"Rugao Biography" Rugao fainted, everyone was congratulated, and the middle palace was happy

"Rugao Biography", the big brother Yongzheng died because of his heart knot, the emperor was sadly told to Rugao that he was cold, and he needed Rugao to board the back seat to accompany him."Deadly the same acupoint" promised the emperor, and the emperor also promised Ruyi on the day of the sealing "this life is long, not deceiving, not in charge", but then Qianlong’s approach confirms the words that believe in men.Essence

After Rugao, a large -scale rectification of the harem. Even if she wore ears to insult Jia Fei (Xin Yanlei) in public, Jia Fei couldn’t stand her insulting the emperor of Yu’s, and took the bleeding earrings to find the emperor to control Rugao’s crime.But the emperor not only did not blame Rugao, but punished Jia Fei to think about the portrait of the ancestors.

Qianlong is a Mingjun, but he is also a romantic emperor. There are many concubines in the harem. There are more than 40 people alone.Under the persuasion, the emperor concealed the queen and the queen queen, and sneaked to drink aphrodisiac, which was the more popular deer blood wine at that time.

Rugao ran to the Yongshou Palace to block people in anger, but the emperor hid in the house and didn’t come out. He also said that he was a bit dizzy when he drank too much. He wanted to sleep.When she went out, the queen would reprimand her.

As a result, the emperor fell well, saying that Rugao was the queen, Ling Fei was concubine, and was reprimanded by the queen.

Ling Fei went out and was scolded by Rugao’s head, and she didn’t know if it was really stupid or false. She also told Rugao about the emperor’s push, let Rugao go back first, and the emperor woke up to find her.Essence

This is not looking for death. As a concubine, she dares to rush the queen. At this time, Rong Yan was domineering, and she scolded the concubine, saying that she was too courageous and scared Ling Fei to death.

After the door was blocked, the emperor still did not know the repentance.The concubine also hid beside the emperor with a pitiful manner. Rugao stood outside for a long time. The emperor just stayed in the house and didn’t come out. It was also seen that Rugao was so strong that he did not give the emperor at all.The main reasons for them to break into the back.

Rugao has been standing for a long time, the whole person rotates, and his eyes are dark, so he fainted.

The emperor in the house heard the name of Rugao under the bottom of the house, and couldn’t sit still, so he pushed the concubine out and screamed in Rugao’s name nervously, and Ling Fei was so scared. After all, if the queen was queen,If what happened in the Ling Fei Palace, she could not get rid of it.

Rugao finally woke up deeply, but she saw that the palace girl Li Yu laughed at her, and the emperor who avoided her for several days automatically sent forward.

This made her puzzled, but the emperor told her happily that she was finally happy. How happy it was. For more than ten years, Rugao had given up, but he did not expect that there was such a blessing.

The middle palace is happy, everyone is happy, and Rugao and Qianlong will start new stories. The couple’s couples slowly move towards the grave.

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