19 years old?

At the age of 19, when I graduated from secondary school, the school was distributed according to professional distribution. I was assigned to a hotel in Beijing for an internship. Unfortunately, I did not go.I returned to my city in the summer vacation in the summer vacation, I was a mobile phone promotion, and met my master. He was a friend of my classmate. At that time, I had a boyfriend at school. He was a person who did not like to speak. For me, heI have no heart, but my classmates have a boyfriend. I did not, so I found him.No heart, no hand in hand, no kiss … just the object of classmates.

The internship is very boring. I went to work early every day. At that time, I did n’t like to talk. I do n’t need to say much about the promotion. I do more. The master often helps me and do n’t go home at noon to eat.We eat together. He uses the clip I love to eat. I always pick up the food on the paper and wrap it. Then he will throw it away for me.I helped me everywhere at work, and I didn’t help me in my life. The relationship was really unreasonable. When you met, this person should appear. On the day of my birthday, he took my friend, we sang togetherI went home and confessed to me. I didn’t refuse, and I readily agreed …

The days are like flowing water quickly. When you get up early, he will put his mouthwash and squeeze toothpaste. The white edge of the shoes is always clean. He has a slight cleanliness. I will wash it when I wear clothes.The clothes, such a care, dare to be happy. The summer is very long. We take a walk together at night, and the afterglow of the setting sun is scattered to the ground.Sunshine Jiang, our figures have been pulled very long. After a month, I gave him the most important thing in my life. I was full of heart.

One month later, my aunt didn’t come.I have tested paper, I am scared and helpless.I am only 19 years old, and the future is unlimited. I am afraid to go to him. I want to ask what to do. I heard the familiar voice under the window. My brain was fried. My good girlfriend, my first firstA man, sleeping … I pushed the door and went in, they were surprised, my girlfriend said that she did not deliberately drink too much, and I was indeed my girlfriend after drinking. I turned around and left.Rain, I walked alone on the road. This city has nothing to do with me. I do n’t know if it is rain or tears.

I broke up. He didn’t know the baby’s existence in my stomach. I couldn’t stand a unclean man sleeping with me. It was uncomfortable to break up. He always felt that he couldn’t swallow in his throat and couldn’t vomit.I did it alone with my classmates alone. I inserted the cold appliances into my body. It was not pain, helpless, helpless, and cold heart …

I left this city. I was exhausted from childhood to a city. I was physically and mentally exhausted. I came to another city to raise injuries. I drank too much a day after half a year.The female voice, we are married!Forget it!I said to myself, the past will eventually go!

Many years later, I learned through my classmate’s mouth that they got married and the children were very big. The name "Li Yixuan" once snuggled in his arms and said, in the future, there will be a baby named Li Yixuan!The memory is sweet, Qi Yuxuan Yang … Now the name is really his child, but the mother is not me …

There are a lot of helplessness in life. The future has come. In the past, in the past, it was not upset. The future is very broad, live up to myself, live up to my lover, and go forward all the way …

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