A woman was drunk at the company’s party, woke up in the morning and found that her whole body was naked.

A woman woke up naked and found that she was pregnant soon, and felt that she was not a boyfriend!

The woman attended the company’s party. Because she couldn’t hold the leader to persuade the alcohol, she drank the alcohol. Who knew that her alcohol was not good. If she drank much, she fell directly to the wine table and was then sent home by colleagues.

She woke up the next day and didn’t wear a piece of clothes around her body, and she couldn’t remember what happened the night before.There are a lot of doubts in her heart, but there is no other feeling except for headaches on her body. She can only happen as a thing.

But it didn’t take long for the lower body to tender pain, and lethargy and vomiting appeared, the same as the symptoms of pregnancy.So she went to the hospital for examination and found that she was pregnant.

Originally, this was a very happy thing, but she felt like this, and she felt that this was strange, and even suspected that the child in the stomach was not a boyfriend.What has actually happened?Who is the child’s father?

Chen Xin (a pseudonym) is engaged in sales in a jewelry store. She looks sweet and her skin is white, which makes people look bright at a glance. Many male colleagues in the store are happy to her.

However, Chen Xin has a boyfriend, and her boyfriend is tall and handsome, but the two did not live together because of the work location.But they are very loving, as long as two people rest, they are together.

Although Chen Xin is engaged in the sales industry, she is a silent person in her life, and she does not like to communicate with colleagues.

However, she is working well at work. It can be able to grasp the customer’s preferences. It is very accurate to introduce the product to the customer, allowing customers to quickly understand the product. Coupled with her appearance, the customer places the order very quickly, so her performance in the store is among the best.of,

On the day of the crime, the boss created history because the company’s performance exceeded the standard, so he planned to invite all employees in the store to eat in the hotel, and then encouraged the employees to make persistent efforts.

Although the two do not live together, there are generally any gatherings, Chen Xin’s boyfriend will pick up her, but Chen Xin’s boyfriend happened to have something to be busy that day.Chen Xin felt that all colleagues should have nothing to happen, so letting her boyfriend busy with her, not to pick her up.

At that time, all the tables were some precious wines, but Chen Xin rarely drank and her boyfriend was not there. She replaced wine with drinks to respect all leaders.

Generally speaking, employees are not alcohol, and then use tea to represent wine, but a leader starts to say that Chen Xin didn’t have a wine and started to say: "Xiao Chen, this wine is rare.Is there no such good opportunity in the future. "

The leaders came to persuade, and Chen Xin couldn’t take off, so he had to drink it a little.However, Chen Xin’s alcohol was a cup. After drinking a drink, he was not alcohol, and then fell to the table.

After the party was over, a colleague who was closer to Chen Xin intends to send her back. Unexpectedly, he wanted to lead Wenmou (a pseudonym), but said, "The place where I live is very close to her house, and I will send her back to her."

The colleague thought that Wenmou had said that, and he didn’t fight for it. After all, his home was a bit far away from the place where Chen Xin lived.

Who knows that Wenmou is a crown -dressed beast, who is different in the table. He sent Chen Xin home and saw that there was no one in Chen Xin’s family. He had evil thoughts in his heart, and then violated Chen Xin.

Afterwards, Wen Mou was afraid that Chen Xin would wake up and find that he was violated, so he foraken Chen Xin’s illusion of being alone in the room, and then hurriedly left from Chen Xin’s house.

Chen Xin woke up the next day and saw that she was naked in her body, she suspected that she had been violated, but she had a headache after the drunkard, and her body was not different.When she thought about what happened the day before, her head was blank, and she couldn’t think of it.

Because she was naked in her home, she didn’t know whether she was doing it or others, so she was embarrassed to find a colleague for certification.I had to get dressed and returned to work in the store. The people in the store showed normal, so I didn’t take it seriously. When I was going to work, I went to work and went to find a boyfriend.

After a month of peace, Chen Xin felt that his body was wrong. He had a feeling of soreness in his abdomen, and his lethargy, and he would vomit when he smelled the fishy smell.Chen Xin quickly checked online and found that these symptoms are exactly the same as pregnancy.

Chen has a doubtful attitude, because she and her boyfriend have measures and should not be so easy to get pregnant.However, she went to the hospital for examination, and she was pregnant for a month.

My boyfriend is happy to hear this news. Although two people are falling in love, they are talking about marriage, so it is not a big problem with children.However, Chen Xin was not so happy. She suspected that the child was not a boyfriend.

She was only pregnant for a month, but a month ago, she and her boyfriend were very busy. During that time, the relationship was not so frequent. She suddenly remembered that she was naked that morning, and she suspected that she was violated that day.

However, she has no evidence, so she doesn’t know where to check it, but she is afraid that the child will not be born in her boyfriend. At that time, things will be more complicated.

When she was suffering from no clues, the shop was gathering again, because she hadn’t figured out who the child in her belly was, so she was embarrassed to tell her colleagues that she was pregnant and attended the party.

When she refused with alcohol, her colleague said: "It’s okay, even if you are drunk, Manager Wen will send you back."

Chen Xin felt that my colleagues had something to say, so he asked, "Did the manager send me last time? I seem to be drunk and I don’t know who sent me at all." The colleague answered yes, that morning, that morning, that morningThe scene appeared in front of her eyes again.

Chen Xin and her boyfriend have a good relationship. They don’t want them to hide a invisible bomb in the future, so she feels that she asked Wenmou what happened to the day?

"Manager Wen, they said that last time you sent me home, what did you do to me that day?" Wen Mou had just quibbleed at first, saying that he sent Chen Xin to go home and left.What.

Chen Xin obviously did not believe Wen Mou’s words. In order to let Wenmou tell the truth, Chen Xin directly told Wen Mou that he was pregnant, and threw the pregnancy report to Wenmou, and said, "I have been pregnant for a month.If you are pregnant that night. "

Wen Mou froze when he saw Chen Xin’s pregnancy report, and then said, "How is it possible, it won’t be so coincidental." Chen Xin heard this answer and knew that Wenmou had violated her that night, otherwise there would be such a wayAnswer.

Chen Xin was very angry, but things had to be solved. She wanted to quickly figure out who the children in the stomach were, so she had to find a way to let Wen’s consent to identify.

Then I started to Fuxi Wenmou that the hospital was wrong, but now I am going to marry her boyfriend. If it is a boyfriend, I will be happy. If it is Wenmou, I will go away, and then I will not hold Wen Mou’s responsibility.

Wen Mou was still unwilling. In his opinion, with this move, he did mean invasion of Chen Xin, but he was also thinking about who the child was, and whether Chen Xin had compiled himself.

Chen Xin could see that Wen was hesitant, but she didn’t want to continue to consume anymore, she said to Wen: "If you don’t want to solve me in private, I will call the police directly, let the police solve it, and then let the whole whole life let the whole whole work.Everyone in the company knows you virtue. "

Wen Mou heard that Chen Xin was going to call the police, and was afraid that she would make things bigger, and then said, "If this child is mine, you really flow, and then the incident has not happened?" Chen Xin saidReally, he was willing to pull a hair to Chen Xin, and then prayed that the child in her belly was her boyfriend.

On the day when I got Wenmou’s hair, Chen Xin also confess to his boyfriend, and then asked his boyfriend to decide whether to break up.After knowing this incident, her boyfriend did not blame Chen Xin, and even felt sorry for Chen Xin, and blamed himself if he went to pick up Chen Xin that day, and would not happen.

However, when the priority is to see who the child is, the two went to the hospital for examination. As a result, the child in Chen Xin’s belly was Wen Mou.Wenmou.

Because Chen Xin had sufficient evidence, the police quickly returned to the case.When Chen Xin said that Wenmou should be punished, Wenmou hit a rake to make the flower move.

Wen Mou hired a lawyer at that time. His lawyer felt that this incident lacked relevant evidence, and he could not directly judge Wen Mou’s rape.Don’t let go, take the initiative to have a relationship with me. At that time, the relationship could not be taken away. "

In order to reduce the crimes, Wen Mou also confessed that he had not had a relationship with Chen Xin. He just did not hold it, and then did indecent behavior of Chen Xin.Chen Xin was pregnant, but the two did not have a substantial relationship.

Chen Xinshi has no evidence about what happened that day. She can only say that she has never taken the initiative, even when the relationship with the object is active.

And said that I was drunk at the time, and I was not saved at all. How could I take the initiative to have a relationship with others?Therefore, Chen Xin insisted that Wen Mou raped herself while he was invincible.

This case seems to be unable to break. In fact, Wenmou has a lot of loopholes. His confession is upside -down, and he has repeatedly confessing. In addition, Chen Xin’s pregnancy report, Wen Mou has a big suspicion.

Later, when Wen Mou saw that he was hopeless, he had to confess what he did that day, hoping to reduce the crime.Wen Mou said that he admired Chen Xin for a long time, but Chen Xin was very indifferent to everyone else in the store, and he had no chance to start.

And every time she asked her to go out, she had an appointment with her boyfriend. This time, she finally took the opportunity. It happened that her boyfriend was not there, so she raped Chen Xin.

Wen Mou himself also confessed, and there were so many evidence to indicate that in the end, the court disposed of Wenmou with rape. According to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law, Wen was finally sentenced to 6 years in prison.

Chen Xin will inevitably not stay in the belly, because Wen Mou has a family and a boyfriend, so when the truth is white, he went to the hospital with his boyfriend to go away from the children in the stomach.

This incident is the scourge of wine. If Chen Xin is not drunk, nothing should happen.

However, it also involves a wine bureau culture. Many leaders are desperately filled with girl wine on the wine table, and then they are not track when the woman coma.For such a culture, we should resist and protest, and we do not participate without participation.

However, this incident gives us a warning of the girls and boys who just entered the workplace. When facing various entertainment, we must do what you do. It is more important to maintain a certain degree of soberness. Do not let this one lose consciousness.

When encountering their own rights and interests, they must learn to deal with scientific methods. If there is a need, you can choose to let the law protect us. Do not let those bad guys get out of the law and give them a heavy blow!

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