Abdominal pain and diarrhea, reduce the pain after the stool, beware of the heartbroken syndrome!The effect of traditional Chinese medicine is good

Axia is a mother with a second child. When she first came to me, she was just about 6 weeks of pregnancy.However, this time it was not for me to be available, but to treat the intestinal syndrome.

It turned out that Axia had always been plagued by the intestinal excitement syndrome, and often had abdominal pain. Once abdominal pain, she wanted to go to the toilet immediately, and she was comfortable to go to the toilet. It was only once every 2 to 3 days.Choicing, especially the cold abdomen is obvious, with a pale mouth and a little bit of mouth.At that time, the tongue was dull and dark, the moss was slightly greasy, and the pulse was thin.

Combined with Axia’s obvious abdominal pain, abnormal bowel movements, urgency of stool, abdominal pain after defecation, it can be significantly relieved. Considering the intestinal syndrome.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the main abdomen of the spleen, and the pain in the abdomen is the manifestation of the spleen and yang deficiency.Traditional Chinese medicine said that "a bunch of fires before giving birth and a group after giving birth", although there is still obvious abdominal pain and abdomen during pregnancy, it can be seen that the level of spleen and stomach deficiency is very serious.This kind of spleen and stomach deficiency not only causes symptoms of abdominal pain to affect life, but also not good for pregnancy, so it is necessary to use medication for treatment.

At this time, there are two squares that can be selected, one is Angelica Pei Lao San, and the other is the prescription of pain and diarrhea. Both are regulating the liver and spleen, but the former is preferred by the water and stasis.The painful prescription was selected, and the effect of Liangfu Pills strengthened the effect of warming the spleen and spleen.Considering that Axia is in pregnancy, the medication is used for flatness, trying to avoid some toxic medicines and blood -breaking medicines, while paying attention to the tire.So I added some perilla soda, which can strengthen the spleen and dredge the liver, but also get the fetus.Patients have a little bit of bitterness, a sense of stool, and in pregnancy. Therefore, a small amount of Coptis chinensis has stomach to stop diarrhea to prevent hot overall drugs.

In mid -February, patients came to the clinic. The abdominal pain was obviously relieved during the advice. However, due to the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, they did not dare to come to the hospital some time ago. After stopping the drug, the abdominal pain was repeated, so the defender continued to take it again.

After 2 weeks, the clinic was resumed again, and the stool had been formed after taking the medicine. The abdominal pain occasionally occurred, but it was relatively mild, and it was already not suffering.With the increase of the gestational week, the recent occurrence of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids were accompanied by bleeding after the stool. Therefore, the Huanglian was dropped on the basis of the front, and the ground elm, locust rice, and nepeta were cleared to stop bleeding.Why does it remove Huanglian here?Because considering that the ground elm and locust rice are cool, the overall medicinal nature cannot be too cold. In fact, I want to use ramie, and the medicine is more effective. Unfortunately, we have no ramie.

After another two weeks, I re -examined again. The complaint has no abdominal pain at all, and the stool has also been formed. Once once to 2 days, there is no effort and blood in the stool.The tongue statue is obviously as dark as the first two visits, and the pulse has finally begun to have a slippery image of a pregnant woman. This is a good sign.

From late January to mid -March, the treatment is less than 2 months, and during the treatment process, due to various factors, the patient’s medication is not very good (basically it is to stop the medicine for 1 week for 1 week), but the overall efficacy is effectiveIt’s pretty good.And in the special period of pregnancy, through the overall regulation of traditional Chinese medicine, not only the intestinal excitement syndrome has been significantly improved, but also has been very stable in pregnancy.Improve), this is also the advantage of the overall theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

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