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[One Star 1036 every day] Ms. Wang, born in Heilongjiang, 35 years old, 11 years of marriage, once artificial abortion, two early pregnancy stops, one time in August 2016, no fetal heart buds stopped in August 2016.The second was that there was a fetal stop in the 8 weeks of pregnancy in April 2017.Test: 25th hydroxye vitamin D decreased, 11.4, the platelet aggregation rate increased, 96%, serum TNF and pantin 6 increased, 66.23 and 240.31, respectively.The primary infection of the relief.Diagnosis: Immunohistic coagulation, pregnancy, ovarian function decline, and vitamin D lack.Treatment: Yisai Pop+Aspirin+Meizhuo+Person Leoning Enzyme Q10+immunoglobulin, increased uterine arterial resistance during pregnancy, slow fetal development and vaginal bleeding. Phenol and other treatment, eventually succeeded. On August 31, 2018, 36 weeks of pregnancy+4 days of cesarean section produced a male treasure, weighing 4.5 catties, low, and was discharged in the hospital for a few days in pediatric hospitalization.

My name is Wang Moumou, an elderly mother, 36 years old this year.The desire of pregnancy and child is a dream that I have been expected in recent years.All the way came all the way. After 3 years of infertility, the twice of unknown for the reason was that the fetal stopping again and again hit me again. I once doubted that I had no hope of becoming a mother in this life and had a complete life.When I was unable to show confidence and the direction of the road, I learned by accident that this bad pregnancy may be related to rheumatism and immunity.At that time, it was really unheard of novelty. How could "giving birth" is related to "rheumatism and immunity"?Although he had doubts in his heart, he found the director of the third hospital of the North Medical Hospital with the mentality of "dead horse as a living horse doctor".After Director Liu’s consultation, a comprehensive and detailed examination was performed. The final determination was as follows: serum tumor necrosis factor increased, 66.23, pyrone 6 increased, 240.31, the platelet aggregation rate increased, 96%, and the final diagnosis was to be diagnosed as the final diagnosis to the final diagnosis as the final diagnosis.Copy immunogenic coagulation stop.The treatment plan is aspirin+calcium tablets+Meizhuo+Du Le+low -molecular heparin+immunoglobulin+ginseng glucose.At this point, we can finally get an exact answer to tell us where the problem is.Although I have been tortured for a long time before, there is no accurate statement, how to cure it.

Finding problems is only the first step to solve the problem. After that, we actively cooperated with Director Liu’s treatment plan, and under the close attention of Zhang Huijun, the director of the Rheumatology and Immunology Department of Yanmei Nephrine, Hebei, who was closest to Beijing, our situation gradually improved.I also regained confidence.During this period, Director Zhang adjusted the plan in time based on our review results to formulate more targeted and in line with our condition.It can be said that good things are more grinding. The goddess of luck finally cared for us in January 2018. We successfully conceived in January, but this is just the starting point of our hard work. In the first three months of pregnancy, my uterine arterial blood flow S/D value continued to continueThe high level does not fall, the highest single side reaches 13+, and the bilateral addition of more than 25, which makes our originally uneasy heart even more embarrassed. We have many times to find Director Liu Xiangyuan.We have adjusted the plan and set up a lot of self -confidence in the conversation. It makes us feel that our problem is not irresistible, and it is not a difficult problem.There must be hope for treatment.Under the close attention of Director Liu and Director Zhang, after continuous adjustment of the plan (during the period, the method of adjusting heparin, adding ginseng glucose, adding salvin drop pills, etc.), finally controlled the SD value near the normal value range.At this time, we were very grateful to Director Zhang, but we also know that this is just the beginning, and the road is long.

After all, doom is still coming. Although we already have the preparation in our hearts, when it happens, it is caught off guard. When I was 8 weeks of pregnancy+, there was an unknown bleeding, the blood flow was urgent, and the blood clot was equipped with a blood clot to install an object.Dowry, we thought that the fetal sac flow came out, and we were nervous in our hearts. Then I went to the hospital for examination and found that the fetal sac was still there.In the end, we saw the fetal sac that developed normally a week later and had fetal heart buds, and our hanging heart finally fell to the ground.In this twists and turns, Director Zhang contacted Daily WeChat, which greatly strengthened his belief in persistence, and adjusted the medication at any time according to my daily condition changes.Slowly, I think Director Zhang became my backbone. With her, I could see hope. With her, there was no difficulty that could not overcome it.

From 9 weeks of pregnancy to 25 weeks, my condition has been stable under the close supervision of Director Zhang, but the umbilical blood flow SD value is high, which has become my boss., Basically, there is no situation below 3.5.During this period of Director Zhang, according to the changes in the condition, plus ginseng glucose twice, and the external use of Wan Aike a day, plus oxygen absorbing. Due to the seriousness of its own high coagulation, although the treatment has not dropped to very low, it also has the disease.Key control.

The second blow, when we didn’t expect, we patronized again.The 4 -dimensional lottery time, although the various inspections are normal, we found that the child has basically not developed in the past two weeks. The umbilical blood flow SD value is 4.57.Symptoms of development.We found Director Zhang again.Director Zhang conducted anticoagulation treatment based on the condition. This condition was not that simple, as if God was deliberately testing us.During the anticoagulant treatment, I had an unknown bleeding again. The same time, the same time, I also drained a blood clot -shaped foreign body. At that time, I really wanted to cry without tears. I thought this time was really over, but I was the first time.I still thought of Director Zhang. After the telephone communication, we rushed to the hospital. Director Zhang also came from home for emergency treatment. At that time, it was already more than 10 pm.Under the decisive proposal of Director Zhang, we used phenylphenol for hemostasis and relieve contractions, plus VC to stop bleeding, and Director Zhang accompanied us to do various inspections, especially when doing B -ultrasound, Director Zhang was nervous.Staring at the B -ultrasound screen to verify the details of every possible problem, this made us constantly pouring the warm currents, and we were crying and turning into the eye circles.

Good things have proved that our umbilical blood flow SD has been high during pregnancy.Since the 25 weeks of pregnancy, the child develops 2 weeks later. Although after Director Zhang’s plan, the child develops according to progress, but before the development of development has fallen slowly, he has not been supplemented.At 36 weeks of pregnancy +4, after being forced to be hospitalized by the obstetrics of the umbilical blood flow, we did various inspections, and the response was not satisfactory. At this time, in order to prevent children from accidents due to hypoxia, we wanted to have a cesarean section.However, the obstetrics considering that the child is not full of monthly, it is recommended to observe again, and we have different differences.At this time, Director Zhang stood from a professional perspective and comprehensively considers our condition, coagulation status, umbilical blood flow and other factors. Decisive suggestions are to terminate pregnancy, otherwise the risk is greater.Therefore, at 16:47 on August 31st, the baby boy was born at a cesarean section. Because the weight was small, the pediatric intervention was required, and the pediatrics were later informed. Due to the hypoxia in the early stage, the child appeared mild and slightly blue and purple and mild damage to myocardium.Condition.Thanks to Director Zhang, otherwise it would be 2 days … I really dare not think about it.

My whole pregnancy was spent in twists and turns, but fortunately, our results were successful. Such a complete result was inseparable from the careful care of Director Zhang, and the efforts of all medical staff in China and the United States Hospital.Thank you so much that these selfless and dedicated white angels are that they have fulfilled my mother’s dream, giving me a complete life, and sincere blessing you.

Ms. Wang 2018-9-12

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