"The wife is like a person after pregnancy. How can I break her temper?" "Love her well!"

In the past two days, I received a quasi -father for help in a dad in my pregnancy.He said that since his wife was pregnant, the gentle and gentle girl in the past disappeared, and instead was a fat pregnant woman who was angry and often had a cold eyebrow.How to break?Seeing this, I couldn’t help but turn my eyes on the computer at this end without imagination: fat pregnant women?No wonder his wife is angry!If you don’t say well, how can you make the woman in the extreme?However, the morality of the career still made me recover the inner monologue and told him: "This kind of bureau is very good. As long as you love her, everything will be done!"

The emotional sensitivity of pregnant mothers is normal, just like many women will be different in the physiological period.[Physiological factors] October in October, only after thinking about the time after the baby is born, can it feel that time is good.And the suffering in it, it is difficult to make the prospective father feel the same.Originally, the slim figure continued to change because of the presence of the baby, and the belly became bigger and bigger, and sometimes it was difficult to breathe; I often could not see the toes, and I couldn’t tie the shoelacton.It is also difficult to sleep. I finally found that it was difficult to turn over. It was difficult to get up in the morning. I finally slept for a few months on the left. I felt that the arm on the left was not my own.Sensitive, a certain taste that I used to like it suddenly makes myself feel vomiting, but something that I don’t like in the past has become love; farewell to coffee, farewell to beer, farewell to night markets, farewell to hot pot, spicy hot, crayfish … inIn this hot season, there will be stinky sweats in the hot season. From time to time, the body may also emit a lost odor … Yes, there will be many physiological changes in the pregnant mother after pregnancy.It is mainly affected by this progesterone.Physical changes are bound to cause the emotional ups and downs of pregnant mothers.

[Psychological factors] The days of pregnancy and running with the ball are really like a year.In the early pregnancy, because of the abnormalities of the body, the seven osmotic and eight vegetarian that torture myself is regarded as southeast and northwest.Even more sensitive people are that they will feel spinning in the bicycle; others can’t sit next to the toilet … In the middle of pregnancy, I finally have the interaction with fetal movement with the baby.Each pregnancy test is a process of beating the monsters with a boldness. The blood of a tube was pulled out, and the checklist was taken back. Only when I heard that the doctor of the delivery doctor had a priority, he temporarily let go of his heart.And this worry is completely uncontrollable, and often because of an abnormal indicator in the pregnancy test, tears suddenly come out … During the third trimester, I was swollen, unable to open legs, weakness, asthma, etc.The troubles of the big body burden are also tortured by the upcoming production: smooth delivery?It is said that the pain of level 10 is unbearable, and it has to be tormented for more than ten hours or more; caesarean section?It is said that lying on the bed after giving birth can not move. The wounds on the stomach are more than ten centimeters. It hurts everywhere … The more you think about it, the more you think about it, the more you want to be more nervous. Where is your mood better?Therefore, although pregnancy is a happy event, many pregnant mothers carry a relatively large mental stress through the entire pregnancy, and these pressures will cause pregnant mothers to show unstable mental state such as anxiety, excitement, and depression.

Therefore, it is the key to help pregnant mothers effectively adjust their emotions and go through pregnancy.At this time, as a prospective father, who did you shoot?Who do you help your wife?[It is important to help your wife adjust your emotions] 1. Be a good companion who is coming to the coming baby will also increase the spending of daily life, resulting in greater pressure on the prospective dad. InsteadRaising the family.It is a good thing to have such an idea, but you can’t ignore the existence of pregnant mothers!Every day when you go to work, you may wish to have close physical contact with the pregnant mother, hug your wife, kiss wife, and kiss your wife’s increasing belly, and say "see you at night".There are information on information or phone calls with the pregnant mother every day, especially when the wife has a pregnancy test and cannot be accompanied by themselves. Be sure to call and ask for warmth and ask the results.If you can’t go home on time, you should explain to your wife, and don’t let her too concerned.Now that more and more families are born, because of the so -called experience, the prospective dad and pregnant mothers may not be as nervous and uneasy as the first pregnancy.But the prospective dad remembered that he could not ignore the feelings of his wife because of this. Whether there were a few children, for women, they all turned around in the ghost gate.Because of love, she is willing to use her life to welcome a new life; then because of love, please ask your father to love the great mother around him!2. Be a good listener. I remember that one of our girlfriends discussed the composition of the child. Whenever I wrote that my mother, I would have a common feature: love.Yes, there are too many men and women in essence, so there is a saying that "men come from Venus, women come from Mars", etc., even if the death of both parties lovesThe old husband and wife who lived for a lifetime often cannot understand the various behaviors of the other party.In addition to love and affection, what can be maintained is more tolerance and understanding each other.Therefore, during the strong pregnancy of women’s progesterone, the pregnant mother’s personality and temper have changed a lot or disruptive changes are all possible. However, no matter how changes, the voice of a listener will never change.May wish to listen to the voices of pregnant mothers, take the initiative to discuss some things about the baby’s baby, have nothing to do with gender, more imagination, imagine the future, imagine the happiness of the family of three, the family’s happiness;For the elderly life of two people, you are still the treasure in my hand … Presumably at this time, the pregnant mother will open her "star eyes", and watching my baby father with love and worship.Temperature and complaint?Of course, do not forget to prepare her small snacks and food for her!

For pregnant mothers, no matter what the environment is, you must learn to adjust your emotions and effectively relieve stress.Talking is one aspect, and it is to allow you to have the appropriate life circle and a suitable lifestyle.It is also a good way to communicate with the same pregnant mothers around him. Participate in pregnancy yoga and walk to make your body move, and there will be less troubles and discomfort; you can try different foods and fruits every day to allow yourself to decompose appropriately.After all, "why not solve your worries, only the food"; shopping is also good, of course, the pregnant baby store is the first choice, and the cute baby products in it will make themselves dizzy.; Every day, a good sleep is of course an important start of a day. Let yourself calm down, learn the correct breathing method and meditation, and strive to enter sleep as soon as possible; … happy and happy spend the different ten months in your life.Simple and simple, it is difficult to say, the key lies in yourself.Don’t pin all your hope on others, even if you rely on the man in this life.Only when you are independent and calm in your heart can you truly live your life.I hope all the prospective dads can feel the hard work and difficulties of pregnant mothers with the heart, and love her!Bless all pregnant mothers have a pregnancy that is worth remembering!Disclaimer: Reprinted this article is out of the purpose of passing more information.If there is an error or infringe on your legitimate rights and interests, the author is requested to contact the ownership certificate with this website. We will correct and delete it in time. Thank you.(Article source: Momo’s quiet years)

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