7 types of pregnant women are susceptible to women’s pregnancy and hypertension, and try these 5 tricks to alleviate pregnancy hypertension

Women’s body will be affected by progesterone from after pregnancy. The diseases that have not been used before will also occur during pregnancy, but they will also disappear with the end of delivery.Pregnancy hypertension belongs to this disease. This disease is produced during pregnancy. The best way to treat is to have a child, and the disease will slowly recover.

So what is pregnancy hypertension?

Pregnancy hypertension is a hypertension disease during pregnancy. It is common in 12 weeks after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Its main characteristic is high blood pressure and proteinuria. This disease can cause damage and failure of the body organs of pregnant women.Comat or death.

So is it a high -risk group of pregnancy hypertension?

1. First pregnant pregnant woman

2. Pregnant women who have experienced pregnancy hypertension before

3. Pregnant women with older age (pregnant women over 35 years old)

4. Pregnant women have diabetes or kidney disease before pregnancy

5. Pregnant women with obese body

6. Twins or multi -fetal pregnancy

7. Pregnant women with hypertension in the family

What are the obvious symptoms of gestational diabetes?

The obvious characteristics of gestational diabetes are blood pressure, proteinuria, and edema. In severe cases, there will be symptoms of chest tightness and shortness of nausea. If pregnant women encounter these situations, they are recommended to seek medical treatment immediately.

Meridity that may cause complications that may cause pregnancy hypertension

1. Slow fetal development

Pregnancy hypertension can cause vascular abnormalities in pregnant women, leading to degeneration of placenta function, oxygen and nutrients cannot be transported to the fetus, and the fetus will cause slow or stagnation.

2. Early peeling of the placenta

Pregnancy hypertension may also cause premature placenta peeling. If the placenta is not given birth in time, the fetus will face the risk of hypoxia and suffocation.Early peeling of placenta can also cause major bleeding in pregnant women and even shock.

3, abnormal blood coagulation

Pregnancy hypertension may also cause the occurrence of diffuse intravascular coagulation syndrome, and may also cause problems such as hydrocephalus or eye retinal part of the retina.

Nursing method of pregnancy hypertension pregnant women

1. Timing production inspection

It is recommended to do a birth check every 2 weeks to pay attention to detecting blood pressure, edema, and whether there are headaches.Measure blood pressure every morning and evening and record.

2. Sleep on the left lying position

Successful sleep is important for all pregnant women.The left side of the left side helps to reduce the compression of the uterus on the abdominal arteries, making the venous blood pressure back smoothly.

3. Appropriate exercise

If the doctor does not require pregnant women to stay in bed, pregnant women do some appropriate exercise, which will help pregnant women control weight and prevent and alleviate pregnancy hypertension.

4. Avoid nervousness and relax

The joy of pregnant women has a great effect on preventing pregnancy hypertension. Moms can listen to soothing music to relax and relieve stress.

5. Scientific diet

During pregnancy, we must help a reasonable diet and control weight.During pregnancy, we must control the intake of fat and protein, and pay attention to the intake of trace elements such as calcium, vitamins, and potassium.

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