10 women, 9 palace Han!Did these 7 things have done it?

For women, Gong Han has become more and more common. Basically, 9 of the 10 women have a certain problem of palace cold.And some girls may have palace cold because of congenital problems, and some people have such problems because of the relationship between wind and cold and lack of kidney yang.

Gong Han’s women are the most afraid of cold, and they are prone to colds in winter, and they will be even more uncomfortable when they have menstruation.Today we will learn about some ways to improve palace cold together.

Method 1: Grasp the conditioning during menstruation

Women’s menstruation is a very important time period. In addition to letting the body not too tired in this time, you can drink some moxa and brown sugar water. This kind of drink can not only warm the palace, but also achieve the effect of dispersing cold stasis.Drink in the first three days of menstruation, and menstruation will be cleaned a little.

Method two: I often massage my belly

Massage your own belly can not only reduce the problem of blood stasis during menstruation, but also have dysmenorrhea, but also improve the problem of palace cold. Of course, this method is auxiliary, and comprehensive conditioning cannot be ignored.

Method 3: Eat more tonic in daily life

Women’s tonic is very necessary, because they will have a burden on problems such as pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, etc., so tonic is not only to improve their physique, but also to better solve the problem of palace cold.You can often drink some things such as chicken soup or beef soup.Boil chicken soup can be added with a little walnut, longan, jujube, wolfberry, and angelica. These are good condiments, which can improve the cold of the palace.

Method 4: Drink more healthy drinks

In summer, many girls like to drink ice drinks. In fact, these will increase the problem of palace Han. If you want to improve the cold, whether it is winter or summer, it is best not to eat those cold foods.You can usually drink ginger soup and black tea. You can drink it twice to three times a week. Boil ginger and an appropriate amount of brown sugar together for five minutes to about ten minutes.

Method 5: Pay more attention to exercise

Women’s movement can not only improve physical fitness, but also help Gong Han. Usually, if you feel that your physique is not particularly good, you are too lazy to participate in high -intensity exercise. It is recommended that you can walk more or walk quickly.

Method 6: Frequently massage the soles of the feet

There are many acupuncture points in the soles of our human body. If we have been in the palace cold for some time, it is recommended that we can soak their feet and massage the soles of the feet at night. Of course, we can often walk on the cobblestone. This can also achieve the purpose of massage the soles of the feet.

Method 7: Eat some sweet soup

If women are afraid of cold and cold, they can make a sweet soup by themselves. Use red dates, brown sugar, red beans and wolfberry, and white fungus to cook them into sweet soup together. This can not only beauty and beauty, but also improve their own cold.

In fact, Gonghan can be regulated, but it takes a certain time. Maybe in the summer, I do n’t think that Gong Han will bring himself any distress, but it may be more uncomfortable in winter.Dysmenorrhea is cold at night, and the overall constitution will be poor, so we must improve the palace cold as soon as possible.

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