"Monthly" rises and the sun Cancer has fortune in March 2023 (I hope you seize the good luck of your career)

This fortune is mainly promoted, supplemented by the sun

March 1st to March 5th: Aquarius may not be friendly to Cancer, but Pisces Month has given Cancer a lot of good good.Around March 2nd, Cancer that jumped jobs is easy to find a job, and the unit is not bad. Entering new projects, changing new teams, or joining fresh blood, some Cancer have been recognized by leaders to be promoted to salary.The project is difficult to advance, and has made obvious progress recently; some Cancer may start with the handicraft workshop and food; recently Cancer has been easy to get a lot of support for family members and friends, and it has eased the relationship with the father.Location; I bought the right house, or decorate the house, organize the room, and buy storage supplies; some Cancer engagement or get a certificate or get a wedding, and some Cancer have been pregnant successfully (many of them have a lot of opportunities to get pregnant this year.Keep a good mood), Cancer may like his leadership, male Cancer may like the opposite sex that is stronger than himself; you have received gifts or sea purchase items that have been drifting from the sea; although there are so many benefits, Cancer may still be inInsomnia around March 2nd, I ca n’t think about anything. I ’m not satisfied deep in my heart. Crazy brush the chicken soup on the Internet and watch metaphysics prediction; there are some Cancer worry about money, such as their own debt, if there is any income in the future; maybe it may also be;Worried about whether you speak correctly, be careful; worry about whether the interview and re -examination can answer good questions, afraid that your thinking is not agile enough; instead of worrying about starting from small things, do not have low eyes, such as eating and saving expenses, or eating food as a way of making money, or eating as a way of making money.Prepare interviews, re -examination issues earlier.The mood is lost at night, but Cancer will start to plan your future, start learning, and obtain consultation online.

From March 6th to March 13th: Cancer can easily get rich from the Internet and different places around March 6; it is easy to get friends from friends in different places, or friends suddenly contact themselves, or plan to travel to find friends and their own destinations;The live broadcast and new media industry suddenly received a new policy or received the platform’s olive branches; some Cancer was interested in the astrology of Bao Gua, and there was a feeling that it was better to rely on others.There are many authors. Maybe you will make a profit from the platform. In the Cancer who go to school, the mentor may give you a new task, or you add a community that is completely inconsistent with yourself; as a professional lecturer, you may usher in a group of batchSpecial students, you see life are still full of surprises, as long as you are prepared, you will happen to yourself.Beginning on March 7, Cancer’s pressure came to school. You can go to see the fortune of Cancer in 2023. I want to explain it.It is not a three -day fishing for two days, not to hold the Buddha’s feet, not to entrust all kinds of metaphysics to pass. Cancers who take the postgraduate entrance examination and examinations at all levels are cheer.Around March 11, Cancer work will have the opportunity to be supported by leaders, but it feels that some things have fallen inexplicably; Cancer has no sense of security in the heart, and it is easier to think about things; some legal policies are surprising.

From March 13th to March 19: Cancer began to be confused about his academic academics around March 15th, and he began to wander in various metaphysical numerology, or in religious beliefs.Bring a faith to Cancer, and will start a general direction plan for the future, so it will not be low.Perhaps the Cancer will insomnia around March 16th, and some information on the Internet will be from the Internet. For example, seeing A is good, B is also good, you may already have 10086 ideas; you have the direction of your own studies;Traveling, wanting to go far away, or where you want to go; start to entangle your marriage.Cancer’s approximate psychological activity: This person lives so well. I also have to learn her and start planning travel/study. Oh Mo, I am so worried, I dare not, and start to worry about marriage.100 points for psychological activities, 0 points in actual actions, this mentality jumped back and forth.In the next one and a half months of Cancer, you can meet more friends through friends, company activities, and community activities, and participate in more interesting activities with friends.This week, the astrology is undulating. If you can do something you like, if not, sleep beauty.I had a lot of reminders this week. Later, I thought, how do I recommend how to do Cancer, do you do n’t do it hard when you are in a bad mood?

From March 20th to March 26: The weekend’s solidity may allow Cancer to retrieve themselves briefly, and they will be put into work. It is the motivation of money.Insufficient work, learn simple skills; Cancer that usually deal with documents and contracts can be sorted out, so as not to have a problem every time the water inverse; some Cancer will have a short -term out of work; some Cancer work has changed; recentlyCancer that jumps is also easy to receive offer or interview notice; although Cancer is still very slow this week, it is at least acting.

From March 27th to March 31st: If Cancer saw my reminder last week, it should be received by the offer around March 28. If you are still guided by bad emotions last week, then …; take it; take overThe good luck that come down belongs to the action of Cancer, and some Cancer applied for mobilization and applied posts; successful promotion, etc.; Some Cancer bought their own cars and their own e -products that they liked for a long time;; Cancer, engaged in education and advertising creative industries, ushered in highlights of work this month; Cancer workload in foreign trade and e -commerce industries has increased; some Cancer published papers or some academic research;New progress; with new beliefs, if you want to learn divination and psychology, Cancer can act in action. Although I don’t think you are suitable for these, the overall pattern of Cancer will become higher; Cancer will go out to play while vacation.Circle, scattered heart.Around March 31st, some Cancer will suddenly receive invitations from friends and teams; if Cancer who wants to go out in advance, you must make strategies in advance to prepare items to avoid omissions; Cancer wants to replace the residence, or the layout of the house;Remember to prepare for the exam in advance. Don’t rely on metaphysics to pass through.

The good luck in the Cancer career in March is enviable, but Cancer is really lazy. I’m not sure how much you can catch.

May your career gain good luck.

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