A four -dimensional female treasure, share the symptoms of female treasure pregnancy with sisters

In fact, I want to say that the symptoms are really floating clouds ~ The most accurate is B -ultrasound!Intersection

1. Auntie aunt two lines a week before!(Many people who say the upper body are male treasures early, not allowed)

2. Early B -ultrasound eggplant!(To say that the long strip is male treasure, not allowed)

3. Delivery vomiting!It is not nauseous to brush your teeth in the morning, and it is serious at night!I am vomiting until now 33 weeks!If you don’t like sour, you don’t like spicy food!Like to eat sweets, leading to blood sugar instability!The taste has hardly changed!It is recommended that Baoma must control her diet!

4. The navel protruding!(Not allowed, many people say that it is a male treasure)

5. The pregnancy line has grown to the middle of the chest!The pregnancy line under the navel is left!(We said that the on -board is the male treasure, not allowed)

6. After pregnancy, the skin is very good, becoming white and tender!(Girl and mother, quasi)

7. Tang Si results!My sister and my result are the AFP value of less than 1.hcg value greater than 1 ~ My sister’s male treasure born, the female treasure I checked (according to the AFP value greater than 1 and the HCG value is less than 0.5, it is male treasure!When the AFP value is less than 1 and the HCG value is greater than 1, it is a female treasure! For HCG at 0.5-1, it depends on whether the AFP value is greater than 1. If it is greater than 1, it may be a male, and it may be a female!Not allowed!)

8. After pregnancy, the chest does not become very large, but the areola and nipples are dark!

9. After pregnancy, the armpit is not black, and the limbs are the same as before pregnancy!The body is more flexible, do everything!Not lazy at all!Don’t like to sleep!

10. After pregnancy, XY diminished!I almost don’t want to!It may have something to do with my pregnancy!

11. The early stage of the fetal heart is between 145/156 ~ in the later stage between 140/146 ~

12. The fetal movement is early, frequent, it has always been punched and kicked and wavy ~

13. I can’t see pregnancy from behind!(It is said that when you can see that pregnancy is a male treasure, it is not allowed)

14. Dressing the tip of the belly from the front!(Speaking of the male treasure with a sharp belly, it is not allowed)

15. Qing Palace watch shows female treasure!

16. Fortune telling that my child is a daughter, and it is also accurate!

17. The baby’s baby is on the back wall of the uterus!Low placenta!

18. Double -top diameter minus the femoral length less than 2 (say greater than 2 is male treasure, it is accurate)

19. The nose has not become bigger, but my colleague is one month older than me. The facial features have not changed at all.(Different symptoms of each person)

20. Fire dreams have seen their births of a female treasure, and I can see the male treasure!I also dreamed of being chased by dinosaurs!Bao Dad dreamed of my male treasure (there is no personal point of birth in the birth dream)

There are so many thoughts!whee!In fact, men and women are not important. Important babies can grow and grow up healthy and safe!Every day I feel the baby’s fetal movement is a great happiness!I hope my many girls can be delivered in full month!I also wish the Baoma happy every day

Baby Scale-(24inch)