Abandoned fetuses (only those who are fetal understands)

After thinking about it for a long time, do you want to talk about it?

At that time, I just came out of society and was ignorant. I thought that I found a true loved person. Only one year after living together, I knew that he had a wife, and he had to turn around and left.God seems to be interested in teasing people. I have been eating contraceptives, and I was pregnant for more than a month.It seems to be a thunderbolt, young ignorance, which is helpless.In the case of no choice, I called him and asked what to do?He was silent.When I went to check, I also asked the doctor for the child to stay. The doctor said that they could not say that they were pregnant during the medicine.I see that he didn’t know what he was wrong, and felt that he had taken medicine too much.I’m determined not to do it.Ask the doctor when to perform surgery.Do the doctor ask if it is painless?If so, come over the empty stomach the next morning.I said no?The doctor said, "It’s okay now."He still stood there without talking, "Then do it now", I turned to tell the doctor.The doctor looked at me and said, "Little girl, it hurts, are you sure?" "I’m sure! He (the child) is gone, is it still painful? It should be painless again." The doctor openedMedicine, things for surgery, and consent, I signed, he signed.

Enter the operating room, a medical bed, the kind of bed for a woman’s gynecological examination.The doctor asked me to lie down and told me that it would not move anymore, otherwise it would hurt the uterus, and it would be particularly difficult to want a child in the future.I lay on the bed, put my legs, and looked at the ceiling.The doctor started their process, disinfected, Qing Palace … The whole process was more than half an hour, I hurt, but I didn’t cry. Tears turned in the eye circles, distressed myself, or distressed the child?Maybe there are all. I feel bad for myself to meet others. It is so easy to believe in others. I feel more distressed by this child. I ’m deprived of the right of birth.

I had a good surgery. I was hanging on anti -inflammatory water. He has been watching the watch next to me. It is now 5 pm, as if delaying time.I said, you go, I can.He looked at me and asked, is it really okay?It’s really important today.Let me deal with it and come back later.I looked at him without expression, and he turned and left.There are a total of five bottles of large bottles of water. When it was hung to the third bottle, it was almost eight o’clock. I also narrowed for a while, but I felt very tired and wanted to go home to sleep.I asked the doctor if she could take the anti -inflammatory water back and hang it, she said no.Then I ask if I can no longer hang it?The doctor said that you can’t hang us, but your situation needs to be infused for one week.I asked the nurse to pull the needle and drove home by myself.The whole process, he didn’t come and didn’t ask.I deleted all his contact information, knew him, I took a life, but I used my child to live!

I stayed in the shadow of the fetal for two years. For a while, I couldn’t listen to the songs of mother love, mother love, otherwise tears fell off.I don’t love that man anymore, but the innocent life is my child.I often dream, dreaming that a child is holding me crying, shouting my mother, I am crying in the dream, tell him, hurry up, I can’t think of your mother, I’m sorry for you, my mother is sorry for you.Several times I woke up from my dream, and I cried again.Later, I felt that my heart was too big, so I went to the temple and surrendered the abandoned soul.I feel guilty, I don’t have any chance to make up for him, just ask for life and then atonement.I bless him in front of the Buddha and find his favorite mother as soon as possible.After a surpass, I gradually came out.

Even now, when I pass the temple, I will go in and worship to ask the Buddha to bless him.

Women must love themselves. Some mistakes will become a pain in their lifetime.Think about it, your heart will hurt.So, dear you, protect yourself!

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