A woman’s poisoning consciousness is blurred!Is it because of drinking water?Intersection

The hot weather approaches

The body urgently needs to replenish liquid

Especially after sweating

Most people first thought of drinking a lot of water

But few people know

The water is too urgent, and the quantity is too poisoned

Zhejiang Haining Girl Xiao Zhang (pseudonym) in Zhejiang Haining, Zhejiang

Never imagined

I will drink too much because of water

And entered the hospital emergency room

Women in their 30s drink water fiercely

It turned out to be poisoned …

At 6 o’clock in the evening, Xiao Zhang was sent to the emergency department of Haining People’s Hospital.According to the family members, because of the hot weather, in order to replenish water, Xiao Zhang began to drink a lot of water three days ago, adding a total of about 19 liters of mineral water.Unexpectedly, the sudden consciousness was unclear, and there was also a twitch. It was sent to the local hospital for treatment 120, and then transferred to the Municipal People’s Hospital.

Check the emergency electrolyte found that Xiao Zhang’s potassium ions are 2.8 mmol/L, sodium ion 110mmol/L, and chloride ion 81mmol/L, the indicators are lower than the normal level.It means that Xiao Zhang has electrolyte disorders, and the doctor diagnose "water poisoning".

In this regard, the doctor Lu Jiajie further explained that water poisoning, also known as diluted hyponatremia, is a poisoning symptom of low sodium disease due to excessive water intake.

The maximum diuretic speed of human kidneys is 16 ml per minute. Once the speed of moisture exceeding this standard, excess water will expand the cells, cause dehydration and sodium.In other symptoms, severe spasm, coma, and even life -threatening.


Make a heavy water in time!

But drinking water is moderate

So, how much water do we drink every day?

Dr. Lu introduced that the demand for water is mainly affected by factors such as age, environmental temperature, and physical activity.There is about 1500 ml of urine volume excreted in the human body a day, and water lost from feces, breathing, and skin, consumes about 2500 ml of water.

Therefore, healthy adults need about 2500ml of water per day, including about 50%of drinking water, about 40%of the water contained in food, and 10%of water generated by metabolism in the body.

"In the hot summer, sweating a lot, a lot of water loss, and loss of a lot of salt. If drinking water is not enough, the heat in the body is difficult to emit heat stroke, thirst, and collapse.The pleasure, but the amount of urination and sweating increases, leading to more electrolyte loss, increasing the burden on cardiovascular and kidneys, and it is easy to cause people to panic, fatigue, frequent urination and other symptoms. "The doctor said.

Therefore, in the summer, after a lot of sweating

You can also drink some water with "ingredients"

1. Fresh salt water: After the body sweat is lost, drink some light salt water to supplement the electrolyte in time.You can add 0.15 grams (a spoon of a spoon) salt in 1 liter of boiling water to make the water slightly salty. You can also choose natural mineral water or sports drinks.

2. Lemonade: When the weather is hot, the appetite is often not good. Drink some sour lemonade and appetite to help digestion.

3. Honey water: Honey can bring water molecules into small intestines and large intestines to extend its stay in the intestine to help replenish water.500 ml of water add 1 spoon of honey, and appropriately reduce the amount of dining and staple food to reduce sugar intake.Diabetes patients, gout patients, and babies under the year of an old age should not drink.

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