8 problems that may be encountered during pregnancy, novice Baoma can not care about one

A baby who is pregnant is a great event for a family.Therefore, during the pregnancy, the care of pregnant women can not be available, and a small error cannot be available.But in October during pregnancy, pregnant women who are pregnant are always facing various problems. Come and see if you need it!

First, allergies during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers pay more attention to the details of life than the average person, and find out that allergies can reduce allergies during pregnancy, affecting the fetus and their own health.Many allergic reactions will become more obvious during pregnancy. Some less sensitive women have not found symptoms of allergies before, but allergic symptoms may occur during pregnancy.I didn’t breathe smoothly, I thought it was a cold factor.

1. Skin allergies are mainly wearing loose cotton clothing

2. Eliminate allergens

① Keep clean.

② Avoid contact with dust mites.

③ Pay attention to indoor temperature and humidity.

④ Pay attention to mildew can cause allergies.

3. Avoid allergies that may cause pollen

4. Wear the mask as much as possible when you go out coldly

Second, edema during pregnancy

Normal physiological edema is mainly caused by uterine compression. Increasing uterus will compress the blood vessel blood from the heart through the heart through the heart of the heart, the lymphadenopathy circulation, poor metabolism, which causes the leg tissue to silt. Therefore, the ankle and the ankle andThe legs are more prone to edema. In the morning, there will be no obvious symptoms. However, after a long time of daytime and night activities, the edema symptoms will be more obvious before going to bed at night.

1. The most important thing is to reduce the intake of sodium-containing products. Salt contains sodium ions. It is best to control between 5-8g a day?

2. To increase the amount of protein in the diet, the lack of protein may cause edema.

3. At the same time, to ensure the intake of vitamins in B, because the lack of vitamin B1 can also cause edema.

4. Recommended hot and sour winter melon soup. In summer, it is the effect of disappointing the heat and water -to -water soup with my mother for cross -dripping hydrochloride water soup.Is an ideal choice.

Third, a cold during pregnancy

If the pregnant mother caught a cold, but does not heat up or does not exceed 38 degrees, it can increase drinking water to supplement vitamin C and rest fully. The symptoms of colds can be relieved.If you have the symptoms of cough, take medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Do not take the medicine at will. If the pregnant woman has a cold time after ovulation, it may have no effect on the fetus.

1. If you have a mild cold, you can choose pure Chinese medicine ingredients such as Banlangen granules.

2. Drink plenty of water, pay attention to rest, supplement vitamin C

Fourth, diabetes during pregnancy

Most gestational diabetes women have no symptoms of discomfort although blood sugar has risen, so it is essential to check more blood sugar.Winy and monitor the blood glucose level after three meals. If necessary, check the blood sugar before going to bed. Generally, check blood sugar at least once a day, and bring the record to the doctor during the consultation.

1. Diet therapy, under the principle of controlling total calories, nutrition must be fully balanced, dine regularly, a small amount of meals, ensure that the mother and baby needs, and the weight increases appropriately.

2. Sports therapy, exercise therapy is not only beneficial to mother and child health, but also controls diabetes.

3. Insulin therapy, if you still fail to control blood sugar after diet management and exercise therapy, insulin therapy should be performed to effectively control blood sugar without affecting the placenta. It is safe for mother and child.

Fifth, anemia during pregnancy

Anemia is a common symptom of pregnancy women. Physiological anemia is due to the gradual increased blood capacity after pregnancy. Among them, the increase in plasma increases exceeding the increase of blood cells, resulting in blood dilution.Each liter is called physiological anemia, and another anemia is pathological. It is more common as iron deficiency anemia, and there is a rare megal anemia.

1. Adjust your diet and strengthen nutrition.Eat lean meat, eggs or pork liver and fresh vegetables every day.

2. Replenish blood supplement, take 0.3 grams of iron sulfate during pregnancy, 1 to 3 times a day, do not drink tea and milk during the ironing agent, it is easy to promote iron absorption.

3. Supplement folic acid and vitamin B12

Sixth, calcium supplement during pregnancy

The important constituent of the bones and teeth of the skeleton and teeth. If the pregnant woman is insufficient and cannot meet the needs of the fetus, it will affect the development of the fetus. At the same time, due to the supply of bone calcium of the mother, the fetus will cause calcium deficiency in the mother.The thighs and muscle spasm in the pelvis may occur at night or in the early morning, which may be related to calcium deficiency.

1. Foods rich in calcium, such as beans, soy products, seafood, etc.

2. Drink milk

Seventh, oral problem during pregnancy

Dental doctors should be able to do a thorough dental examination and treatment before pregnancy. Do not extraction or any invasion of wounds during pregnancy. If the problem of teeth can only be relieved, it should be extended to postpartum, so before pregnancy and pregnancy shouldPay attention to your teeth.

1. Pregnant mothers should develop good oral cleaning habits, strengthen oral hygiene, brush their teeth sooner or later, and rinse their mouth after meals.

2. It is not less than three minutes when brushing your teeth, according to the correct brushing method

3. Use mouthwash, dental floss, etc. as a tool to help cleaning tooth cleaning.

Eighth, obesity during pregnancy

Too obesity with her mother can cause giant baby baby to give birth, and cause gestational diabetes, pregnancy hypertension syndrome, and increasing increasing bleeding after cesarean section.

1. Pregnant mothers should control the balanced diet during pregnancy.

2. Pregnant mothers who have been obese cannot lose weight through drugs. Under the guidance of a doctor, they can relieve the situation by adjusting their diet

3. Pay attention to the regular diet, eat on time, try not to eat as much as possible within three hours before going to bed

4, avoid eating fried foods, eat more steamed, stew, stew, and boil food.

5. Eat less noodle products, sweets, and high starchy foods

6. It should not be too long to cooperate with the appropriate exercise rest time, get up early, and get out of the meal for more than 20 minutes after meals, and perform some physical activities that can be achieved.

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