39 -year -old Hong Kong actress unmarried and pregnant!The pregnant belly is as big as a gangster in May, and the divorce from the pseudo -rich merchants just 7 months

On May 26, according to Hong Kong media reports, Hong Kong’s well -known actress Chen Leyi suddenly announced her pregnancy, and the children had been 5 months old, which surprised netizens.

It is reported that Chen Lezhen took a group of pregnant women’s photos on social accounts. What surprised was that her boyfriend turned out to be Ye Hongsheng, a former popular group of Paradise Paradise.

It can be seen from the photos that Chen Lezhen’s pregnant belly is already very large. Ye Hongsheng held his girlfriend’s pregnant belly and gently leaned the tip of his nose to the pregnant belly, his face was full of joy of his father.

In another photo, Ye Hongsheng was holding his girlfriend from behind. The two bowed their heads and stared at the baby in the belly. The happiness on her face was overwhelming, and the picture looked particularly warm.

In the text, Ye Hongsheng wrote that he would take good care of Chen Leyi, and shouted sweetly, "囡 and our crystalline products i love you".

And Chen Leyi also responded happily: "Thank you for walking into my world! There are you in your eyes, you have you, and you are in your belly now!"

Theoretically, men are unmarried and women are not married. It is normal for the two to form a family to have children, but the reason why everyone was shocked was that Ye Hongsheng and Chen Leyi did not have a public relationship before, and the two were still unmarried.

According to Ye Hongsheng, he and Chen Lezhen opened a coffee shop together. As the contact became more, he found that the two had the same goal of life and very happy cooperation, so they gradually developed feelings and developed into lovers.

As for giving birth to children, Ye Hongsheng and Chen Leyi said that everything was within the plan, so they were particularly happy and grateful. In the future, they are going to make up the wedding after the baby is born.

It is worth mentioning that Chen Leyi, 39, is a former member of the Hong Kong group Freeze. He had a marriage.Her ex -husband is an outsider named Donald, and the two also gave birth to a daughter.

Earlier, there were rumors that Chen Lezhen’s husband was a wealthy businessman, but it was not until October last year that Chen Lezhen ended a 10 -year marriage. When the official announced the divorce, everyone learned that her husband was likely to be just one.Pseudo -wealth, for many years, has been regarded as "cash cow."

Today, another reason why Chen Le’s officials were surprised to make everyone surprised, because she had just divorced for 7 months, but the baby in the belly had been 5 and a half months old.

In any case, Chen Lezhen walked out of the haze of divorce and ushered in a new life. He still wished her and Ye Hongsheng to be sweet and old.

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