30 days of pregnancy, what can the birth checkup see?These symptoms cannot be ignored, and the embryo development is related to

Many women in pregnancy, they will test with pregnancy test sticks about ten days of pregnancy to see if they are pregnant. If they are pregnant, they can’t wait to be a B -ultrasound to see the baby in the belly.What does it look like.In fact, it was too anxious to do the birth checkup in about 10 days. Generally, I had to wait until about one month of pregnancy to build files. At the same time, some related inspections were done. There is no need to start too early.

30 days of pregnancy, what can the birth checkup see?

Maybe to some pregnant mothers, if you go to B -ultrasound around 30 days of pregnancy, you may see a small baby baby, but in fact, you can only see that there is a circular halo in the uterus at this stage, and then look at it.If you have to be careful, you may also see that there is a dark area in the halo, usually amniotic fluid.

Of course, this is not only the case. We can also see the rhythmic fetal heart beating. At this time, the baby baby is just an embryo state, and it has not yet taken shape. Therefore, don’t expect to see more details.

Some pregnant mothers may also want to understand that the uterus at this stage will rise?To be precise, there will be a big rise, but there will be no major changes. Usually, the pregnant mothers will start in about three months, because in the early stages of pregnancy, the pregnant mothers basically can’t eat anything. Some pregnant mothers have some pregnant mothers.The weight does not increase and decrease, and the early development speed of the embryo is relatively slow, so it cannot see a large change.

These symptoms can not be ignored in the early pregnancy, which is related to the development of embryos

Some pregnant mothers may feel that in the early stages of pregnancy, the development of embryos will not change much, so don’t pay too much attention at this stage.In fact, in the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is more fragile, and it is easy to be affected by the outside world. Therefore, it is necessary to take it more carefully and not tolerate.

Especially the symptoms of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, then this may mean that the development of the embryo is unstable, such as the embryo rupture, or the failure of the bed, or the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy, which may be accompanied by the symptoms of bleeding.Therefore, once pregnant mothers find this symptom, they must go to the hospital for relevant examinations. If the examination is timely, the embryo may still be stable.

In addition, if the early pregnancy is accompanied by symptoms of pain, it also indicates that the danger is coming.Under normal circumstances, if bleeding is accompanied by small abdominal pain, it is likely to be ectopic pregnancy, and ectopic pregnancy basically needs to end pregnancy. Otherwise, it will cause a great threat to the safety of pregnant mothers in the later stage.

If there is a strong sense of abdominal falling in the early pregnancy, it may also be a signal of a threatened abortion. This is usually the uterus began to cause a contraction response, resulting in a feeling of falling. Some pregnant mothers ignore this feeling and believe that it is normal in the early pregnancy.In fact, it is not true, so pregnant mothers need to pay more attention.

In the early stages of pregnancy, what are the problems need to pay attention to

First of all, we must remind pregnant mothers that you must pay attention to properly supplement folic acid. This must be supplemented during the pregnancy stage. If the pregnancy period is negligent, then the early stage of the birth cannot be negligible.Because this stage is a critical stage of embryonic nerve development, it is extremely prone to developmental malformations, and pregnant mothers properly supplement folic acid to prevent the effect to a certain extent.No.

Secondly, some pregnant mothers also feel that it is not important to supplement nutrition in the early stages of pregnancy. They also use the pretext of pregnancy and think that they can’t eat things, so it is normal to not supplement more nutrition.As everyone knows, if there is too much nutrition in early pregnancy, it is likely that embryonic development will be greatly affected.

Therefore, even if you ca n’t eat anything in the early pregnancy, you need to supplement as much nutrition as much as possible. You can choose the “ingredient alternative method”. For example, this ingredients have a nausea.A simple example, such as wanting to replenish protein, but feel that eating fish is too fishy, you can choose to eat meat and eggs.In addition, you can also use different cooking methods to make pregnant mothers feel that the taste is not so difficult to enter the warehouse, and nutritional supplements naturally keep up.

In the end, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to the early pregnancy, pay more attention to recuperation, not overworked, because the embryo beds are still unstable at this stage, especially those pregnant mothers with poor uterine state.Even if the bed was successful in the early stage, the bed rupture may also occur in the later stage, resulting in pregnancy failure.

Conclusion: Early pregnancy is one of the critical stages. Not only is the embryo more fragile, but pregnant mothers have just pregnant with their baby, and they will not be able to adapt to details.If you are in place, the development of the embryo will be better, and the early pregnancy life of pregnant mothers will be more comfortable.

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