400 pounds of pregnant women have 10 pounds of babies. What is the dangerous danger of a fat woman?

400 pounds of pregnant women gave birth to 10 pounds of babies. Caesarean section is like a deep well to find a baby. How dangerous is the fat woman?

There is something that every woman will experience, so it is very hard during pregnancy.And pregnant women are very easy to get some diseases during pregnancy, so many mothers will scientifically raise their fetus during pregnancy.For some women with overweight, pregnancy is a very risky thing.Then pregnant women with exceeding standards are unable to give birth, and they can only have a caesarean section. Even if the cesarean section is excessive, the fat of pregnant women will be particularly thick. Doctors cannot find where the child is in a short time, so the difficulty of surgery will increase.

Ms. Zhang is such an excessive pregnant woman. When she has a baby, she weighs 400 pounds!Due to the weight of too heavy weight, doctors do not recommend that the birth can only be given birth, and can only have a caesarean section.However, the cesarean section was very difficult. The doctor was looking for a baby under Ms. Zhang’s huge belly. It was like looking for a baby in a deep well. During the long period of surgery, Ms. Zhang was about to suffocate several times and was rescued by the doctor.Finally gave birth to a baby about 10 pounds. Fortunately, the mother and son were safe, but it was too dangerous!

So what are the dangers of pregnant women’s obesity?

First of all, we all know that pregnant women are easy to get diabetes, so during pregnancy, pregnant women must pay attention to eat as little sugar content as possible.Especially for pregnant women who are relatively obese, the sugar in the body will be stored and cannot be discharged from the body. Once the diabetes is caused, it will directly affect the development of the fetus.Severe will directly lead to fetal death.Such consequences are also not seen by pregnant women, so be sure to pay attention to foods with high sugar content.

The second is hypertension. In fact, for those who are obese, hypertension is a relatively common disease, but because pregnant women have grown too fast, it is easy to get pregnancy hypertension.So in addition to the great impact on your body, it also has a direct impact on the baby in the stomach. It is likely that premature birth, or the baby stops developing and dying.Therefore, the more pregnant women eat, the more nutritional intake, the better, we must scientifically raise tires to control their weight.Another fetus grows too fast, the belly will bulge like a balloon, and there will be a lot of stretch marks. I believe that many beautiful mothers are unwilling to see, so you must control your diet during pregnancy and arrange your diet reasonably.

The last one is that when the mother grows too fast, it is easy to cause giant babies, because the nutrition that the mother absorbs is also transformed into the baby.When the baby absorbs too much nutrition, it will grow quickly. Then when producing, it is easy to cause difficulty or major bleeding. Therefore, it is not a good thing for the baby to be too big. When the mother supplement nutrition, it must pay attention to the right amount.

How should we control the growth of weight during pregnancy? In fact, the weight of the mother’s growth during pregnancy is controlled within 25 pounds is the most scientific pregnant woman. It can control their weight.If you are hungry, you can eat a little fruit or drink a little milk. Pay attention to the light and nutritious diet.

Pregnant women also have to exercise moderate exercise, not to say that after pregnancy, they can only lie at home every day. Do not do fierce exercise for pregnant women. Do not exercise too much.OK.There should also be a pregnancy test on time to eliminate the danger of the recent physical health of the baby.

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