"Playing workers" relieve the Guide to relieve low back pain, quickly learn to relax

In today’s society, ten workers, nine back pain.Whether it is "small fresh meat" or "old bacon", is it engaged in physical labor or white -collar workers.

According to statistics, there are problems with more than 200 million lumbar spine in my country. The incidence of lumbar spondylosis is getting higher and higher.

Why do you have back pain?

There are many causes of low back pain, such as lumbar diseases that are mainly skeletal deformation and discodity intervertebral disc deformation; urinary system diseases dominated by kidney stones and urinary tract stones; gynecological diseases dominated by uterine fibroids and uterine cancer;Do not move or bend over, obese, lack of exercise, excessive pressure and so on.

For most "workers", the occurrence of back pain is due to daily bad sitting posture and bad living habits, which cause muscle tension and imbalances, and the stability of lumbar spine has decreased.

Is there any way to prevent and relieve low back pain?Please collect this "relief guide".

Patients with lighter symptoms can rest in bed. Lying flat is the smallest position of lumbar spine. At this time, the muscles of the waist can be fully rest, thereby slowing back pain.If the symptoms of pain after rest are not reduced or symptoms, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment.

These exercises can prevent and relieve low back pain

Most of the weight burden is borne by the spine, accounting for about 60%of the overall weight of a person. The muscles that support the lumbar spine are abdominal muscles and back muscles.As age increases, the strength of the muscles will gradually weaken, and the burden on the lumbar spine will increase.Therefore, usually exercise more, strengthen muscle strength, and prevent low back pain.

1. Swimming

The human body is affected by buoyancy in water, which can reduce the burden on waist and legs, and can perform whole body exercise, and it will not allow some parts of the body to bear weight.

Activities in water will have resistance, which can enhance muscle strength. Water pressure on all sides can also give a moderate stimulation of waist and legs that are prone to blood stasis, which is conducive to promoting blood circulation and eliminating fatigue.

Recommended swimming posture: breaststroke

If you do not swim, you can perform "walking in water" when ensuring safety, walking forward, back, or sideways.

2. Walk

Touring is an effective exercise to enhance physical fitness, and it is also the basic movement to prevent low back pain.Walking can not only exercise the muscle strength of the legs and waist, but also activate the brain function, and it also has certain benefits to the heart, blood vessels and bones.

Health reminder, the speed is slightly faster when walking, the pace is large, and the body should be straight.In addition, it can move the center of gravity backwards to prevent the pelvis from leaning forward and lumbar spine.

Keep back pain points

l Maintain the correct sitting posture, don’t sit for a long time;

l to avoid cold and moisture on the waist;

l when moving things properly, squat and then move things;

l to avoid irregular diet meals;

l Pay attention to the physical and mental stress in time;

l usually eat more dairy products, fish shells, vegetables, soybeans and soybeans;

l Elderly people must confirm whether there is a factor that is easy to cause falling around when going out;

The ground on the L’s home should take safety measures such as non -slip.

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