44 -year -old Sister Jin was excited to show her pregnant belly!The black gauze is supported to transparent, the tattoo male husband kiss the pregnant belly

The 44 -year -old Sister Kim Koka Danshan finally became pregnant. After entering the test tube many times, I tried other various methods, and finally got it as expected.Sister Jin had three children herself, and Tattooed male husband Travis also had several children, but since the two got married, they have always wanted to belong to the crystallization of the two., I have been in the model of show affection. The tattoo male husband is really the rhythm of Sister Jin.

I. 44 -year -old sister Jin’s sexy show pregnant belly, it is not easy for the elderly women to make a mother.

Sister Jin held a brand at the concert of the tattoo male husband, saying that I was pregnant with Tel Avis, and Sister Jin used this way to get pregnant.

And Sister Jin’s pregnant belly should look at it for four or five months. She has not had official announcements before, and it is estimated that she is also worried that she is not very stable.This time, Sister Jin showed her pregnant belly generously, and her black tulle shirt appeared, all of which were transparent by the pregnant belly.

This black tulle top, the tight design can just highlight her pregnant belly. The queen Rihanna shows the pregnant belly the most crazy.The tire, Rihanna also wore such a black tulle top before, faintly sexy.

Sister Jin’s tattoo man’s love for her was the extreme, and she spoiled the 44 -year -old sister Jin into a little girl.And the Sisters of the Kardashian family also recognize this tattooed brother -in -law, looking at a very bold appearance, in fact, the heart is very gentle and delicate.

This is the crazy performance of Sister Jin at her husband’s concert, and successfully seized the hot search.On June 18, it happened to be Father’s Day. Sister Jin was pregnant on this occasion, which was really perfect.

From the end of last year to the present, in fact, Sister Jin and the tattoo male husband are relatively low -key. It is estimated that she is raising a fetus with peace of mind. After all, Sister Jin is really not easy.Before that, Sister Jin and the tattoo male husband always couldn’t help kissing every time she walked the red carpet or attending the event. It was too greasy.

Second, Sister Jin hid the pregnant belly with loose guards, and did not forget to show affection on the street

This was the two people out of the street at the beginning of the month. In fact, Sister Jin was pregnant at that time, and there was no official announcement at that time.Sister Jin is a loose sweater with loose workpants, and isn’t the winter shape of the tattoo male husband afraid of heat?Looking at the very warm down jacket on the body, it was paired with a wool hat.

Both of them are not forgotten to show affection. In the eyes of Travis, Sister Jin. In fact, among Sisters Kardashian, Sister Jin’s career is not so strong, and her career is not as good as a few other sisters, but it is exactly itDue to her calm attitude, she has now gained full happiness, and the tattoo man shows the love addiction.

Sister Jin also liked to wear a tight skirt mini skirt, but now she is pregnant, she is directly out of the street, and she has changed to a relatively loose and comfortable shape.The tattoo male husband really wants to hold her at all times. Now that he is successful, he is even more excited.

Travis was holding her daughter and wife, and the children of Travis also recognized the relationship between Sister Jin and her dad. It can only be said that Sister Jin married the right person.

44 -year -old Sister Jin was excited to show her pregnant belly!The black gauze is supported to transparent, the tattoo male husband kiss the pregnant belly

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