"Sea Wrong Map Love Notes" The small river shrimp brings seeds, should you be responsible?



I didn’t understand why the "big head shrimp" was described as a fool.

Later, think about the people who grow the gland and the brain together,

Probably similar to shrimp.

In Nie Yan’s "Eromi Map", the most painted is shrimp, which makes me unable to think of Qi Baishi.When he was 6 years old, my parents forced me to learn about characters and paintings. Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Xu Beihong, Wu Changshuo, Pan Tianshou … Among these famous people, I only recognized his shrimp and had to wait for the small river shrimp into "like"Different" is already hungry.

The guests came at home. In addition to my mother, I used the strong to nearly cruel self -confidence to show my "Qi Baishi Story", which was to buy Xiaohe shrimp to peel off his father.Jiangnan is expensive with small river shrimp. The way to treat guests is to live, small, hand -stripped!As long as I eat and peel the small river shrimp, my self -esteem can heal temporarily.

Earlier, the river ponds in Jiangsu and Zhejiang were mating every summer and autumn, and shrimp fishing for shrimp, vegetable cakes, earthworms, and rice balls can also be caught.The ambitious male shrimp, clamped with a handful, is not dependent, pull it up.The male shrimp of the river shrimp has long and powerful pliers, which can be easily caught.Xiaoshi’s shrimp is bought home and raised in the washbasin. If the male and female shrimp still embrace before the end of life, it is basically determined that the breeding net is fishing. The female shrimp pliers are too small to catch.

Twenty or thirty years have passed. Now November and February, Xiaohe Shrimp (Japanese Numi Shrimp) is still a high -end goods for strange goods in the vegetable field.Before I buy it home, I will take a bath one by one, and I will take a bath. The small river shrimp is strong and fierce. The whole process is called a stimulus.When the sink washing shrimp, I would splat a lighter shrimp water on my face.Those "death players" who survived in the corner always had the ability to make me find that after burning the fried shrimp, I could only get a fish tank to foster.After a long time, it became a temporary pet, and I couldn’t remember to eat them as soon as possible.

The goldfish tank at home is small, and the female shrimp jumps out of the water because they can’t bear the entanglement of the end of the male shrimp, and even cause the jumping tank to die.I will still be a little pity. After all, it is easy to survive the summer when there is only a marsh shrimp but no river shrimp, but it is used to find short opinions.

Scientists at the University of Osaka, Japan, said that shrimp vintage can help eliminate jet lavis).Perhaps the shrimp is too easy to get, and naturally it has become a water product that is closer to "local limited" in the gourmet rivers and lakes. My work in the past ten years often goes abroad, and naturally becomes a chasing person.

The shrimp seeds of Guangfu use sea shrimp (now Vietnam’s white shrimp), tight and crispy.The older generation of Hangzhou eats shrimp at home, and still likes freshwater shrimp to enjoy crispy.One of the standards for relatives for the New Year was the whole box of frozen pairing shrimp. Basically, it can only be fried and burned after the shallots.

Left: Little River Shrimp (Japanese Marshal Shrimp) Right: Taihu White Shrimp (Chinese Little Long Boalus Shrimp)

The same light conditions and environment, Taihu white shrimp, the naked eye is more yellow than the small river shrimp in winter.Japanese marsh shrimp is commonly known as green shrimp and river shrimp. The eyes are smaller than the small long -armed shrimp in China, and the eyes are extended forward. There is no white tentacle. The pliers are very thick.

When Qinghuang was not connected, my home could only be replaced by local marsh shrimp.Many southerners of Marsh shrimp will also use white burning or oil -bursting shrimp to be guests. The owner’s attitude is much more diligent than the Kimai shrimp.

Fu Yueliang, the owner of the old man’s oil -bursting shrimp, told me: "Jiangsu and Zhejiang love to eat small and fresh river shrimp, and frozen shrimps are different in the environment. Unless deep water areas, chewed shrimp is relatively fresh and can be eaten raw. I have eaten fresh ones. I have eaten fresh ones.Like lobster meat. But if it is frozen and preserved properly, the chewed meat is soft. In fact, the river shrimp can also be eaten raw, watch the water quality. "

Native swamp shrimp

In the season of shrimp seeds, the tip of the tongue slowly slowly moved between the belly of the white burning river. Those small pearls made a very small "cracker" sound between the teeth.Listening alone is rare.

The shrimp seeds cannot be frozen. The fragile outer membrane will be broken by the swelling volume after ice. If it is frozen, there is no "click" sound.The river shrimp itself cannot be frozen, with a small volume. After the normal freezing, the water was pumped away, and the flowers were lost.This can be hit by Jiangsu and Zhejiang people!

Gengjiang Zhejiang people have instinctual resistance to "freezing". Although modern science can already achieve liquid nitrogen -nitrogen -free live fish, does not destroy tissue cells, and can resurrected in water.The hope of the whole village can not make this countermeasure. The frozen people have experimented at minus 190 degrees, waiting for the future of human medicine.The transportation is properly transported, and the level of frozen shrimp and live shrimp is not bad.

Unfortunately, the habit is always stubborn.Sea shrimp, such as shrimp, shrimp, and southern white shrimp in my house. One is healthy in my house.Xiaohe shrimp is more coincidental, people rely on "freshness".The difference between sea shrimp and freshwater shrimp is like a woman’s big breasts, and a woman is young.

The seed river shrimp is the young woman, the old lady’s favorite!Qi Baishi painted shrimp became famous. The mother shrimp he had eaten must be more than most people had seen. Xiaohe shrimp was his water spirit Mona Lisa.

I almost read the shrimp paintings that have been circulating. There are either long pliers "arm", or "arm" shorter, and "cream" with long water droplets on the head. The former is male and the latter is mother.

Then almost misunderstood, his woman’s hobby is also "new listing."At the age of 57, she married the second wife, 18 -year -old Hu Baozhu, and Qi Baishi called her "Bao Ji". The two had 7 children. When the last child was born, Qi Baishi was 78 years old.When Qi Baishi was 83 years old, "Bao Ji" was pregnant again, and the result was difficult to die.Qi Baishi fell into a slump. At the age of 85, he wanted to renew his strings and was dismissed by his children.Qi Baishi was 93 years old. As a result, the 44 -year -old woman introduced by her was too old and her children were not asleep. They were afraid that the grandfather would have three or two shorts and 22 -year -old.Qi Baishi was dying at the age of 93. That year, he just quarreled to marry this eyebrow.The unique hobby is pretty dedicated.

Similarly, Picasso, which has two fame and fortune, comes from Spain, which is rich in wild red shrimp, is thick.It is really love for the East and West "Red Rose" and "White Rose".Lao Bi, like Lao Qi, had two formal marriage twice.The difference is that Picasso is a spoiled tyrant. He regards women as "dust". There are 7 lover in his lifetime. It is even more meal at the scene. The old driver is at the same time with the three women.In 1943, 62 -year -old Picasso found a 22 -year -old artist little lover. He had a pair of children, and the ending was … abandoned by her.

Qi Baishi visited Picasso’s confidant on the other side of the ocean three times.In 1956, the painter Zhang Daqian went to France to visit Picasso. Lao Bi said to Lao Zhang: "I dare not go to your China because there is a Qi Baishi in China."The next two scum men’s love love understands.

If you want to talk about the practice, you must first talk about the size.Taihu white shrimp, small river shrimp and native swamp shrimp are all freshwater shrimp, long -armed shrimp family.The small river shrimp that everyone generally eat in winter is Japanese marsh shrimp, and the pliers are blue, which is smaller than ordinary swamp shrimp.The smallest of the three.

Chinese small long arm shrimp

"The seasons and varieties of each shrimp determine the cooking method. There is a saying in Chinese food called ‘taste and taste, and the taste is not the way you want to express. At the same timeWhat, for example, river shrimp. "

Just like learning to learn how to get different sexual women from the artist, Master Fu Yueliang and I talked about the deep shrimp dishes.

Only then did they like to fall in love at about 26-28 degrees."Like this season, the river shrimp because of the cold water quality and the long period of shelling, so the shell is particularly hard and suitable for oil explosion. Taihu white shrimp (Chinese long -arm shrimp) can never make oil explosion, at most fried, oil explosion, oil explosionIf the original taste of the shrimp will be lost, the tender and crispy feel will not have it. "

People can be seen from the shells in their clothes on their clothes."Eat meat, water plants also eat, so it is omnivorous. The food of wild shrimp is suspended substances such as algae, spine -free insect eggs, etc."

"From March to April, the small river shrimp that the fish was finished. There was a process called Qingtang in the cultivation of river shrimp cages, that is, all ponds should be drained, and microorganisms were reorganized. In this process, the river shrimp shell is very thin."I like the drunk shrimp of this season!

"Yes, because it is warm, the seeds of Taihu white shrimp are also available. This season is delicious and drunk in a short time. The thin juice of shrimp shells is easy to enter. But the number is small." I asked Master Fu, then 3-There are very few small river shrimp and Taihu white shrimp in April. What should I do?He said that it is generally replaced with local marsh shrimp.

We often have marsh shrimp, including Hainan Marsh shrimp, rough swarry shrimp, and Rochena shrimp. There are more than 20 types of local marsh shrimp.Master Yang Yu in Liyuan has recently made a raw pickled, thick meat, crispy and sweet to the cheeks.This Rochena shrimp, Shanghai people are called big shrimps.

Rochenna Shrimp

Every year, I go to Suzhou to eat three shrimp noodles, which affects my mind in early summer. It is the season of the white shrimp season in Taihu Lake.Watching the master’s long chopsticks shake and turn around, it is the classic "Guanyin head" of Suzhou face.Silk, a bowl of soup.The crispy shrimp seeds fleet.There is a kind of "shrimp seed soy sauce" in Suzhou, which is the continuation of a tone in the soul of the three shrimp noodles, such as the Suzhou Bouncing of the smoke waves.

"Suiyuan Food List" has shrimp seed soy sauce, which was boiled in the last batch of shrimp seeds in the season in autumn oil (also known as Fu oil).The old Suzhou family is self -made.Wang Zengqi’s "Wang Tofu" is actually tofu -boiled shrimp seed soy sauce.Suzhou people used to visit their friends to take "Caizhizhai" or "Daoshan Village" shrimp seed catfish. The good friend occasionally cook porridge and can also eat the "emperor’s breakfast".

The season of "Three Shrimp Noodles" and "Taihu Sanbai" is held by hand.I learned the indigenous practices of the oil -drenched shrimp in the Lake Lake by Taihu Lake. Wash the fresh Taihu white shrimp, pour the hot oil into ginger, garlic, and spicy seasoning. After the incense is produced, cool the sugar, vinegar, mustard, andOnion, mix well with shrimp, that is an instant sacred material from May to July each year.

Chinese small long arm shrimp

Master Fu Yueliang was originally the chief chef of Chinese food in the 28th Lake Bin. After opening the old man’s oil and shrimp, he was improving the river shrimp. He chose a concubine and had to be selected by him."The shrimp in Guangxi is a tropical shrimp, which is particularly thin and the meat is not strong. The shrimp in Guangdong is the same as Luo Fei fish. It grows very fast, but as soon as the oil is fried, it is not crispy enough, it is dried. The meat of the shrimp is very loose."I followed Master Fu to buy vegetables. It was a living class!

"For Shrimp, the best in Jiangsu and Zhejiang generations is the Taihu Lake shrimp in Deqing, which are produced by Huzhou and Jiangsu. The river shrimp market is breeding, and the real wild is only surrounded by it. This is a half -wild, pure wild onesThere are very few river shrimp. Some shells are dark, generally this kind of water quality is not good. If the water is good, the back is blue, and there is no feeling on the shell.The water quality is very smooth and transparent. "

The female shrimp of the Chinese long -armed shrimp is suitable for crickets (oily shrimp), with shrimp seeds, small, and the meat is relatively strong."Full degree is high, the males and meat are separated, and the female shrimp is very strong.

Xiaohe Shrimp (Japanese Marsh Shrimp)

Master Fu Yueliang and I talked about the fish tank to raise river shrimp. He said that the market bought the river shrimp back, put it in the fish tank, and kept the temperature of 26 degrees to observe the time of shelling.Xiaohe shrimp is generally taken off several times within 45 days (in fact, shelling often means mating), and it takes a dozen shells a year, and grows up every time.It is soft when the shelling is softened. It starts to harden in about 1 day, and the original color is restored in about 10 days.

"The newly shell shrimp can be drunk. After 10 days, you can restore that hard level. You can make oil burst shrimp! The shrimp shell is too old and rub it. The shrimp is crispy and tender."

Master Fu "oil burst shrimp" for the standard standard, and he said that he could only pick each other, too soft and too hard."Hands happened to be in and judged whether it was about 10 days, otherwise each shrimp would be different.

I think that the female shrimp in the fish tank will put the shrimp eggs on the abdomen, and often fan the swimming to provide sufficient oxygen for the shrimp eggs.It is said that when the shrimp eggs can see the eyes of the shrimp, the female shrimp should be carefully isolated out of the delivery. If she is sensitive to her temperament, or the water quality is changed, otherwise the female shrimp will eat her own eggs, or the molting tube in advance is in love.Essence

It only knows that the reason why river shrimp is difficult to raise is that "female shrimp is a fierce woman" must bear most of them.Don’t mess with pregnant women!

I didn’t care so much about the oil temperature. Until I finished eating the "God of Tenno" -the Saotomey, I started drilling Tianmuluo at home.This kind of cooking method is amazingly dehydrated by "steaming" and "roasting" at the same time. It is wrapped in tempura powder. The ingredients are fried as "steaming" in these 100 degrees of high temperature.

Fu Yueliang is particularly experienced in the oil temperature of Chinese food, which is consistent with the cooking concept of Saotomey Zheyu."What kind of temperature needs to be used in different parts of different ingredients and ingredients, how much flour is needed, and to what extent to the noodles.","

Then I cook the shrimp head with the shrimp.Generally, the shrimp of the 100 -degree furnishings with a temperature of 180 degrees is about 40 seconds. It cannot be satisfied at one time: the shrimp head should be crispy, and the shrimp must be bombarded and tender.The Master of the Masters pursuing the limit of the limit will be the maximum fire, and then the time to add the oil pan must be controlled between 24-25 seconds. The center temperature of the shrimp will be 45 degrees to 47 degrees.Feel it.

It is also the same as making oil -bursting shrimp, because freshwater shrimp is relatively small, paying attention to shrimp and shrimp shells, can be achieved with the same balance temperature.But if the temperature is high and the frying time is long, the oil temperature penetrates the shrimp.

Master Fu said that the shrimp shell was fried to crispy. The moment the shell was separated from the meat, there was room for separation, and it immediately came out of the pan.This space is used for juice, and the juice enters the shrimp shell.The well -made river shrimp can see that the juice inside is moving!

"Every time the guests come, the river shrimp is done well, take one head and tail, bite the back of the shrimp with a lips, and the shrimp pops out of the shrimp belly. The shrimp meat is the same as the living.Shrimp, Chinese tempura! "

I thought about it. The shrimp is made of steaming. The outside is high -temperature frying outside, and the water vapor inside is steaming, so it is fresh and tender.

"Study the steaks of Western food, and the temperature is particular. It is measured with a thermometer. The center does not exceed 55 degrees. It is not fried from the beginning to the end, but the temperature is taken away.It is very strict and you have to try it repeatedly. Many oil burst cannot be done to this extent. Not all oil burst shrimp is called the old man oil burst shrimp. "

Master Fu has set the industry standard of "oil burst shrimp": "The shrimp shells should be crispy, and 80%of the shrimp need to be kept. Many people make oil burst shrimp must be cut off.It’s not crispy, our shrimp must be crispy. Why should it be sound? Many people use dead shrimp, and shrimp must be cut off.The tenderness is not the same, not tender, it is cool, these are two standards. And the previous mention, the growth cycle of shrimp should be appropriate. "

After listening, I nodded, "It’s not tender, it’s cool, this is two standards" repeated again, and suddenly felt that shrimp and shrimp were different, but Qi Baishi and Picasso were probably not bad.

Mother -in -law asked

What kind of shrimp do you like to eat?

"There should be fish and shrimp into dreams."

—— Xin Qiji


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