# 2030# How to use ovulation test strip?

Today I will tell you how to use the ovulation test strip correct?What should I think of ovulation test strips? Come and find out!

The ovulation test strip is calculated by measuring the urine concentration of the luteum (LH) after ovulation to calculate whether it is the ovulation period.If you use ovulation test strips from 24 hours to 36 hours after ovulation, the test strip will be displayed as positive.This time is also the best time to conceive.

1. Requirement of the specimen:

Collect urine with clean and dry containers.Urine can be tested within one day, but morning urine is usually not available.The best time to collect urine is from 10 am to 8 pm. During the test of several consecutive days, it is better to use the urine look at the same time every day.Relieve water intake within 2 hours before the collection of urine, because the diluted urine samples will hinder the detection of LH peak values.

2. Method of detection:

Take out the test strip from the aluminum foil bag, and hold a trial bar a vertically immersed in a container with an arrow logo in the container with urine until the lower end of the arrow marked the horizontal line.For the plane of clean non -adsorption materials.

Time to start, judge the results within 10-30 minutes, and the determination is invalid after 30 minutes.(Remarks: The urine interface should be horizontal to the "MAX" logo, but it cannot be higher than).

3. What to look at the test results:

Naval: The color of the red strip of the detection line T is lower than that of the control line C, or the test line T area does not appear in the red strip, indicating that there is no peak value in the LH in the urine, and it must continue to be tested every day;

Positive: two red lines appear, and the color of the red strip color of the T-area T area is equal to or deeper than the control line C, which means that ovulation will be ovulated within 24-48 hours;

c Invalid: There is no red strip in the control line C, indicating that the test fails or the reagent failure.

If the negative result is measured for the first time, don’t be discouraged, continue to detect the next day until the T detection line is deepened, and the positive results are detected.

When the positive results are detected, the same room can be arranged on the same day; or continue to test, and then detect again every 4-6 hours. On the day of the positive results, the same room is arranged on the day of the negative result.The same room the next day to increase the chance of conception.

1. The ovulation test strip looks at a long -term change, not a test of one or two times.The laws and time of ovulation can be found by changes in test strip color.Improve the accuracy of pregnancy.

2. Do not use morning urine during testing.Because the morning urine concentration is too high, it is generally not accurate.

3. The ovulation test strip has been weak and the sun does not mean that there is no ovulation. It is recommended to change the test strip.

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