10 weeks of expectant mothers: During the magical week, the baby baby actually changed so many changes

Many expectant mothers have only small pears as big as small pears before pregnancy. From pregnancy to now, a growth period has been formed, and Xiaoli has evolved into small oranges as large. With the formation of the placenta, the fetus under the growth stage has also begun to beginGradually support the source of nutritional components (base camps) in the development process.

If the mother is pregnant with the second child, the abdomen will be obvious. Generally, it is difficult to see the abdomen change.If there are some small white particles on the nipples, please do not be nervous. The particles contain white lubricants. This is a preparation for breastfeeding as a expectant mother in advance.

Most expectant mothers will be afraid of cold at this time, because in the early stages of pregnancy, the placenta in the belly will keep the body temperature of the pregnant mother at a higher level with development.The body temperature of pregnant mothers will return to normal, and slowly fear of cold symptoms will gradually relieve.

Mom, mother, I have grown to 4cm now, almost weighing about 13g. Soon my other little brothers will develop (kidney, lung, genitals, and gastrointestinal systems)., But time will grow.

The red blood cells manufactured by the liver have completely replaced the yolk cylinder. It has been responsible before. Now it is not needed. The yolk cylinder has begun to disappear. If the baby baby, the testicular in the body starts to produce testosterone. Whether it is a baby or a baby babyI will mature quickly.

The continuous development of the brain makes the forehead at the upper end of the head protruding forward at a high level, the time is constantly shifting, and the raised forehead is shrinking backwards.Formed, the development of the arm and elbow began to grow gradually. In the next three weeks, my length began to double about double, and the height was constantly close to 10 cm.

Whether it is summer or winter, expectant mothers must pay attention to keep warm, reasonably adjust the temperature inside the house, avoid colds, should pay attention to the temperature of the air conditioner in summer, do not blow the air outlet.Specific mothers to soothe the mood better.

Moms who are affected by progesterone in the body should pay attention. At this time, your emotional fluctuations will be very large. Some changes will be concentrated within 10 seconds. The nerves will be particularly sensitive. Often because of some small things, you must learn to regulate yourself.mood.

Emotions will directly affect the changes in endocrine. Such changes will be passed on to the baby’s side, and happiness and sadness will be assumed with the baby. In order to grow better in the future, the control of emotion must be stable.method!

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