52 -year -old Yang Yuying was suspected of getting pregnant?I almost fell when I walked, the assistant was scared to help quickly help

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Speaking of Yang Yuying, this title is her.

That’s "Emperor Love Song".

But she has not experienced as "sweet" as her singing, but has gone through bumps.

At the age of 52, she has always claimed to be unmarried and unhappy, and seems to be disappointed with feelings.

But with the exposure of a video, Yang Yuying, a 52 -year -old single, was suspected of getting pregnant?

what on earth is it?

In the picture, we can see Yang Yuying’s slender figure, but the small belly is slightly bulging.

When walking, I was holding a skirt carefully, for fear of falling.

But when I walked, I almost fell, and the assistant next to him was scared to help quickly.

But from this perspective, the stomach seems more obvious.

With the fire of the video, netizens have speculated that Yang Yuying was pregnant?

Indeed, this belly looks a bit like a state of pregnant women.

However, some netizens said that Yang Yuying is 52 years old, and it may be a middle -aged blessing, and the small belly is normal.

However, it is even more uncomfortable that Yang Yuying has been single for so many years.

How can I get pregnant suddenly?Who is the child’s father?

Over the years, everyone has been talking about her feelings.

Yang Yuying, as the former "Sweet Song Queen", has been slandered for so many years.

Some people even said that she was given a gift by the Lai family as a gift, and she specially wrote a small story of "Red Mansion Character", a small story of "18 Forbidden" secretly ridiculed her.

Facing the ridicule of netizens, she just said: "The love she experienced was just a tragic destiny."

Even after experiencing the "Yuanhua smuggling case", she did not sink.

Yang Yuying’s attitude towards her is a new era woman who has been facing life with a smile.

In fact, after a few relationships, she didn’t want the idea of getting married.

And it has always declared that he is unmarried and unborn.

So what did she experience all the way to her feelings?Only then will she have such an attitude.

With the continuous rise of Yang Yuying’s popularity of that year, her posters were everywhere, which also fascinated with large audiences.

At that time, Yang Yuying went to Xiamen to participate in an event, but because of the sudden situation, she suddenly couldn’t sing.

In this regard, she proposed to cancel the event and is willing to be responsible for this funding.

The most important thing is that the plane also took off immediately, and she might not be able to catch up with the plane.

However, the arrangement of fate is destined to let her go to Xiamen and meet the destined person.

At that time, the organizer asked her to attend, and the plane was just late, and the manager was still urging.

Everything is destined.

It was this trip to Xiamen that made her meet Lai Wenfeng, who was destined to meet.

There are many versions of love stories between them.

Some are the stories of giants and popular stars in idol dramas, and some are loved at first sight.

Always, the two of them fall in love.

Regardless of the first meeting, the process of their love is very sweet.

Like every little couple, they will hold the horse with hands, and they will stop to taste food when they encounter a snack stall.

Two people in the love period even thought of their future life. They planned to have each other’s goals and thought about a few children.

At that time, Yang Yuying was trying to suspend her career and put the focus of life on the family.

Everything is so beautiful, everything is so clear,

However, their feelings have a crisis.

Suddenly the breakup made netizens caught off guard. They did not believe that Yang Yuying’s personality was discord.

Some people speculate that Yang Yuying may know that Lai Wenfeng’s business is dangerous and choose to withdraw early.

And some people speculated that Yang Yuying found that Lai Wenfeng was not as upright as she imagined.

Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long for Lai Wenfeng to have a crisis. He was trapped in the "Yuanhua smuggling case", and everything became unknown.

And Yang Yuying’s ex -girlfriend has also become the object of everyone’s attack.

Some people say that she is just a money that Lai Wenfeng is greedy, and she sees that there is difficulties in the other person, and they will close their hands in time.

Some people say that she had no abortion for Lai Wenfeng many times, and they did not marry her just to play.

Some people even write the story between them into the unbearable book.

Always, various rumors make Yang Yuying unable to live normally at all.

In order to clarify these rumors on the Internet, she faced the media:

"They are just normal love, but they have not ended perfectly, and they have encountered unfair fate."

Although these rumors only exist on the Internet, as a public figure, Yang Yuying has been greatly affected.

There will be various reasons for delaying every time they come back.

Now she has gradually withdrawn from the entertainment industry. Some people say that she is behind the scenes, and some people say that she is married and having a child.

It may be the most sincere love, she has not chose to get married over the years.

At the age of 52, she is still alone, without getting married and no children.

The man who almost walked into the marriage had chosen to marry others and formed a new family.

But she became more chic on the road of emotion.

Two people who once loved so enthusiastic are now part ways.

Become a stranger who no longer disturb each other.

Now 52 -year -old Yang Yuying does not know if she also wants to feel the warmth of the family.

The small abdomen in the video recently flowed out, like pregnancy.

Many netizens are saying that such a big belly feels like 3 months of pregnancy.

However, some netizens said that it is normal for girls to have fat on the belly of girls, not to mention she is so old.

In fact, Yang Yuying has not had the news that she had been married, so it should be impossible to get pregnant.

Yang Yuying, a girl who is free of love, has recently talked about her views on love in Lang’s program recently:

"Love is for me, it is a cherry on the cake."

This attitude seems to be weaker about love.

At the age of 20, we may believe in love, but the greater the demand for love, the more rational.

Now that she has no marriage and no children, she can still make her life ideal.

It is not to say that getting married and having children is the way to go in life. Yang Yuying showed you a different life with her experience.

Why would she choose such a life?Maybe this has a certain relationship with her native family.

Happy childhood can cure people’s life, but unfortunate childhood needs to be cured for a lifetime.

Yang Yuying was born in ordinary families in Nanchang, Jiangxi in 1971. She and her sister were brought by her mother.

Mother hopes that she can be a strong and brave girl, so she names her Yang Gangli.

Yang Yuying’s mother particularly likes singing. It can be said that her childhood spent in singing.

At the age of 5, Yang Yuying can play "Rose in the Heart" and sing "On the Golden Mountain in Beijing".

Through several observations, Yang Yuying’s mother discovered her talent. In order to make her daughter develop better, it was really hard to develop.

After several years of study, Yang Yuying did not make her mother’s hard work.

She passed the admission test of the art majors of Nanchang Normal School.

During the studies, she found that she had a particularly prominent love for singing.

At that time, her mother found Wu Song, a very famous local music producer through various relationships, and took Yang Yuying to learn art with Yang Yuying.

After graduating, Yang Yuying also developed with Wu Song with Wu Song.

Life at the time was still difficult, but she did not give up her favorite singing career.

Through years of hard work, "How Deep Love Me" in 1990, this is the first album in her life.

It is also this album that led Yang Yuying to the peak of her career.

This album "Love Me" in the southern market has sales of 180,000, which has completely opened Yang Yuying’s market in the music scene.

Such an excellent, she was also fancy by the local new era film and television company and successfully signed a contract.

And Yang Yuying has also become the first generation of signing singers in China.

Later, he also appeared in front of the public with the combination of male singer Mao Ning at the time.

The combination of handsome men and women has become the focus of countless people’s attention.

With the improvement of the two people’s reputation, they also became the hottest stars at the time.

Yang Yuying was very gentle when she sang, and she always felt sweet. She also successfully won the name of "Sweet Song Queen".

Her beautiful figure and sweet voice brought more excitement to her career, while love with Lai Wenfeng.

However, she did not expect that love almost destroyed her career.

But now she has seen these, and it is more important to live a good life.

On May 11th, Yang Yuying also posted a set of photos on the media platform to wish herself a happy birthday.

We see from the photos that although it is nearly 52 years old, the state does not seem to lose 20 or 30 years old.

The only happy and happy smiles on the face, but this group of photos does not look obvious.

Indeed, at the age of 52, she has seen the red dust.

This age is a old woman, and shouldn’t they get a child to fight for children?

However, no matter what kind of life is her choice, as long as he is happy.

Even if Yang Yuying is still not married now, the success of her career allows her to enjoy the beauty of life now.

Now she gets flowers and plants at home every day to make some delicious and beautiful life.

Women are not better when they get married. Sometimes the sense of achievement of career is more happy than marriage.

Although not everyone can become Yang Yuying, only if they pursue what they want can their lives be more exciting.

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