A negligence of the nurse took the medicine, and the pregnant mother who was pregnant for five months died prematurely after use it!

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When the child flows like that, maybe this accident is ultimately because of the wrong abortion medicine. The 5 -month -old baby left her like this, and at this time, he was powerless.

There are too many pelvic effusion, it is recommended to keep tires, and nightmares start

In April of pregnancy, the pregnant woman went to the hospital for examination with her husband, showing that the pelvic accumulation doctor in the body suggested that she should be prepared for fetal protection.

Everything is normal during the early hospital hospitalization period. It is more about hanging water and infusion. After a few days, the pregnant woman began to get hot and itchy, similar to drug allergies. After the doctor checked"Earthurone tablets".

At a time, the nurse mistakenly treat the abortion medicine as a fetal medicine

At 4 pm that day, the nurse went to the ward to send medicine. It was sent to a pregnant woman with a white pills that had been cut off. The full name of the drug from the opposite side could not see the entire name of the medicine.Half of the "ketone".

After the nurse who was used to send the medicine, her husband took a medicinal mobile phone, and then the pregnant woman ate it with confidence.

But the two always thought that it seemed to be different from the name that the doctor said. Before taking the medicine, I asked the nurse several times that the medicine was right. I always felt that it was wrong. My husband went to the nurse to show the nurse again and said.Does this medicine have a rice character?

When I heard this word, a qualified nurses looked at the older nurses on the side, and quickly rushed to the room to find the shell of the medicine. After finding, the nurse was shocked: the medicine was taken wrong, it was an abortion medicine.

Because of the infusion for a few days, there are not many things to eat, and vomiting cannot be spit out, and the hospital also has a gastric lavage machine. What should I do at this time?Irrigation.

Therefore, in a short period of time, pregnant women drink almost 6 bottles of mineral water for vomiting.

"At that time, I was full of energy. Due to my weakness, I did n’t even drink cold water, but I just gritted 3 liters of water and vomit while drinking."

"The head nurse around looked like she wanted to cry, but she didn’t dare to stop. The tongue press was broken."

No one knows whether this method can really spit out the wrong medicines. In all people seeing the tears that Jiao Li only needs to be due to sadness, but for the baby in the stomach, Jiao Li still stillTry to vomit.

After two months, the child is gone

In the next period of time, the hospital did not clarify whether the drug was harmful to the fetus in the abdomen from beginning to end, nor did he see any viewing statements.

After the doctor’s examination, it was confirmed that the pregnant woman could be discharged, so the pregnant woman was nourishing at home with all her heart.

When I came to the hospital again to confirm the diagnosis: "The signal of the fetal lungs is slightly low, a few pericardial effusion, a few ascites, and a small amount of amniotic fluid."

The fetal defeat, the fetus and the placenta arranged.

The pregnant woman said: "When the child was born, he still had breathing, but it was too small to say that the hospital could not save it."

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