Abdominal pain and bleeding in the early pregnancy have a lot to do with this reason!Pay attention to expectant mothers

Vaginal bleeding is one of the more common symptoms of women during pregnancy. If pregnant women can understand in advance, they can safely spend the entire pregnancy during pregnancy.So, what are the causes of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy?Let’s analyze it today.

1. Breakal abortion

Due to various reasons, such as abnormal fetal development, endocrine disorders, infections, trauma, excessive mental stress, etc., the fetus will be damaged.It will be discharged from the vagina.Early abortion appeared before eight weeks of pregnancy. Generally, it was caused by fertilized egg defects and abnormal fetal development. At this time, there was a bad thing that occurred at this time.

Second, ectopic pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, fertilized eggs grow and develop in the uterine cavity, but for some reasons, fertilized eggs grow and develop outside the uterine cavity. In most cases, they may be in other positions in the fallopian tube.Pregnancy.In this case, due to poor blood supply, the fetus does not get enough nutrition. Pregnant women will have vaginal bleeding, accompanied by abdominal pain, and sometimes mistakenly think that it is dysmenorrhea.

Third, cervical abnormalities

After pregnancy, the progesterone in pregnant women is constantly rising, and the columnar epithelium of the cervix will increase the degree of cervical erosion. At this time, vaginal bleeding will occur.If there are sexual life during pregnancy, or pregnant women eat too much chocolate, pepper, hot pot and other heat -stimulating foods, the bleeding phenomenon will be very serious.But as long as it stops bleeding in time, it will not affect fetal development.Of course, polyps in the cervix can also cause irregular vaginal bleeding.

Fourth, hydatidum

The fluff tissue that constitutes the placenta has variability and abnormal proliferation, which will form hydatidal tires. Such pregnant women usually have intermittent vaginal hemorrhage. Early pregnancy reactions are obvious, and the actual size of the uterus looks larger than the month of normal pregnancy.If you are diagnosed with hydatidum, you need to be treated immediately to avoid cancer.

How to judge severity

Once there is vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy, you need to do B -ultrasound and gynecological examination. These two tests can help doctors determine the cause of pregnant women’s bleeding and treat them.

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