8 months of pregnancy, pregnant women are keen on fighting mahjong, 3 hours after fighting, bleeding more than 3 hours of fighting, and abdominal pain to exacerbate the hospital for emergency treatmen

Ms. Luo, a citizen of Changsha for 8 months, is still keen on playing mahjong.But this time he was playing Mahjong, but she was admitted to the hospital.After the emergency rescue of the three subjects of the Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, the mother and child turned to safety.On January 24, Miss Luo and her baby recovered well through a 5 -day observation period and were about to be discharged.

Ms. Luo is 31 years old and has a 2 -year -old healthy boy who has been pregnant for 37 weeks.Due to irregular menstruation, Ms. Luo did not find pregnancy until 5 months of pregnancy and obvious fetal movement, and no obvious abnormalities were found in the related birth checks since then.Ms. Luo usually likes to play mahjong. Even if she is 8 months pregnant, this hobby has not fallen.At about 2 pm on January 18, Ms. Luo played mahjong with a few friends.At about 5 pm, she suddenly felt that her lower abdomen was painful and uncomfortable. After going to the toilet, she found that bleeding and abdominal pain intensified.At 18:00 on January 18, the 3rd obstetrician of the obstetrics and gynecology diagnosed Ms. Luo.At this time, Ms. Luo was already in a state of blood loss shock. The fetal heart rate fluctuated 70 to 80 times/min, only half of the normal value.Based on experience, the two doctors judged Ms. Luo as an internal distress of the acute fetal palace, and the placental peeling may occur.This situation must be operated immediately, otherwise not only the children in the stomach are dead, but adults are dangerous.After receiving the notice, the three subjects and nurses of the obstetrics and gynecology responded quickly, started the green channel in the courtyard, and notified the operating room, anesthesiology, pediatrics, and B -ultrasound rooms to carry out multi -disciplinary emergency rescue.During the emergency cesarean section for Ms. Luo, she found that Ms. Luo was prematurely peeled in the placenta. The placental uterine stroke, the placental peeling area was more than 1/3, and the blood accumulation of the uterine cavity had reached 2000 ml.After the medical staff struggled to rescue, they eventually rescued Ms. Luo and severely suffocating and unparalleled newborn babies.

"The maternal placenta is extremely dangerous early, which is one of the serious complications of the late pregnancy." The doctor introduced that the placenta early stripping refers to the placenta after 20 weeks of pregnancy or the childbirth.Dipping.Early divestitudes of placenta are often acute and rapidly developing. For example, severe complications will occur in time without diagnosis and treatment.In our country, the incidence of this disease is 0.46%to 2.1%, and the mortality rate of the siege is 20%to 35%, which is 15 times higher than the early peeling of the placenta.

Doctors remind that pregnant mothers should develop a good lifestyle, strengthen prenatal examination, and actively prevent and treat hypertension during pregnancy; strengthen management for high -risk pregnancy such as merging hypertension and chronic nephritisSeating, sudden changes in uterine cavity, and induction of abdominal trauma can effectively avoid and prevent early peeling of the placenta.Once the vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain occur, pregnant women should go to the hospital immediately to avoid serious consequences.

Reporter: Luo Yanting

(Political and Law Channel)

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