a lot of food, expectant mothers had to eat a lot or not to eat.Coupled with changes in the taste of pregnancy, it will make expectant mothers particularly greedy for some foods.

If you can’t eat some kinds of food, some expectant mothers will satisfy themselves in their dreams and dream of being very happy.It’s really hard to make these expectant mothers, and can only solve the dream in the dream.

In fact, in the dietary taboos during pregnancy, in addition to tobacco and alcoholic drugs, many daily foods can be eaten.Even if it is some so -called junk foods, if it is really nagging, you can eat a few mouthfuls to solve it. Don’t be greedy.When the expectant mother eats what she wants to eat, she will feel better.

In "Love Apartment 5", when Yifei accompanied Meijia to the birth checkup, the doctor gave a reasonable explanation about Meijia’s dreaming.

After pregnancy, because of the changes in hormones and physical discomfort, some expectant mothers are not adapted to the transformation of identity, and they are prone to mental sensitivity.In such a state, it is easy to be stimulated by the external environment. Once negative emotions are difficult to vent, there are some strange behaviors, such as often doing the same or strange dreams.

If the negative emotions of pregnant women have not been vented for a long time, and even prenatal depression will occur, it is more dangerous.

Whether it is a pregnant woman or a family, they must pay attention to emotional issues during pregnancy.

[As a pregnant woman, pay attention to regulating emotions.] If there is a negative emotion, communicate with family and friends in time.Talking to people who trust is an effective way to vent negative emotions.And in the process of talking, you can also get the help of others.Don’t think about some negative information, and don’t watch some TV programs or books that cause bad emotions, so as not to affect your mood.If you feel bored at home, you can find some hobbies to enrich your life and transfer your attention.

[And as a family, you need to understand and support.] Aware of the discomfort of pregnant women, more concern and understanding.Especially for prospective dad, care about expectant mothers, if you have time, try not to be absent from each maternity inspection.Accompanied by the prospective father, the expectant mother will be more at ease.When you find that the mood of pregnant women is not good, enlighten.Don’t think that pregnant women are confusing, and don’t ignore it. The timely enlightenment of the family is important to pregnant women.

The mood during pregnancy is very common, but it does not mean that it does not matter. It still needs to be valued by pregnant women and family members.Regulating the mood during pregnancy is of great significance to the health of pregnant women and the development of the fetus.

I am a chubby, and the early teacher of the childcare teacher is even a mother.With many years of early education experience and provide personalized education guidance for parents.Welcome to pay attention to learn more about parenting.Parenting must be more to cultivate ourselves, let us grow with the baby.

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