(19) Pregnancy is the safe period

On the second day of the reunion of Swallow, I should have been in love.Both of us are good students who love to learn. In fact, when I was in love, I was learned by a swallow. After a long time, I used to get used to it. I had an appointment to study together today.

But Xiaoqian made a special trip to go to the swallow today. She told the swallow that she was already my person. How can a woman embarrass the woman, saying that the swallow and I will let go since they broke up.

Swallow is doubtful and called me: Do you associate with a girl named Xiaoqian?

I answered honestly: There was a few days just a few days ago, and it was ordinary friends.

Swallow asked: She said it was your person, and ordinary friends?What do you have to do with her?I will exit together without destroying your relationship. I deal with my own business.

I am busy explaining: Don’t listen to her, I just met her, I went to watch a movie yesterday, and then you did n’t go to call. I did n’t have a relationship with her. You have to believe that you believe you.I.

Swallow is silent for a few seconds: I believe you.

We have made an appointment with ourselves in the afternoon.In the classroom, both of them were absent -minded.

Yanzi said that Xiaoqian’s girl would not talk about her innocence.I talked about the passing with Xiaoqian, and even I touched her little "strawberry", and I was frank.

After listening to the swallow, he said to me: No, you or Xiao Qian, she is also a good girl. You have to treat her well and do not live up to her.

I looked at the expression of Swallow. It seems that my relationship with Xiaoqian is not to say.I took out my phone and dialed Xiaoqian’s phone: Xiaoqian, what did you say with my girlfriend?Haven’t you scolded me yesterday, we ended before we started. How can you talk randomly?

I pressed the outside function, just to let the swallow eliminate misunderstandings.Just listening to Xiaoqian said: I didn’t talk nonsense, you hug me, am I not just your person?

I was anxious: I haven’t had that relationship with you, we just started to get along.

Xiaoqian laughed insidious on the phone: What is the relationship?I didn’t say that the relationship with you. How about it? After the girl, I had to have a price. Is it a girlfriend to break up?Rest assured that you will not fall in love with you when you break up. I just want you to be a single dog.

Swallow listened to her, and the clouds on her face began to slowly dissipate. I looked at the swallow: You can rest assured that my girlfriend trusts me very much, and we won’t believe you talk nonsense. We don’t need to hurt each other.

Xiaoqian didn’t know that the swallow was next to me: I believe you, I will find her when I wait, and say that I am pregnant with your child and see if she can believe you.

I told Xiaoqian solemnly: You are a girl’s house, so the reputation is not good, and this is not true.My girlfriend is now with me, just think you are a prank, don’t do this anymore, okay?

Xiaoqian is a bit unbelievable: together?No, she is so big?

I greeted Swallow with her: I heard it all, really together, I trust him.

Xiao Qian changed his mouth: Sister, I was talking nonsense. I was ready to see him everywhere. Now he dumped me. I was uncomfortable, so I said it nonsense.oh.

A misunderstanding was lifted.

In the evening, Yanzi said: You invite her to watch a movie, do you ask me to watch a movie?

I didn’t expect she would ask such a big problem, just thinking about what I thought: That must be, enjoy it at night.

After watching the movie, we couldn’t wait to stay in the hotel. As soon as I entered the door, I wanted to throw her like a hungry wolf. She asked me to take a bath first, and I asked her to wash with me.

Naturally, when we took a bath together, I wanted to fight from her in the bathroom to the bed. She resolutely disagreed with me from behind her. I had to listen to her. She was lying on the bed.Start.

When I rushed, she called out and let me lightly. I was very obedient, slowed down the rhythm, and slowly accelerated, watching her gritting her teeth, holding the sheets with both hands, very cute, very cute, very cute, very cute, very cute, very cute, very cute, very cute, very cute, very cute.I can’t bear to make her uncomfortable.

In the evening, we did not return to school, did not take any measures, and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, she only used the most traditional single position. I tried several times, and finally picked up her legs, and finally changed a posture.

She asked me if I was not honest during this time. Where did I learn it?

I said that I was painful, and I must give her happiness.

Once holidays, we discussed to go to the hospital a few days later. You understand that we must enjoy it for this window period.Feeling different love, the knowledge I learned from the mouse in love with the cat slowly practiced between me and swallows. After all, pregnancy is a safe period.

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