A man in Shanghai breaks into a female tenant’s room at night, woman: I’m pregnant, please let me go

Not long ago, the Shanghai Songjiang People’s Court published a document for criminal cases that was concluded together, revealing the vicious QJ, illegal invasion of residences, and compulsory obscenity cases -men’s three -in women’s rooms were invaded!

The man who had a confused crime was named Xiao Bao. He originally lived in a community in Songjiang District, Shanghai, and later moved out for some reason.However, as soon as he moved, he found that he had missed some items in the original place, and then returned to the room to get back his own thing.I knocked on the door and found that the room was rented by a very beautiful girl Xiao An.

Xiao An’s gentleness and beauty made Xiao Bao miss, and she kept thinking about her after returning."Lady, a gentleman is so good." Like a beauty is a normal thing. Since you like it, you should pursue it frankly.What is unexpected is that the small bag does not pursue it brightly. Instead, I chose a "馊 idea" that hurts and harmed myself.He noticed when he got items. Xiao An should live alone, and he gave birth to a intention in his heart.

First, at the high -level high -level opposite, peeping at Xiao’an’s room, one to meet the psychological needs of his abnormal pervert.Second, the situation is observed, determining that Xiao An’s family only lives by herself and finds the way to go in.After everything is well prepared, in the middle of the night, the small bag won the fruit knife that was prepared before.

Along the air -conditioning outside the building climbed all the way, climbing to the fourth floor in stunning, broke into Xiaoan’s room from the window.Xiao An’s sleeping Xiao An hadn’t noticed it until Xiao Bao looked at the goddess of favorite, couldn’t restrain his excitement.Retoning up and hugging, he began to get rid of his clothes with Xiao An, and wanted to do things.

Feeling that someone was touching himself, Xiao An woke up from his sleep and found a small bag lying on his body.Immediately pushed and fought, and wanted to keep Xiaobao away from himself, helpless men and women.She pushed it for a long time, but couldn’t push it. Fortunately, Xiao An was more sensitive.Gneling teeth for mercy: "I’m pregnant, you let me go!" When I heard this, I was afraid that I would come and make a deadly end.The small bag stopped invading the behavior and left, and the matter was not over here.

After the small bag goes back, the more I want to be afraid, she knows herself, will she call the police?That night, he sneaked into the Xiaoan room again, and wrote down the private information such as Xiaoan ID card, telephone, and other private information.In this way, it is not allowed to call the police and guarantee that as long as she does not call the police, she will not bother in the future.Xiao Anxin thought it was true, and in a panic, he really did not call the police.

But her fear not only could not let the small bag close, but instead made him feel that he could further implement it by the fear of Xiao An.Half a month later, the small bag came to Xiaosan’s room for the third time, and this time it was even more courageous.Holding Xiao’an and touched, he implemented obscenity, and poor Xiao An had no resistance.

The harassment again and again, too much at a time, making Xiao An realize that things are not so easy.This time is obscenity. Maybe the next time you are rape, and then tolerance will only cause greater damage.At this point, timely stop loss is justice, and she chose to report the case.Soon, Xiao Bao was arrested in his own residence, and then the People’s Procuratorate of Songjiang District, Shanghai, filed a public prosecution for QJ crime, illegal invasion of residential crimes, and forced obscenity.

So why is the crime of rape, illegal invasion of residential, and forced obscenity?First of all, when he broke into the Xiaoan room for the first time, he was subjective with the purpose of JY, knowing that his behavior would infringe on the right of women’s sex.And hoping or letting this result happen, it still violates women’s wishes, adopting violence, threats and other means to forcibly cause relationships with the intention.Obviously, the constituent elements of QJ crime are just Xiao Anling moved and lied to be pregnant.

He was worried that he would make a choice to give up his life and give up his crime. He stopped attempted criminal due to the reasons outside the will.According to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law, attempts can be compared with the criminals, which can be compared with light or reduced punishment.Secondly, since he moved away from the room and Xiao An lived in the room, the living right of this room returned to Xiao’an.However, in the absence of the right of residence, Xiao Bao was forcibly entered for QJ’s purpose, and he refused to withdraw after Xiao An scolded.

His behavior seriously affected Xiao’an’s normal life and living peace, violated the country’s protection of the personal rights of citizens, and constituted illegally invasion of residential.In the end, the small bag broke into the room for the third time to pursue sexual stimuli, and used violent means to touches and hugs.Knowing that his obscenity and insults violated Xiao An’s right to decide, he still forcibly implemented the behavior, constituing forced obscenity.

According to Article 236 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China: Those who are violent, coerced or other means QJ women will be sentenced to three years and less than ten years.The circumstances are serious and have been sentenced to more than ten years in prison, life imprisonment or death sentence.Article 245: Those who illegally invade other people’s houses shall be sentenced to imprisonment or detaining for less than three years.

Article 237: Those who force others with violence, coercion, or other methods or insult women shall be sentenced to imprisonment or detention of less than five years.If you are in public in public places in public, or other harsh circumstances, it will be imprisoned for more than five years.After several crimes, after the court trial, it finally decided to sentence it to seven years in prison.

One thought of heaven and hell, just for a moment of impulse, paid for the seven -year prison disaster and the record of the case, why?

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