40 -year -old Yao Chen posted a article congratulating Zhang Ziyi for pregnancy.I have already hinted before

Yesterday (October 28), during the attending the Tokyo Film Festival, Zhang Ziyi generously exposed the pregnant belly and admitted in an interview at the scene to admit the long -term rumors that had been circulating.At 30 weeks of pregnancy, weighing 116 pounds (continued to rise), and thanked fans who have always supported and cared for her.

Zhang Ziyi, 40, was pregnant with a second child, and naturally got the care and blessings of many friends in the circle. Not long ago, she reposted Zhang Ziyi’s Weibo with her actress Yao Chen, and wrote "Congratulations to Ziyi"., Da Show’s feelings of girlfriends.

However, when Yao Chen congratulated Zhang Ziyi’s pregnancy, the second sentence was deeply meaningful. She shouted Zhang Ziyi from the air and said, "Can you send me a private recipe for the fitness secret of 116 pounds in 30 weeks of pregnancy …"

Although you can see that Yao Chen’s sentence is half a joke, after all, if Zhang Ziyi really wants to send it in private, it will not be so obvious on Weibo, but it is certain that the relationship between Yao Chen and Zhang Ziyi is really good.After all, Yao Chen was abused by netizens because of the divorce with Ling Xiaosu. In the end, Zhang Ziyi still stood up to support each other, enough to see the friendship between the two.

But the question comes, will Yao Chen’s words be in addition to joking, and with the truth?In other words, in case Yao Chen is really pregnant again, this sentence can be regarded as evidence that he has already informed the public. Moreover, after watching many fans, the first reaction is that Yao Chen may still be there.The meaning of chasing.

It is reported that after Yao Chen and Ling Xiaosu divorced, they met Mainland photographer Cao Yu soon. In 2013, the two held a high -profile marriage in New Zealand. Although they only invited more than 20 relatives and friends, they spent millions of yuan.On July 15th, the son of the two’s sons "Little Tudou" was born. On November 9, 2016, Yao Chen gave birth to the second daughter "Little Jasmine" again.

After careful calculation, it has been three years since Yao Chen’s second child has given birth to the second child. If Yao Chen is really prepared at this moment, Yao Chen is indeed all aspects of physical and mental aspects. Moreover, Yao Chen’s second child’s jasmine is not exactly.Did you give birth to a small potato when he was three years old?

The most worth mentioning is that in the past year, the movement of the Yao Chen family has also been quite large. As early as February this year, there were media on the outside world that Yao Chen was near Beijing Airport and bought another luxury villa. At that time, Daughter, Jasmine, is even more news. The outside world is also reported that Yao Chen is preparing for three babies.

Then, in April, the outside world took Yao Chen and her husband Cao Yu together to appear in a private hospital, and Yao Chen also met gynecological experts separately. At that time, Yao Chen took two pills on the spot at the hospital, but his expression was relaxed and did not have any body.It shows any inappropriateness, and this also makes the outside world more firmly a move that Yao Chen is to chase a third child.

In addition, in mid -August, the media once again photographed Yao Chen and her husband Cao Yu to go out to dinner party friends. After dinner, everyone stayed in front of a roast duck shop in Beijing. Among them, Yao Chen wore loose clothes with a fashion trend hat.Although she was delicately dressed, the small abdomen was obvious, and Cao Yu not only always guarded his wife Yao Chen at all times, but also carefully helped Yao Chen get on the car after the friend friends.

All these seemingly coincidences are constantly, but they have also proved that Yao Chenhuai’s three babies have been pronounced through many details. However, for so many rumors of three -child, Yao Chen and Cao Yu have always pretended not to see it.It is not acknowledged that this attitude really makes fans anxious. Of course, if Yao Chen is really pregnant, it is natural to congratulate, but in the end, if the outside world is willing to wish, then there is really no way.

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