13 spicy bars evaluation: Which spicy bars are hygienic, healthy and delicious?

Press: Why are the spicy bars that everyone loves to eat so sweet?Have you paid attention to the "invisible sodium"?

In the Chinese snacks, spicy strips can be called "God".However, the deeper people love the spicy bar, the more dirty it is.

When the post -80s and 90s grew up, the spicy bars that carried childhood memories did not fade out of their life circle, and they were still selling.According to Ferrisana, in 2020, the market size of the spicy bar market is about 45.5 billion yuan, and it is expected to increase to nearly 70 billion yuan in 2026.

In recent years, despite the continuous upgrading of spicy enterprises, its "high oil", "high salt" and "high add" and other characteristics have still made the label of "junk food" the "Damocles of Damoclis on the head of the spicy bar industry.sword".

In November 2022, "Consumer Report" sent 13 spicy bars (seasonings) to third -party authoritative testing agencies:

Test brand

Test indicator

Fresh degree indicator: peroxidine value, acid prices

Safety indicators: total colonies, colonic flora, deoxyx snow rot sickle alcohol

Artificial sweetener: Sweetin, sirlein sucrose, New Sweet Sweet

Nutrition indicators: sodium, potassium, fat

Subjective test eating: taste, taste, spicy, sweetness, saltiness, hardness

Test Results

1, 13 spicy strips all detect one or more of the sweetener.

2. The freshness of the spicy prince and Wei Long is high, while the oxygen permeability is the highest, and the saliva baby has the highest acid prices.

3. In terms of hygiene indicators, the total number of colonies was detected in 6 types of Wei Long and Pigeon, and 13 spicy strips were not detected.

4 and 13 spicy strips are all "high sodium", and sodium potassium ratio is imbalance. Nearly 70 % of spicy samples are "high fat".

5. In terms of subjective trials, the spicy prince, Wei Long, and overlord sashimi performed well, and there are more pigeons and Baicao flavors.

13 spicy strips are detected by artificial sweeteners

As an alternative to adding sugar, artificial sweeteners are technically defined as a food additive or chemical, which aims to copy the taste of sugar without providing calories.However, artificial sweeteners are still controversial. For example, some studies have shown that artificial sweeteners may affect eating and metabolism through different peripherals and central mechanisms.

At present, GB 2760-2014 "Standards for Food Additives" stipulates the allowable use of various sweet agents in seasoning noodles, sweetin ≤1.6g/kg, trichlorotose ≤ 0.6g/kg, New Sweet ≤0.06g/kg.

The results showed that all the spicy strips were detected in one or more of the sweet taste agent. The spicy prince was detected, and 2 types were detected by pigeons and Wei Long. The remaining 10 models were detected.However, this is consistent with its ingredients, and the content of each sweeter does not exceed the standard requirements.

From the total amount of three sweeteners, the prince and pigeon pigeons are low, Xuewei little pony, and Jialong are high. Among them, the highest sweetness agent (1.29g/kg) and the lowestThe spicy prince (0.25g/kg) is more than 5 times.

Although many people look at artificial sweeteners with "colored glasses", in fact, it is safe to use sweeteners scientifically and reasonably.Although these spicy bars are all detected by artificial sweeteners, they all meet the national standards, so they are safe.

Feiwang, saliva baby freshness is poor

Evaluate the freshness of spicy bars oil, usually measured with peroxidine value and acid price indicators.The peroxidine value means a indicator of oxidation such as fat and fatty acids. The acid prices mainly reflect the degree of oil acid deficiency in food. The higher the value of the two, the more serious the degree of oxidation and acid defeat of the fat.

As a kind of "invisible" food deterioration, oil oxidative acid losses will cause unsaturated fatty acids in oil to oxidize hydrogen peroxide, which will then break down to produce small molecules, ketones, acids, etc.taste.In addition, hydrogen peroxide continues to oxidize the secondary oxidation product and polymer produced by oxidation, which has been determined to have chemical toxicity and affect human health.

Referring to the light industry standard QB/T 5729-2022 "Seasoning Facial Products" for the oxidation values and acid prices in seasoning noodles products, peroxidine values ≤0.25g/100g, acid prices ≤3.0mg/g.

The results showed that the peroxidine value and acid prices of 13 spicy strips were "reached".

From the perspective of freshness, the spicy prince has the lowest peroxidine value and acid prices and the highest freshness, followed by Wei Long.In contrast, Baicao flavor has the highest peroxidation value (0.083g/100g) and the highest prices of drool dolls (2.1 mg/g).Products with higher peroxidine values may produce excessive free radicals, and free radicals are one of the factors that accelerate human aging.

6 of the total number of colonies were detected

In 2019, the CCTV 315 party exposed the chaos in the spicy strip industry, deeply stabbed the public’s sensitive nerves, and the spicy strips once again became difficult households in "junk food".In addition, the saying that "eating spicy strips is equivalent to drinking 3 toilet water" spread widened.

On December 6, this magazine searched in a search engine with "spicy strips" and "junk food" as keywords. There were as many as 4.8 million related entries.

The total number of colonies is mainly used to evaluate the cleanliness of food, reflecting whether the food meets the hygiene requirements during the production process.Generally speaking, the more the total number of colonies in foods, the faster the speed of food corruption and deterioration.

The results showed that the total number of 7 colonies such as Yanjin Shop and Skywa did not detect (<10CFU/G), and the sanitary condition was better.On the contrary, the total number of colonies was detected by Baicao flavor, Xuewei Pony, Bawang, Jialong, Wei Long, and Pigeon pigeons, and the degree of pollution was different.

Among them, the total number of Pigeon colonies in Wei Long and Pigeon pigeons is high, and the detection values are 420cfu/g, 3200cfu/g, and the total number of pigeons is 320 times that the total number of pigeons and Bai Caowi and Xuewei Polyolic colonies are 320 times.

The colonobacteria is one of the commonly used instructions for food pollution at home and abroad.The colorectal flora is detected in food, indicating that the possibility of pathogenic bacteria (such as Salmonella, Schogette, and pathogenic E. coli) is more likely to be pollution.

Tassey snow rot sickle is the "number one pollutant" of the main raw material wheat flour. Because it is easy to cause pig vomiting, also known as "vomiting toxin", it is produced by various molds in the appropriate temperature, humidity and matrix of various molds.High toxic metabolites.

The results showed that the 13 paragraphs were not detected (<10CFU/G) and deoxyx snow rottenxyl alcohol (<200 μg/kg), indicating that the risk of the raw wheat powder of these products was low.edible.

13 models are "high sodium", sodium and potassium ratio are unbalanced

The "heavy taste" of spicy strips has a lot to do with its salt content.However, long -term high -salt diet can lead to a variety of chronic diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and obesity.

In fact, blood pressure is not only related to sodium ions, but also related to potassium ions. Potassium ions have the effect of lowering blood pressure. "Sodium potassium balance" has an important role in maintaining smooth blood pressure.

In the "Ten Articles of Chinese Residents’ Salt Reduction Core information" released by the National Health and Health Commission in 2019, high sodium food is defined as: "Sodium in solid foods exceeds 600mg/100g or higher than 30%NRV (reference value of nutrients), sodium in liquid foodsFoods with more than 300mg/100g or higher than 15%NRV ".

The results showed that 13 spicy strips were "high sodium". The sodium content of Xiange was the lowest, and the highest sodium content of overlords was nearly three times the difference between the two.

In the "References for Dietary Nutrition of Chinese Residents", taking adult men with mild body activity level as an example, the daily recommended intake of sodium is 2000 mg.In this test result, the average sodium content is 2230mg/100g, and less than 2 or two products are consumed. The intake of sodium reaches the daily daily intake of adults.

According to the World Health Organization’s guidelines for adults and children’s sodium and potassium intake, sodium potassium intake is balanced, that is, the 1: 1 "sodium potassium ratio" diet is most conducive to cardiovascular health.

The results showed that the sodium and potassium ratio of 13 spicy strips was greater than 3.0, and the maximum value and the lowest value were nearly 4.6 times.Among them, Xuewei’s little pony sodium potassium is more unbalanced than 14.9.

In 2022, the latest version of the "Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines" increases the standard of "salt limitation". It is recommended that Chinese residents over 11 years of age per person per day of salt should not exceed 5g.

How much is the "salt" for eating a pack of spicy strips?This magazine has been converted.

Taking the overlord wire with the highest sodium content as an example, the overlord silk spicy spicy strip content of 22G independent packaging is 1.6g. If the salt per person per day does not exceed 5g, eat 3.5 packs of the hot bar on the day of this spicy bar.The salt has exceeded the standard.

This magazine interviewed some companies such as overlord silk, Xuewei Xiaoma brother, etc., but before the release of this magazine, no response was still received.

If consumers have a long -term high -sodium and low potassium diet, they will lead to increased blood pressure, and therefore induced a series of health problems.This magazine calls for production enterprises to learn from the taste of production in both tastes, reduce the addition of sodium, and further improve the proportion of sodium and potassium in food and increase the health level of residents.

In addition, while paying attention to salt reduction, we must also pay attention to the intake of potassium -rich foods in daily diet, such as vegetables and fruits and soy products, and strive to achieve "sodium potassium balance".Generally speaking, yellow and black potassium has high potassium content, such as bananas, dried seaweed, etc., and white foods such as winter melon (57mg/100g) and duck pear (77mg/100g) are relatively low.

High -fat fat content in Haiwaisai, Hyun Ge’s fat content

Fat is a nutrients needed by the human body, but too much intake will not only lead to shape, these fats are also attached to internal organs, bringing a variety of health risks such as hyperlipidemia, heart disease, and fatty liver.

With reference to the definition of the Hong Kong Food Safety Center in China, the total fat per 100g of food is higher than 20g of fat, which is high -fat food.

The results show that the oil content of 13 spicy strips cannot be underestimated. The average fat content is 24g/100g. Except for 4 models of Jialong, Tiantongwa, Weilong, and Genji, the remaining 70 % of the samples are "high fat".Among them, Xiange has more than 30g of fat per 100g of food, which is 1.5 times that of high -fat standards, and the fat content is 30.5g/100g.

The "Reference Institute of Dietary Nutrition of Chinese Residents" stipulates that the energy provided by fat in food accounts for 20%-30%of the total energy is more suitable. Taking adult men in mild physical activity as an example, daily dietary energy requires 2250kcalThe fat intake is more suitable between 50-75g.

Taking a seasoning product called "Xian Ge Spicy Little Crispy" with the highest fat detection as an example, the content is 30.5g/100g. According to the reference value of dietary nutrient intake, it is less than half a catty (246g of 246g (246g) This product, fat intake, to reach the maximum consumption (75g) for adults.

The results of the trials in Hunan and Guangdong are large.

As a MVP in the taste of childhood, do you love the "Wei Long" with childhood filters or the "Spicy Prince" of the rising star?

In order to make this trial result more reference.This time, this magazine recruited 18 volunteers from Guangdong and Hunan, and subjectively tried 13 spicy strips. It evaluated from taste, taste, spicy, sweetness, salon, and softness.

The subjective trial results show that the spicy prince, Weilong, and overlord have performed well. The subjective testing scores are 7.6, 7.1, and 7.0 respectively, while pigeons and Baicao flavors have more slot points, and the subjective test scores are 6.0.

In terms of ranking, the top three spicy bars, the most loved by Hunan people, are spicy princes, turning over the sky, and pigeon pigeons, and the top three are more popular with Cantonese.

At the same time, the Spicy Prince has won praise from the trials of Hunan and Guangdong. It is a "double -material champion".The evaluation stated that "oil is not greasy", "just the entrance is only sweet, and the stamina is numb" "" enough, numb enough, enough flavor, the aftertaste is sweet but not much. "

Wei Long is an evergreen tree of the spicy strip.Introduction to the Global Realm ".

The overlord silk is a silk spicy bar, which has a special taste.The tester commented on "The sweetness is lighter, and the tongue is very tingling" "The taste of a little konjac and the artificial sea shredded" "The oil is too much but not greasy, the taste is spicy but not stingy" "Those who have a heavy taste, repurchase for 10,000 years. "

It is worth mentioning that during the trial, the spicy bars that allowed Cantonese and Hunan people to produce huge differences were two "GE": one was a virtuous brother and the other was a pigeon pigeon.

Brother Xian ranked 12th in Hunan people, and ranked 2nd in the Cantonese trials.The Hunan people think that the spicy strip is "the flavor is too heavy, and it feels not delicious when smelling" "very crispy, sweet, too sweet, and no spicy taste.Use the inspiration of fries to make spicy strips, with creativity. "" I hope spicy strips are made by this as the standard, and it is crispy and fragrant. I dazzled a pack in one breath. "

The pigeons ranked 3rd in Hunan people, and ranked 13th in the Cantonese trials.The Hunan people think that it seems that it seems like the turkey noodles seem to be spicy, but they are not particularly spicy. ""It’s so spicy, it’s so spicy that you can’t eat it. Crying. I cry in physical sense."

Passion -flavored performance is not good, and the testers have a lot of vomiting.The trials commented "True Bai Gao, Strange taste", "Sweet and Hard", "Sweet, and lost the soul of the spicy strips" "There are more fats, and a sip of oily feeling."

[Special statement]: The test results in this report and mentioning the brand are only responsible for test samples, which does not represent the quality conditions of the same batch or other models of products.

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