26 years old, experts said that I can’t get pregnant naturally. After 5 years, the iron tree blossoms

Now I am a happy mother, the child is three years old.Eight years ago, I couldn’t think of it. For me, it was difficult and difficult to go to the sky. For the first time, I started to resent my fate.

Today I wrote my own stories to encourage the Bao Da Bao Mom, who can not be "pregnant" for a long time on the road to pregnancy. I believe that iron trees like me can bloom, and everyone can also. If you are beaten by darkness, if you are beaten by darkness, if you are beaten by darkness, if you are beaten by darkness, you are beaten by darkness., Quietly show that you are bright itself.

If you are not advocating Tintins, you have a baby, and early.Otherwise, the later you drag, it is not a question of your life, but a question you can give birth!If you are not careful, family, life, and career will be affected.

My husband and I are college alumni. Like most people, they get married when they graduate. It is not that love is fainting.According to a reporter from the provincial Taiwan, he entered a listed company in Wuhan as a technical backbone.

We have discussed with a child for a few years.In the first few years, I was very proud, and I felt that a woman should live out of myself, wait for my career to be successful, and then consider having children. In this way, the economic foundation of raising children is better. My husband also supports me.We are just moving.

My fertility says: "I can give birth, but now I don’t want to give birth. Only a silly woman will have children early and is bound by children."

Now think about it, the intestine regrets the green, and it is always a task to be born early and late. It is better to complete it early.The money I earned when I was young was dedicated to the hospital, and physical and confidence was a devastating blow.

Nothing to go to another hospital

After 3 years of marriage, I finally couldn’t hold the pressure on all parties.We started to prepare for pregnancy. In any pre -pregnancy examination, we did not go to the eugenics and eugenics. After all, we have studied university. This common sense still has it, but the reality has given us a heavy blow.

Vaguely remember that for the first month of pregnancy, I calmly took out the pregnancy test strip, why calm down, because I think as long as I do not contraceptive, I will be in the middle.

Later, I learned that this probability is there. The probability of newlywed couples is higher. People who have lived for 3 years, those who have been familiar with each other to the dust, hey!As a result, it can be imagined that it was very face. There were no two bright red marks on the pregnancy test stick.

Later, like most people, from the initial calm to anxiety and madness, every few days of the month was a day of time.Everyone understands, suffocation, uncomfortable, but helpless.

Immediately afterwards, the rest days and salary were dedicated to the hospital. At that time, there was no experience and changed doctors everywhere. In fact, the experience of coming people should find a large hospital and see the reproductive department.

I have done 3 months of promotion in the middle. Go to the hospital 7-8 times a month. At this time, it can be said that the darkest time in my life is busy at work.You need to get up. The provincial women and children’s reproductive department.

Chinese medicine and western medicine were not said. After taking countless, they were dragged by her mother and mother -in -law to see the gods and gods, burn incense to worship the Buddha, and it would not work in my heart. The old man was sincere, and I could only cooperate with acting.

After the various methods were tried, the conclusion given by the authoritative reproductive experts of the Three -level authority is that my fallopian tube is seriously blocked. My husband’s sperm is not liquefied. The chance of natural pregnancy is almost 0. It is recommended that we test tubes.

All right!After 5 years of tossing, we also admitted it, then the test tube, coincidentally, the husband accidentally, the husband fell the collarbone on the eve of the test tube, and the legs were fractured.

We were forced to separate for 3 months. When we reunited, we were very happy. Although he had become fat and became a pig, the action was not good.

No one thought that after a month, I didn’t come for a long time. I changed to a normal pregnancy couple. I might think of whether I was pregnant for the first time. I didn’t have this idea at all because I was disappointed too much.

The doctor also said that it was impossible to get pregnant. I still had a cold momentum. I thought that I might be irregular and I wanted to take some medicine, but in case it was in the past, I still measured it.

Seeing the two red bars on the pregnancy test stick, I almost fainted, and immediately calmed down, and immediately measured the second and third rounds. It was still two bars.Super, as a result, I was really pregnant.

Is it the real version of the iron tree blossoming? I told my husband for the first time. He didn’t speak for a long time, and obviously felt that the side of the phone was a depressed ecstasy. When I came home from work, my husband asked me to check the results and stared at the B -ultrasound singles.Looking at it repeatedly, this result is like we won tens of millions of awards.

I can finally prove to everyone that I am also a woman, and I can have children!

Tell everyone with my experience that you want to prepare for pregnancy.First, the body is very important. Why can the newlywed couple getting pregnant easily? Everyone understands that everything is beautiful at first.Second, the mood is very important, anxiety, irritability, and so on. The more you want to have, the more God will not make you third. When necessary, you must seek the help of a professional obstetrician and gynecologist.

What else do you need to pay attention to? Welcome to the prospective parents, Baoma and Dad to share together.

PS: I am the mother of a generation of heroes. I have been a reporter and a director of shopping channels. I will share some parenting stories, and parenting shopping sutras on this number, teach you money to save money, and take less detours.

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