33 years of experience in seeing a doctor tells you that learning to register like this, take less detours, and save more money!

How can the local hospital not see a good disease?Which department number to hang, whose number is it?How to register the most money?Registration is a technical work.Today, I will share with you how to seek medical treatment and how to register with us. It is recommended to like the collection.

Determine hospitals and departments.Before, I have introduced how to consult the Union Hospital at home for free at home.Can’t hang the expert number?Spend money from money?Free to let Xiehe Hospital experts at home at home!Click the blue font link to view the article.For example, some patients have been watched on the local leg pain for a long time and did not find the reason for a long time. You can take a check -ups to see the rheumatism or vascular surgery.It has been successful in the right hospital.

First hang the ordinary number.Most of the situations in different places, the author recommends hanging the ordinary number first, and the regular examination is done after the hospital is done before the expert number.This expert number must be cautious, because the number of the expert, especially the surgery, is the first -hung expert in principle.If you choose to hang the expert number at the beginning, it may also be a checklist. Waste the money in vain, waste time and energy, because the next time I do n’t know how long I can grab his number.

How to choose an expert.Experts are experts in the art. Like school, the surgery industry has specialized, undergraduate students, and the research room only studies one. Doctoral students only study a chapter in this door.Take the Tiantan Hospital’s neurosurgery as an example. Some experts are good at tumors on the scenes, some are good at tumors under the curtain, some are good at skull stem tumors, and some are good at pituitary tumors.If it is to go to the most expensive expert account for neurosurgery at the Temple of Temple, you want to say that he cannot perform this operation, but the treatment effect may not be the best.So do your homework in advance.

How to choose an expert two.The choice of experts should also be considered in multiple dimensions, because some experts are too famous, and the possibility of queuing surgery may be ranked 3 months later. You say that you should do it more seriously first, maybe there are still more serious lines.If you can wait, insist on experts, wait, if you don’t want to wait, in fact, the director and deputy director of the 40-50 in these authoritative hospitals are more recommended.

Hanging ordinary needs.The expert number also has ordinary outpatient clinics, and the hospital is generally ranked in the first half.The general outpatient clinic of experts is cheap, but it is very difficult to grab.Experts ‘special needs outpatient clinics are more expensive, but it is also very difficult to grab. Experts’ international departmental clinics are the most expensive and difficult to grab.(The above is only for the large hospitals such as Xiehe Hospital). The general outpatient consultation is large, and the communication time with patients is limited. It is necessary to be a little better.When you are anxious, you need to determine the treatment plan before hanging it back.

Can’t get the number.What should I do if I can’t get it?Like the number of the Union Hospital at four in the afternoon, the expert number is basically not in seconds.In this case, it is recommended to hang the ordinary number and explain the situation. Generally, there is a referral with the department.Experts can directly add you to the person in the backstage of his next consultation. You only need to wait for the notice to pay the registration fee. As for the experts, you will not accept the referral, and it depends on everyone’s situation.If the expert feels that the condition is simple, it will not waste time and energy to show you. If the expert is interested in your condition, it is basically no problem.So whether this expert should not take the consultation should be happy or unhappy.

plus.Due to illness due to illness, it is generally to find an expert to add the number when the outpatient day is about to end.Directly when 3 sentences, tell the complex condition, don’t be emotional excited to ask for this, and the experts are interested in the condition. Some places are directly added to the computer background.The manual registration is added to the fee, and some places are not available in this doctor who can see the diagnosis. Some of the elderly over 70 years of age can be added in principle.

It’s really nothing.cattle.

The above registered experience sharing.Later, I will share with you experience and health knowledge. If you have any problems in medical care, you can trust me privately, especially Beijing medical related issues. I will do my best to answer.

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1. Late cancer in cancer, 33 years after 33 years, family members share medical experience, which is worth collecting!

2. Do not give a diagnosis certificate?Spend more money for medical treatment?Teach you a few tricks, one of the tricks, don’t use it!

3. Can’t hang the expert number?Spend money from money?Free to let Xiehe Hospital experts at home at home!

Finally, different symptoms of appendix hang up different departments.

Different symptoms, hanging different departments

Different test items, remember the test time

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