23 Women still smoke and drink during pregnancy. After the child is born

Xiaoxu, a 23 -year -old female graduate student, is the first year of her graduate student. Her beautiful life has just begun. Whoever thought that she had become the mother of a child.

Just half a year ago, Xiao Xuzheng intends to sing with his friends to sing. When he was preparing to take a taxi, Xiao Xu suddenly found that her belly was very uncomfortable, but she did not reach the physiological period.It wasn’t serious about it. On the next day, she felt that her stomach was still uncomfortable. She took a taxi and went to the hospital for examination. The doctor told her that she was pregnant. Xiao Xu heard the news collapsed.The reason for the collapse was not just that she was pregnant, but she didn’t even know who the child’s biological father was.

So she had to find her ex -boyfriend Wang, who was a hand that was divided into three months ago, and Xiao Xu took a pregnancy report to find his ex -boyfriend, and told Wang to say that he was his child, and he had to have to be his own.He came to be responsible.Wang heard that his ex -girlfriend was pregnant with his child, and he was very disturbed. He decided to take Xiao Xu to go home and inform his parents about Xiao Xu’s pregnancy.

After informing things at home, Wang’s parents saw that Xiao Xu was pregnant and had nothing to say, so he had to choose to accept Xiao Xu.

As the days have passed, Xiao Xu and Wang’s children have been more than half a year. Until one day Xiao Xu suddenly took the child and wanted to leave Wang’s house.It wasn’t until this moment that Wang suddenly realized that this child was actually not his biological daughter. However, Xiao Xu’s question of Wang Mou’s family said it didn’t matter, so that they should not be a fuss.

After that, Wang had an appointment with Xiao Xu in the park. As soon as they met, Wang’s parents questioned who the child’s biological father was, and why should he take the child away now?Xiao Xu said: At first, he didn’t want the child to smoke and drink because he was pregnant at the time, and he was afraid that the child would be born unhealthy, so he gave birth to the idea of killing the child, but Wang was unwilling.At the beginning, Wang was because Xiao Xu said that the child was his. Out of the sense of responsibility of a man, he had to raise this child anyway.

In any case, Xiao Xu has to leave the Wang family, completely get rid of this place, and hopes that the two of them will get together.However, Wang had raised such a long time. He asked Xiao Xu to give Wang Mou a compensation for support, but Xiao Xu was unwilling. Wang had no choice but to choose to prosecute Xiao Xu. He hoped that the law could be fair.

It didn’t take long, Xiao Xu and Wang were reunited, and I didn’t know what the reason was, so that Xiao Xu chose to take a step back in the sky and continue to live in Wang’s family. It was still moved Xiao Xu’s feelings for Xiao Xu.Xiao Xu saw the dawn of the future.

This is the story of Xiao Xu and Wang. What kind of feelings do they feel for love and hatred?

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