12 cold knowledge of Li Yan: suffered from breast cancer half a year before his birth, and was rejected by Liu Xiongyuan with Bao Yongqin

Li Yan’s 12 cold knowledge: suffering from breast cancer during his lifetime, was excluded by the rich woman, and failed to conceive nine times -Introduction.

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1. Li Yan in the entertainment industry is a "Mom Bao Nu".

In the early years of Li Yan’s mother, she had "enlightened" her daughter’s career. Although she did not reach the point of painting, Li Yan depended on each other from her childhood, so she often obeyed her mother’s suggestions.

"Moonlight Love" sang on Oscar, the earliest also suggested to her daughter’s suggestion to the next.

There is a detail saying that when Li Yan was developing in the entertainment industry in the early years, her mother often accompanied her to perform, and she did not let her daughter press at the elevator keys. Instead, she would get more.

It is conceivable, how much is his daughter committed suicide this time?

2. Li Yan’s mother is from Wuhan, and his father is an overseas Chinese born in Harbin.

Li Yan’s parents are high students at Peking University, and they know each other and fall in love with the beside Peking University Weiming Lake.However, Li Yan is a remaining son.She was born after her father died.

In the early years, 4 mother and daughter lived hard.When Li Yan was nine years old, after the family immigrated to San Francisco, the family, Li Yan’s mother was self -reliant and passed the English test to take the license of a Chinese medicine practitioner.

Later, she opened a small Chinese medicine clinic in San Francisco and raised a few children.

3. Li Si’s sister Li Silin once persuaded Li Yan:

You can not be so successful, not so perfect, you can fail. Don’t be like a female warrior, just be at ease of the little girl we love.

Sister is eager to protect Li Yan, but Li Yan has never given her sister’s opportunity again.

Because he is the youngest child at home, Li Yan can be less sensible during the growth process, just be a happy fruit at home.But the fact is that with the gradual increase of age, Li Yan has become a variety of pillars at home.

Li Yan had been excluded by Americans because of bad English in the United States.

Fortunately, she has high emotional quotient, developed sports cells, and beautiful people. She quickly blossomed in the fields of volleyball, beauty selection, singing, etc., and made many local friends in the United States.

But because of this, Li Yan never forgot to be the identity of her Chinese, proud and proud of her children of Huaxia.

4. Li Yan’s original name was Li Meilin.Her fame in China originated from the TVB singing competition that she returned to Hong Kong at the age of 18.

At that time, Li Meilin was still a baby fat, whether it was Chinese or English songs, she came in hand.At that time, Li Yan’s typhoon was quite European, wearing sexy clothes, hot waves, and exquisite figures visible.

Li Yan knocked on the door of the music scene through TVB’s singing competition.But she actually became popular after meeting the Taiwanese music producer Yao Qian.

5. How much do Li Yan like to wear red clothes?

She wore the red cheongsam when she performed "Moonlight Love" on the Oscar stage. After more than ten years, the moment she was re -worn on the stage of Hunan Satellite TV’s "I am a singer", people discovered that Li Yan’s figureIt has remained even more harsh for more than 10 years.

Li Yan’s waist is only fifty centimeters throughout the year. At the stage of dense work, Li Yan will strictly regulate his own diet, only eat bananas and chocolate, do not touch food and other staple foods, nor chicken essence and monosodium glutamate.

6. For a period of time, Li Yan was excluded by the wife of the main house in Hong Kong’s wealthy circle. This is not to say that Li Yan will seduce these super male rich people like Li Jiaxin.Instead, the rich lady believes that the identity and appearance of Li Yan ABC are not suitable for the spokesperson of Chanel.

Among them, the strongest opposition is Liu Xiong’s original wife Bao Yongqin.

So far, the outside world hasn’t understood the logic of Bao Yongqin. Why can’t the Chinese female stars like Li Yan and internationalization and internationalization and both have both the spokesperson for Chanel?

It can only be said that sometimes reality will be defeated by capital.

7. Andy Lau is Li Yan’s "first love of the screen". This is the original words that Li Yan said in an interview.

The reason why Li Yan said so is for a reason.

When she was watching Liu Dehua’s movie "If Love", she fell in love with Andy Lau at first sight. She was particularly eager to become the heroine played by Wu Qianlian. She sat on the back seat of Andy Lau’s motorcycle and flew all the way.

To some extent, Li Yan is quite simple in the emotional world.

Of course, this kind of like is not to be Andy Lau’s girlfriend in life, but a far -reaching appreciation.

8. Li Yan did not have not played a show. Her very few film and television acting experiences have given the movie "Self -entertainment and Self" and He Yan’s "Gardenia Flower".However, Li Yan’s fans are still quite happy, and their idols have different attempts in the new field.

Li Yan’s dress in the movie, with her European -style face, seemed a little violated, but the "Hua Mulan" in the eyes of Western audiences is the image of Li Yan?

9. About "artificial conception".

When he was young, Li Yan was busy with his career and never thought about his own child. After eight years of love with his husband Bruce, when he was married, Li Yan wanted his child, and his husband was old. After all, he was 16 years older than himself.Essence

After nine artificial conception, Li Yan, from preparation to egg retrieval, to failure, Li Yan’s dual torture suffered from the physical and physical physical and physical, and the outside world could not imagine.

If Li Yan can really have a child, maybe she will not take the road of suicide, but there is no if life.

10. At that time, Li Yan’s luxurious wedding was so beautiful that it became a good story in the city.According to reports outside, the wedding spent 150 million, and the ring was as large as Nine carats.

In foreign countries, Li Yan lived in the Pelly Villa, and Michael Jackson was Li Yan’s neighbor before his death.

But behind the superficial scenery, Li Yan’s husband Bruce derailed three times in the second half of the marriage, and blatantly unaccounted.

Li Yan’s tolerance did not restore her husband’s heart. Before Li Yan’s death, the two sides had been separated for two years.

It is reported that the two will soon sign a divorce agreement.Because of this, Li Yan transferred all the property to his mother’s name early before divorce.

Although Bruce saved a large amount of maintenance because of failure to complete the divorce procedures, Li Yan’s property did not lose much, and it was left to her favorite family.

11. Li Yan was found to suffer from breast cancer half a year before his death, which was also a fatal spirit for her.

I don’t know if this is the "last straw" that destroys Li Yan’s spirit.

Li Yan hid her mother, accompanied by her sister, and finished the operation. Fortunately, breast cancer was found early, and the treatment was timely, without further deterioration.

Li Yan’s princess Bruce knew his wife’s condition, but still traveled outside the mountains.

12. For many years, Li Yan suffered from the pain of left leg pain. The reason was that when Li Yan was born, he came out first. When the doctor pulled her out, he took Li Yan’s pelvic bone and his left leg.The connection was dislocated.

It was not until Li Yan until he was two years old that this hidden danger was discovered.

Looking closely, Li Yan has always tilted his body and supports his body with his right leg.

During the hospitalization treatment, more than 200 children in the hospital cried one after another, and became a nightmare that Li Yan had been lingering from childhood.

Before Li Yan’s death, he still struggled with the pain of his left leg.Prior to this, when she was practicing dance, her hip was shifted, nerve lines were damaged, her left legs could not be standing, and it was even more impossible to sing and dance on the stage.

I ca n’t get a solution in spirit, and I have a huge pain in my body. I still hope that I will fight like a female warrior …

Finally, at a certain time, Li Yan wanted to let go. I don’t know if she wanted to try suicide occasionally or really died.

In the media report afterwards, Li Yan was bloody in his wrist, and he took the initiative to rush out of the bathroom and asked for help outside.

It can be seen that Li Yan has the aspiration of life.

It is not easy for each of us to come to this world. I hope everyone can live happily and let go of ourselves.

We can not be so strong, can show fragile, we can tell those who love us the most–

Sorry, I really can’t do it.

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