"Yanxi Raiders" says that the new leaves are poisonous, shell powder harms people, pharmacists: watch the show too seriously

Yangtze Daily Rong Media August 4th News The new leaves are toxic?Recently, the "play" Chinese medicine toxic stalk in the air drama "Yanxi Raiders", which is currently broadcasting.Is the toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine mentioned in the play really scientific basis?On August 3, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily found Yan Jinsong, deputy director, chief pharmacist, and national practicing physician of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Is it toxic?NO

In the play, the female lead Wei Wei was heard when she was a palace lady. The noble concubine was pregnant because she was jealous and the nobleman was pregnant.After the test of Taiyi, he did not find poison in the cream. Wei Yan said: "Lao Lao leaves are not poisonous, but the new leaves are poisonous." This is true.?

Yan Jinsong denied the statement in the play, saying that the new leaves and old leaves were not poisonous.There is a layer of hair on the fresh loquat leaves. If it is not removed, it will stimulate the throat, leading to cough, and it will not be able to clear heat and cough.Generally, fresh loquat leaves are dry to remove the surface of the surface, which forms the "old leaves" in the play.The coldness of the old leaves is low, which is suitable for most people.

According to Yan Jinsong, it is often not suitable for pregnant women to use some drugs that promotes blood circulation or toxicity, and neither of the leaf leaves.

Spew powder replaced with shell powder is harmful to noble people?NO

The noble man was pregnant and needed to calm the fetus. The queen’s trustees sent the pearl powder to be shocked. After being known by Jiayu, they instructed the "Catcat to change the prince" and replaced the pearl powder with shell powder.The queen’s personal palace maid Wei Wei identified from the color and texture of the powder that was not pearl powder, it was likely to be shell powder.

Most people only know that shell powder is cheaper than pearl powder. Where is the difference?Does shell powder have side effects?

"Shell powder is not poisonous and will not harm people." Yan Jinsong explained that pearl powder and shell powder are derived from the product of shellfish. Shellfish is called "medium".They all have the role of frightening and solemnity.The effect of pearl powder is good, with clear eyes, moisturizing and freckle, beauty and beauty.Shell powder is developed by small shells. The medicinal value is not as good as pearl powder, but the shell powder has no toxic effect.

Is the child who gave birth to a natural pupil?NO

The nobleman gave birth to the five elder brothers. The fifth brother was frightened as soon as he was born. He gave birth to gold pupils, and his body was yellow. The noble concubine would bury the Wu Ge alive.People who have golden eyes in the Qing Dynasty were regarded as monsters, and it was an ominous sign to damage the National Games.After the diagnosis and treatment of the folk medical treatment, I learned that the five brothers were jaundice. Take a few pairs of yellow medicines.

Yan Jinsong explained that newborn jaundice appeared in the play.Some newborn babies have a damp and humid inner body, fumigated, and the symptoms of yellowing of skin, mucous membranes, and sclera appear.This symptom is physiological jaundice, which can be recovered in 10 days with drugs to eliminate the humid and humid air in the body.However, if the jaundice durates for a long time, it may be pathological jaundice, which needs to be paid attention.

The play also said that the symptoms of Wu Ge were because the mother ate more sweets and hot food during pregnancy. Does it make sense?

"My mother is a baby born with damp -humid constitutions. It is easy to suffer from jaundice." Yan Jinsong said that sweets will increase moisture, hot food is hot, and if you eat too much, you may affect your baby jaundice. The mother’s diet should be light nutrition.

Will you fall down after drinking plum blossoms?NO

In the plot, the emperor invited the prince Belle to host a tea banquet. The princes praised "plum blossoms, pine, and bergamot are all elegant things, it is wonderful!" And questioned the prince: "I heard that Songshi and the bergamot will be poisoned with the bergamot.What do you mean by the "elegant things" in the play?

"It’s not that this tea is suitable for drinking in summer!" Yan Jinsong introduced that Chinese character tea is effective, but also depends on cultural connotation and meaning.Plum blossoms symbolize Aoxue and Fengnian; Songshi (that is, pine nuts) symbolizes the prolonged life; the bergamot symbolizes Huairou Zen.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Mei Qingxian blood circulation, relieving liver, loose spleen, bergamot played a role in qi and stomach.

Yan Jinsong pointed out that the "poison" of traditional Chinese medicine mainly depends on three aspects: one is toxicity itself; the other is excessive drug dosage; the third is that it does not match the physical fitness of the drug.The medication should be different from person to person, and the right medicine should be used.(Intern Meng Yujie Chen Shiying reporter Hu Yihua Correspondent Hu Meng)

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